I was a UK porn performer/producer who had been in the sex industry for all my adult life, and it was time to blow the lid on it all. I took retirement in 2020, partly due to the pandemic, partly because I felt there was no more I could do - having been there and pretty much done it all in over 30 plus years of being active, and more importantly because I wanted to turn my talents to writing instead. I'd already cut my teeth as an author when I published 'The Awakening/The Penis with Half a Brain (non-autobiographical, by the way) on Amazon/Kinder back in 2021, which became the deciding factor in actually writing about my life under the title of the 'Sexual Philanthropist.'

  I gained an audience of over 10 million followers, fans, and supporters worldwide. In leaving it all behind me having worked so tirelessly to build it all up the question I get asked is "why?" Well, nothing lasts forever, even my own life that's now hanging in there due to emphysema, and while it's still possible to do so I want to get this book written and out there.  

"Okay, I admit, I had lots of sex. However, as I've said before, this is groundhog day stuff that becomes incredibly boring and not in any way self-satisfying by virtue of being nothing more than an acting role, and if you've ever seen what was known as the Duracell bunny then you'll relate to the point I am making. Still, it beats £16.99 per month gym membership in terms of exercise, I guess. Every cloud, right? Besides, it was never my intention to become the Ken Barlow character of porn into my nineties. Although, I'm sure would be a market among the elderly population for a movie where some female is giving me head while I'm sitting comfortably on a commode, as like everyone, the elderly need hope too."

Of course, there's more. In fact so much more, like -





The Underworld

Money Laundering



The sex industry


Humour - a LOT of humour




The UK



The music industry



Big Brother - as a casting agent.



Plus, plus, plus, a whole bunch of other stuff.

Oh, and the dead body and the shopping trolley! I almost forgot.

In fact, it's crammed with so much I can barely remember myself.

Basically, it's a bloody good read, with something of interest in it for everyone!


You may also enjoy the prequel to 'The Sexual Philanthropist' - below.

'The Awakening' has been written for any woman who wants to explore the depths of her sexuality, who wants to tap into her very source, into her creative nature and enjoy living in the flow with nature and her body.

I am currently doing some dynamics work with Ria, a second-year Uni student in Bristol who found her way to me on the internet and was keen to discover, explore and own aspects of her womanhood that were deficient in enabling her to feel whole and complete. She can now orgasm in ways she never knew were possible or even existed. Like a lot of females she quite clearly knew that she was female in every respect, but the part of her which would have enabled her to feel whole, complete, and ACTUALLY like a woman ''should" in her words, was that subconscious doubt, that niggling missing-link with which to address it.

Today is January 21st 2021, and I received this message from her - 

"am so happy to have had my mind opened by you. Right now I’m reading about gender development. Found it interesting that girls are more people-oriented from a young age. Definitely goes with the emotional maturity you were talking about the other day."

I've asked Ria to write a pretty much daily blog of her development which she is more than happy to share with subscribers to 'The Awakening' in a way that inspires and empowers other females to explore and enjoy the teachings and experiences she benefits from -

"What happened resulted in probably one of the best orgasms I have had. How was it that one of the best orgasms I have had was even possible? Well, it is safe to say John isn’t just about sex but about the psychology of everything. He understands how minds work and speaks with such careful consideration that he can give an orgasm without even being there, so I couldn’t wait for this to happen in person!"

YOU CAN FEEL EMPOWERED TOO by subscribing and participating in the success of 'The Awakening'..

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Not forgetting, of course, 'The Penis with Half a Brain'.

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