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David Lord

As a composer, engineer, arranger and producer of music, David has co-worked with some BIG artistes in his time in the music industry including The Korgis, Tears For Fears, XTC, Echo and the Bunnymen and many more.  David’s work on Peter Gabriel’s fourth LP (aka ‘Security’) was also groundbreaking, featuring some of the first digital sampling technology.  

David lives in the city of Bath, writes scores for movies nowadays (recent projects include (with Tim Wheater) film music scores for 'Stanley a Man of Variety', starring Timothy Spall, and 'The Tell Tale Heart', starring Steven Berkoff) and has a small studio at his home, with some of the original equipment he used for his groundbreaking music productions.

Ps. The image is when David had hair...a while ago now.

Johnny Rockard

A contradiction in terms is probably the best way to describe the controversial producer/director and performer - oh, and part time political gob and activist as well. 

Johnny has built himself a global name for starring in and producing, ahem...... kind of educational videos for adults (putting it politely), and has a following of a few million people on thousands of adult sites from the USA to China.

Johnny likes nothing more than to shock. Whether it's in his writing, his dark humour, his approach to life and humanity, or his movies.

Nowadays he is very much into exploring and creatively expressing the deeper and darker side of female sensuality in his 'Herotica' series of movies and photography.

David's music credits - 

Arranger   Audio Engineer   Audio Production   Bass   Brass Arrangement   CMI   Composer  Development  Editing  Engineer  Fairlight  CMI Flute  Glockenspiel  Guitar  Instrument Design  Keyboards  Main Personnel  Mastering  Mixing  Musician  Oboe  Orchestra  Orchestral Arrangements  Orchestration  Overdubs  Percussion  Performer  Photography  Piano  Piccolo  Polymoog  Primary Artist  Producer  Programming  Prophet Synthesizer  Quotation Author  Recording  Remastering  Remixing  String Arrangements  Synthesizer  Vocal Arrangement   Wind Arrangements 

2016   12" Dance: 80s Pop Recording

2015   1979-1999: The Pretenders  Box Set  Pretenders  String Arrangements 

2013   5 Albums  The Icicle Works   Producer

2012  The Singles  Goldfrapp  Engineer

2011   Back for More/Fat City  The Blues Band Mixing

2011   Dole Age:  The 1981 Reggae CollectionTalisman Engineer 

2011   Songs of Tara:  Devotional Music To the Goddess of Liberation Engineer, Keyboards, Synthesizer

2011   White Heat: 30 Hits  Icehouse Main Personnel, Producer

2010  Retro: Active, Vol. 7: Rare & Remixed Quotation Author, Producer, Remixing

2010   Sidetracked  La Roux Producer

2009  Smash Hits 1984 Recording

2009  View with Suspicion  Random Hold Engineer

2009  Wir Sind das Abendland  Islo Mob Brass Arrangement 

2008  Enescu: Sonata Op. 24/3; Janácek: On an Overgrown Path; Kodály: Seven Pieces Op.       11  Nicola Meecham Engineer, Producer

2008  Invisible Journeys David Lord / Natalie Shaw / Tim Wheater Primary Artist, Producer, Arranger, Audio Production, Performer, Mastering, Composer

2008  Music That Illuminates Your Life Producer, Composer, Primary Artist

2008  Revolutions in Sound: Warner Bros. Records - The First 50 Years Engineer

2008  Something About the Korgis: Sound and Vision  The Korgis Arranger, Main Personnel, Keyboards

2008  Songs of Kuan Yin Engineer, Arranger 

2008  The Best Love...Ever!  Arranger

2007  The Collection [Sony]  Barbara Dickson Producer

2007  The Last Whale: Flute Meditations from the Soul of the Planet  Chris Michell Engineer, Audio Engineer, Mixing

2006  A Piano: The Collection  Tori Amos String Arrangements

2006  British Legends Recording

2006  Drowning in Berlin: The Best of Mobiles   Mobiles Producer

2006  Equinoxe/Zoolook  Jean Michel Jarre Mixing

2006  Fuzzy Warbles  Collector's Album   Andy Partridge Engineer

2006  Jim's Easy Listening Album   James Warren Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, String Arrangements, Mastering

2006  Pirate Radio   Pretenders String Arrangements 

2005  Avon Calling: The Bristol Compilation Engineer 

2005  Blues Band Box   The Blues Band Mixing 

2005  Dreams Interrupted: The Bewilderbeat Years 1978-1980   Glaxo Babies Engineer 

2005  Sex and Flags   Stackridge Producer, Engineer, Keyboards 

2005  The Korgis Kollection   The Korgis Additional Personnel, Keyboards, String Arrangements 

2005  Towards the Light   Robert Buckland Engineer

2005  Who's Screwin Who?  18 T.S.O.L. Greatest Non-Hits  T.S.O.L. Composer

2004  Comfort Music, Vol. 1  Back to Earth Performer, Primary Artist 

2004  Fierce Wisdom   Chloë Goodchild Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements 

2004  In Unity David Lord / Tim Wheater Primary Artist, Composer, Engineer, Mixing

2004  Jai Ma: White Swan Yoga Masters, Vol. 2 Composer

2004  Peace of Mind Music, Vol. 1: Calling Wisdom Composer 

2004  Play the Videos   Peter Gabriel Producer

2004  The German Years   Moondog Mixing, Recording 

2004  The Thin Man Sings Ballads  Peter Hammill Producer

2004  Then: Totally Oldies '80s Again, Vol. 7 Producer 

2003  Flowers/Man of Colours  Icehouse Producer, Mixing, Keyboards 

2003  Hit: The Definitive Two-CD Collection  Peter Gabriel Producer, Engineer 

2003  Measure for Measure/Primitive Man  Icehouse Producer, Arranger, Mixing, Keyboards, Percussion

2003  Nordic Days Engineer 

2003  SOS Planet Earth Producer

2002  A Coat of Many Cupboards  XTC Producer 

2002 Back for More  The Blues Band Mixing 

2002  Divided Heart  Kristin Hoffmann Guitar

2002  Fuzzy Warbles, Vol. 1  XTC Engineer

2002  Horizontal Moodswings Oboe, Orchestration, Composer 

2002  Public Face Private Face   Quiet City Mixing 

2001  Crystal Days: 1979-1999   Echo & the Bunnymen Engineer 

2001  Ibiza Chillout Session Ministry Offer Engineer 

2000  Curly's Airships  Judge Smith Mixing, Photography, Mastering 

2000  Fat City  The Blues Band Mixing

2000  Felt Mountain  Goldfrapp Engineer, Mixing 

2000  Utopia  Goldfrapp Engineer 

1999  Incantation  Tim Wheater Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Keyboards, Mastering 

1999  Something for the Weekend  Stackridge Engineer 

1999  Voice of Violet 19 Cecilia / Cecilia Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Keyboards, Orchestration, Composer 

1998  Sura   Chloë Goodchild Engineer, Keyboards

1998  The View from Now   David Ferguson Producer, Editing, Orchestration 

1998  Then Again: A Retrospective   Martha and the Muffins Producer

1997  Confessin' the Blues [Indigo] Mixing 

1997  Everyone You Hold  Peter Hammill Keyboards 

1997  On Fire   Simon Haram Engineer 

1997  Once in a Lifetime Producer 

1997  Past Go: Collected   Peter Hammill Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Keyboards 

1996  Devi   Chloë Goodchild Engineer 

1996  Man of Colours/Code Blue   Icehouse Producer, Mixing, Keyboards 

1996  Phenomenon Producer, Engineer 

1996  This Is the 80's [Alex] Engineer 

1995  Big Wheel   Icehouse Mixing, Editing, Mastering 

1995  Heart Land  Tim Wheater Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Orchestration, Composer 

1994  Fish Night Moon  Tim Wheater Producer

1994  From the Gekko  Daboa Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Overdubs, Instrument Design, Composer 

1994  Last of the Independents  Pretenders String Arrangements 

1994  Moondog: Sax Pax for a Sax London Saxophonic / Moondog Engineer, Mixing, Recording 

1993  Capricorn  Chris Michell Keyboards 

1993  Kiss That Frog  Peter Gabriel Producer, Engineer 

1993  Offensichtlich Goldfisch  Peter Hammill Keyboards

1993  Plus from Us Producer, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass 

1992  Evening Light  Chris Michell Engineer, Mixing, Keyboards, Flute, Piccolo 

1992  Little Earthquakes  Tori Amos Arranger, String Arrangements 

1992  Masterfile  Icehouse Keyboards 

1992  Trumpet Voluntary   Stephen Burns / Crispian Steele-Perkins Producer

1991  Clevedon Pier  Andy Davis Producer, Engineer, Remastering, Main Personnel, Keyboards 

1990  Shaking the Tree: Sixteen Golden Greats   Peter Gabriel Producer

1989  Great Southern Land  Icehouse Mixing 

1988  In a Foreign Town  Peter Hammill Mixing 

1987  Big Time [#1]  Peter Gabriel Producer 

1987  Biko [UK]  Peter Gabriel Engineer 

1987  Compact XTC:  The Singles 1978-1985   XTC Producer, Mixing, Audio Production 

1987  Man of Colours   Icehouse Producer, Mixing, Keyboards 

1987 Mick and Caroline  Latin Quarter Producer, Mixing

1987  Vaudeville In Tua Nua Producer 

1986  Measure for Measure   Icehouse Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Keyboards, Percussion, String Arrangements 

1986  Sledgehamer [UK EP]   Peter Gabriel Engineer 

1986  The World Is a Ball M+M /  Martha and the Muffins Producer, Engineer 

1985  Songs to Learn and Sing   Echo & the Bunnymen Engineer 

1984  Ocean Rain   Echo & the Bunnymen Engineer 

1984  Sympathetic Vibration   Glass Moon Producer, Engineer 

1984  The Big Express   XTC Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Mixing, Vocal Arrangement 

1984  The Icicle Works   The Icicle Works Producer 

1984  The Love Songs   Peter Hammill Producer, Engineer, Synthesizer, Musician 

1984  This World Is Over [Single]   XTC Producer 

1984  Zoolook   Jean Michel Jarre Mixing 

1983  Generative Themes   AMM Engineer 

1983  Patience   Peter Hammill Synthesizer 

1983  The Best of Music & Rhythm Producer, Engineer 

1983  The Hurting   Tears for Fears Producer 

1983  The Naked Shakespeare   Peter Blegvad Keyboards, Synthesizer 

1982  Enter K   Peter Hammill Engineer 

1982  Security   Peter Gabriel Producer, Engineer, Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer, Glockenspiel, Programming, Prophet Synthesizer, CMI, Development, Polymoog, Fairlight CMI, Recording 

1981  Bagpipe Music Art Objects Engineer 

1981  Dance with Me   T.S.O.L. Composer 

1981  Sitting Targets   Peter Hammill Engineer 

1981  Sticky George   The Korgis Producer, Engineer, Arranger, Keyboards, String Arrangements, Wind Arrangements 

1981  Work of Heart   Roy Harper Synthesizer 

1980  A Black Box   Peter Hammill Engineer, Mixing 

1980  Dumb Waiters   The Korgis Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Percussion 

1980  Nine Months to the Disco   Glaxo Babies Engineer 

1980  Put Me on the Guest List   Glaxo Babies Engineer 

1980  The Enchanted Garden   John Renbourn / John Renbourn Group Engineer 

1979  In Concert   Emerson Orchestra 

1979  Over the Rainbow   Amalgam Mixing  

1979  The Black Balloon   John Renbourn Engineer 

1979  The Korgis   The Korgis Engineer, Keyboards 

1977  Peter Gabriel [1]   Peter Gabriel Keyboards, Synthesizer  


Now. Using their combined experience of both music and video making and production the Lord/Langley collaboration has a real understanding of what makes great music and how to interpret the artiste's music in a video production which we aspire to produce as being something outside of the box. So. If you're like us and thinking dark, edgy, thrilling, sexy, macabre, and slightly shocking in a good and compelling way, or hot and damn sexy to raise pulses and temperatures get in touch and let's begin the conversation. Right here. Right now.

Oh, and here's some inspiration https://vimeo.com/18521738   https://vimeo.com/211066681

Scarlett O'Harlott

Johnny has recently had the pleasure of working with BDSM model Scarlett, and producing her images/movie 'Harlott Heaven'.

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