You MUST read this! Females HAVE to be empowered - not shamed.

Welcome to the lunatic age, where here in 2018 females are increasingly pressured to conform; fit into the little square box provided to keep them under, hold them back and do as they are told in order to be accepted.

Body shamed, appearance shamed, slut shamed . You name it, if there's a way to shame a female into conforming there are pathetic, inadequate men and women out there who will find, use, or create the means to keep other females under control in ways which disempower their strength, individuality and freedom of self-expression.

A lot of females are bullied, trolled and otherwise pressured into conforming in order to be seen to fit-in and accepted, and it's bullshit.

Here at GirlPowerUK we inspire women to find, feel and exude their confidence and feel enriched and empowered by the experience. For some it's a photographic experience where the images we shoot reflect both the inner and outer beauty of the person. For others it's more a journey of self-discovery which lifts the spirit, and enables and inspires them to find their own inner power and take it forwards to feel more connected with themselves, their sexuality and femininity in ways which they never realised existed.

Welcome to GirlPowerUK.

Change your life. Change your world. Find the new you.

Book in for your FREE photo shoot now and enjoy the experience of a new you.


Yep.  Come on up to Old Market for a cracking FREE image of yourself you can use on social media for your profile pic, or just show it around as a bragging right. 

Why is it totally FREE of charge? Simply because we also get to use the image for our own publicity purposes, as well as putting you on this site to show a range of different images captured right here.

FROM £7.50 an hour to £2500+ in just FOUR DAYS! Take a moment for a deep breath and a OMG!  Yep, this is new model Mollee. 21 and absolutely GORGEOUS!  No previous experience up to today, but now she LOVES it! Within two days of starting with us she has secured over £2500 in bookings. Watch out for more uploads of Mollee to this site.

Mechelle shows how to look HOT when you're 40+.

18 yr old Anna-Leigh chills.

Kirsten gets her tats out.

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The 'about us' bit starts here.

About the boss.

Johnny - has probably the longest established history and experience in the entire UK industry.   "He is the yin and he is the yang. A three-bird roast of riddles wrapped in mysteries wrapped in enigmas."  Joel Golby, Vice Mag.

 In 2007 a critically acclaimed and highly controversial Westcountry based photographer named John Langley had his work exhibited at the internationally prestigious Tate Modern gallery in London, in a show called 'Personality Plus' - which he founded. Continued...

High praise indeed from a girl who has NEVER modelled before!

To say I've had a blast in Bristol with Johnny would be a massive understatement, and I've gotten some amazing images and clips to take with me. I've made a bundle of awesome money to pay my way anywhere I wanna go now, and Johnny has hooked me up with contacts in other places for shoot work on my travels. Yeah. For sure I've had the most amazing time ever and I feel physically, mentally and I'd also say spiritually alive to a tingle when I think of the stuff we've done together. Continued....

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This is the 'newsy' bit.

With the cost of tertiary education going through the roof, and studying while maintaining up to three jobs just to make ends meet for some students, there is a strong argument in favour of working less hours for more money, more leisure time and a higher standard of living. GirlPowerUK makes this possible. Message us regarding on-line cam work, model opportunities or private booking possibilities.

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Scroll back up if you're not a model, or not thinking of earning a few hundred pounds a day from modelling.

We charge no fees and take no commission. Check this video for earnings potential!


The future is never certain. Even more so now with Brexit negotiations underway. Money IS king! Far too many girls still DON'T fully comprehend the absolute necessity to maximise and accumulate their income for the longer-term. While the opportunity is here there is absolutely no excuse to be working long hours for national minimum wage and above in a normal job when there are greater financial rewards available in 2017 within this industry, and why the smart thinkers are making what they can while they can and swelling their bank accounts, while the lazy thinkers will leave it until it's too late and just about manage with nothing in the bank to show for it.

We offer a turnkey business opportunity with no upfront investment at all, and provide everything you need to turn your model career into a 24 hour a day/365 days a year money making income - part and full time. We've done the groundwork which would take months or even years of focus and effort to do yourself.  If you have the talent and the motivation to make it happen, we provide the knowledge and experience to make it happen with you.

We DON'T engage models solely on the basis that they have a pretty face, excellent figure, fabulous portfolio, or even years of experience. All of which mean absolutely nothing to us if females who apply haven't the personality or attitude we look for as well. We look for those who stand out from the rest and have the edge. This video, although not model related demonstrates qualities in a person applying for work which make him stand out and be noticed

Equally, we don't take on every girl who applies and only take on those who demonstrate their determination to make a career, and not those who just want to pick it up and put it down when the mood takes them. For this reason, and rather like the X-Factor we go through three stages of determination as to whether new talent is for us, and us for them before we agree to see and interview a potential new model. In doing so we give new models the opportunity to say it's not for them, or prove their commitment that it is. This saves an awful lot of potentially wasted time and resources with those who aren't serious, because this resource comes at a cost to GirlPowerUK as we invest in models we choose to engage.

Those we do engage will be single with no commitments. We're not child unfriendly, however think in terms of whether you'd be prepared to leave your child/children for perhaps a week or two while you are off on tour working, for example. Children come with challenges in terms of their care, and rightly so your parental responsibilities come first at all times - as that's a given. Therefore in terms of co-working with us at GirlPowerUK you need to be absolutely sure you have the best possible and 100% reliable child care in place before registering with us for work opportunities. If in doubt as to what work opportunities may suit you please ask before registering as there will still be opportunities available, but limited to suit your circumstances.

Secondly, Single to mingle means you have no significant partner who is likely to toys out of the pram because you may be away a lot, or otherwise imposes their emotional insecurity on you and deters or distracts you from being 100% focused on your career, and more importantly making money by just getting on with opportunities offered and being successful.

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Other services offered to the industry.

Our core focus is to organise castings, promote models, source photo studio rentals; make up artists, stylists, photographic equipment, arrange accommodation for film crews, provide translation and interpretation, help with travel arrangements and assist with usual business/administration services, as well as providing photo and video content of models for webmasters. Please connect with the service you would like below.

Global Media Inquiries only below, if you require production or you are seeking to shoot for us.


Registering as a model or wanting to book a model please see below.

Click on the above banner to read more about co-working with us as a model.

Click here if you are looking to hire model talent for shoots/videos.

You want to co-work with us and register as a model? Get to the registration page via this link

If you want to model in a tv production or music video then check out the music video illustration clip HERE so you know what it may involve.

You are seeking talent for TV, commercial video/Music Video.

Use the link below if you are wanting to have a music video produced for yourself or your band.


If this is your thing and you are a female looking to specialise in this niche interest for work or privately then please use the link below.

You're an artiste looking to promote yourself with a video which is out there, edgy and noticeable. Look no further. Expertise comes with experience. Your creative co-work partnership starts HERE.

'Herotica' is in essence the empowering and enabling of the BDSM/fetish/goth/vampire sub-culture journey which each individual takes from novice/beginner stage right the way through to advanced levels of training and submission HERE

Girls, make money 24/7 from your images and videos. We'll  shoot your content for you and show you how.


Current Advertising/Promotion and opportunities for Models

If you have responded to being handed a flyer and want to find out more then hit the link below.

Girls who are looking for content only!
Make sales and rack up your income. Find out more HERE.

If you've received the above flyer you seriously need to check this out! Here.

Spring 2018 Promotion: Alt/tattooed/goth/alternative/pierced females wanted NOW!
'Get Ur Tats Out' is here for the summer,

Up for a 'Suicide Girls' type photo shoot? Message us here immediately. We'd LOVE to get you in for a set of sensational pictures. Who knows, you may even get selected as one of this year's Suicide Girls hottest models!

Check out the hot example images right here.


Yes, you. Plus the opportunity for earning £250-£500 a day in your spare time if we then engage you to co-work with us.

It's that time of year when we look towards replacing our banner - just like the one above, and for the next season we are searching for a blonde. You need no experience at all, and you may well feel that you're not photogenic enough. Trust us, you are and will be. We look for girl next door types who maybe have flaws just like every other female out there, and this is what makes you real.

Ideally you will be under 5'10" and it doesn't matter how short you are either. If you're on the busty side then awesome! As the banner girl above was exactly the opposite.

The process couldn't be easier and all you have to do is try. You'll be invited in for a few test shots ( which you won't receive any payment for) and from there we'll make a decision as to whether we ask you back for the works, where you will be shot to be even more stunning than you ever thought possible. Trust us, we're experts!

If all goes well from that you could be offered a considerable amount of part or even full time opportunities to fit around your existing lifestyle and project your income into a very comfortable three figure a day amount of money. We'll tell you more when we see you. Or, if you choose to be our banner girl for a one off and fun occasion, that's entirely your choice and fine with us as well. We're very relaxed about it.

It costs absolutely nothing whatsoever to find out about this seasonal opportunity and get involved. So message us today using this link with your email address, facebook profile address (, and a contact telephone number. It's as easy as that.

PLEASE NOTE: Model minimum legal age requirement.

When applying for model roles you are required to be a minimum age of 18 or older. Proof of age will be asked for and held on file. We have to prove at 

(a) You are not under age.

(b) That you are legally able to work in the UK and not been trafficked in for slavery or other purposes against your will.

"Once a rebel always a rebel, and it's best to be a rebel 

to show 'em it don't pay to do you down." Alan Sillitoe.

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