Thanks for dropping by the Johnny Rockard Global Media and F S Model site today. Johnny celebrates 40 years in the adult entertainments industry this year, 2013. Practically no one else has this track record or experience within the industry:

  • Girls can 'genuinely' earn hundreds of pounds per day.
  • Johnny Rockard is on 1000's of sites worldwide.
  • A global presence very few competitors have, or can equal.
  • We provide a one-stop-shop style business resource and complete marketing package.
  • We're success focused for models. 
  • Where others play at it. We deliver.

Stunning Top UK Model, Ms Ashley Rider, Joins us!!

February 2014 saw the arrival of top UK model Ashley Rider to Johnny Rockard HQ.

26 year old Ashley has returned to the industry after a five year break, and has joined us to gain world-wide publicity and recognition. Ashley has her sights set at reaching the top of the industry, and I am delighted she has chosen to join the globally promoted 'Johnny Rockard' brand name to help Ashley towards her reaching her goal.


Fab opportunities possibly await if you're good for it. So step up today. MUST be aged 18 or over!

Looking to join us for model work? Photos, webcam, and/or DVD. Your choice.


If you are UNDER 18 years of age you MUST NOT apply!! 

By continuing and clicking on a link to the Fanny Street Models (Management) page you are confirming that you are 18 years of age or older. Or 21 in some countries outside of UK.

  • Are you aged 18 or over ?

  • Do you want to earn a minimum of £50 an hour?

  • Are you broad minded and have an outgoing personality?

  • Would you enjoy working with a variety of fun and like minded people of all ages?

  • Are you preferably single, or have no commitments that would get in the way of you achieving up to £100 an hour. Possibly more?

  • Are free to travel around England, and perhaps abroad as well?

  • Would you like to earn cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even while you are sleeping or shopping, and NOT working?

  • Are you uninhibited and actually quite a sexy female?

  • Could you enjoy being the centre of attention and have on-line fans and admirers from all over the world      paying you for it?

  • Are you sized 6-20 (UK dress size) & easy on the eye?

If you have answered "yes" to any or all of the above then AWESOME! You are already a step closer to achieving possible targeted earnings of £50 + per hour, co-working with us in what is probably the most enjoyable, fun, and profitable industries on the planet in current times. 

Then please click the Fanny Street Models (Management) banner below to access the page

Get started now by clicking HERE NOW and registering your interest. 

Click on the video above. Success story 2

Her story. Her words.

"The first think you need to accept is that - it isn’t the 10% you do in front of the camera which makes you successful. It’s the 90% behind it which does." Johnny Rockard 2013.


Check the blog link below. Interesting and controversial reading for those in the business, and those coming into the business. You'll be shocked, surprised, and amused, as there are no punches pulled at all. I tell it like it is on the blog site.



You HAVE to read this blog! The Ouch facts about Purestorm, Model Mayhem, PurplePort etc

Hi. I'm Johnny. Welcome to my Johnny Rockard Global Media/Fanny Street Models (Management) site.

Johnny Rockard is probably the most globally publicised and promoted UK name in adult entertainments in current times, and reaching out to an audience of millions via over 2000 websites around the world. The brand has been built from a dynamic marketing approach, that engages directly with an audience who have an increasing appetite for explicit content of the British girl next door genre. It is based on this success that Fanny Street Models (Management) has been launched as a subsidiary business of Johnny Rockard Global Media, and has allowed us to further embed our one-stop-shop style resource for adult related products and services in the global market. In addition to which we are now in a position to be able to use existing branding resources to promote new model talent in a way which many similar businesses can not, and we use a marketing list of over 1000 industry clients to achieve our ambition to promote new talent. We 'only' recruit females aged 18-30(ish) who look great, have engaging personalities and an appetite for success, and a strong work ethic which requires a 'can do' attitude to 'all' aspects of the business. Cherry pickers need not apply. In return, the rewards can be earnings of up to £600 cash per day and the opportunity of travel abroad. Interested? Then visit the 'Contact Us' link at the foot of this page to register your interest and tell us something about yourself.

Xzena at Johnny Rockard Global Media. Her video diary clip. 

22 year old Xzena, in the video below, earned hundreds of pounds for a few hours work. You can too! Check the criteria beneath the video below, and if you can answer 'Yes' to any of the requirements we'll happily welcome you.

By the way.  Xzena isn't the only model video on the site. There are others contributed by more girls who have worked with us.Want to hear what other girls have had to say? Easy Peasey. Just click on the Fanny Street Models (Management) banner at the foot of this page and we'll take you right there.


Fanny Street is actually a place in Cardiff, and the story goes that the streets in that vicinity of Cathays were named after the wives of the builders who put up the houses.

So now you know.

Where we are around the world:

  • North and South America
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Turkey
  • India
  • Japan
  • Hungary
  • Russia.....are just a few of the territories Johnny Rockard has product in.


It's kind of silly season in terms of shoots and vids now at Johnny Rockard HQ.

Yep. It's madness and mayhem: and quite messy girl fun all the way. But it's all in the name of fun.

  • Balloon popping
  • Jelly baths and wrestling
  • Smoking fetish
  • Tights and stockings
  • Tickling
  • Tattooed Girls
  • Girls with braces
  • Emo/Goth/Punk girls
  • Larger girls
  • Smaller girls
  • Gorgeous BBW's

Up for joining in? Hit the contact page by clicking the 'Contact us' link to your left and up a little.

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