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Bang on! We've done it yet again. October girl Hippie Chic.

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5 August ·  So I'm lay here in Paris thinking I can't believe my life right now. Shoots internationally and uk, relocation offers, very well paid, promoting/faces/signings with serious brands, good friends found my family and relationship on the cards! I've been through hell Thisbe past year finding everyone and the right career for me but I want to thank the haters for making me realise that I'm good at what I do and no one should tell me otherwise. My life is so good in every aspect right now❤️

Mollee-Model-UK. Where it all began back in Feb 2018.

August 2018 - Mollee-Model. In a few short months to this! That's Girl Power empowerment with GirlPowerUK.

July 2018 - Here's our FAB Mollee-Model-UK achieving fabulous success at GirlPowerUK.

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Mission statement.

Regardless of all the crap and that you hear modeling is actually relatively easy - you could train a chimpanzee to pose for the camera, it isn't actually rocket science requiring a PhD. I'm very much an open and transparent plain speaker who tells it like it is. I moved away from being an actual agent because I found myself surrounded by chancers and idiots. I'm lucky nowadays because of my experience and long history I have a comfortable life and so I run this because it's in my blood and very much a passion, and because I want to rather than I have to. So for me it's not about the money any longer, and I don't need to push girls because I get a commission from it. I co-work with people and enable, empower and assist them to do really well. This kind of reward for me is something money cannot buy, and irreplaceable.

The UK jobs market is crashing.

.As the UK retail market is affected YET AGAIN with more job losses, GirlPowerUK models earn £250-£500 a day! Jewelry chain Claire's files for bankruptcy protection. Meanwhile, the Select fashion chain is heading the same way.

The days of jobs and job security are OVER! -

- Palmer and Harvey 2.500 jobs are gone.
- Toys'r'US 3.200 jobs gone.
- Sainsbury 2.000 jobs to go.
- Carillion 43.000 jobs gone
- Brantano 2.000 jobs gone
- Barclays 1200 jobs to go
- Wilko 4000 jobs on the line

How much more convincing do females need that the way forward for financial security IS via GirlPowerUK?

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Maria Tenebris-Veritas on Facebook 

9 March at 18:46 · 

"When I first came across this page, I was very suspicious of it. It seemed very controversial to me, talking about female empowerment and at the same time featuring provocative photos of girls. The idea seemed absurd to me. Why you might ask? Because I always associated female sexuality with something dirty and impure. 
I wanted to challenge the owner of the page and agency. And I did. To my surprise, John, the man behind Girl Power turned out to be a very calm, intelligent and supportive man. He was trustworthy. Even to someone as suspicious as myself. He talked through my problems. Fast forward and John has helped me to feel more confident and less ashamed about myself and my body. 
 John’s agenda is to fight stereotypes about women and encourage them to do what they like with their bodies. He respects every single girl he was worked with professionally or interacted on a personal level."

Let's face it, not every female feels confident or inspired to pose in front of a camera as a career. For others like Maria, it's simply the case where she has a high-powered job and is happy to stay in her current employment. However, for various reasons including past disempowering personal relationships, Maria felt she needed to boost her confidence by rediscovering her stronger previous self and feeling more sexually empowered as a woman without the traumas of the past continuing to block her progress. 

With GirlPowerUK walking beside you and gently holding your hand along the way, your own journey can be just as life changing as Maria's.

To begin your very own personal non-career, therapeutic journey, click here, and start NOW.


Think about this. National companies -

- Palmer and Harvey 2.500 jobs gone.
- Toys'r'US 3.200 jobs gone.
- Sainsbury 2.000 jobs to go.
- Carillion 43.000 jobs gone
- Brantano 2.000 jobs gone
- Barclays 1200 jobs to go
- Wilko 4000 jobs on the line

Here's where it's at realistically.

You can no longer rely on a job. Fact. You can no longer rely on paying the rent/mortgage, when so many out there may well be one cheque away from relying on a food bank. Or worse still becoming homeless.

This IS the reality! You don't 'live' nowadays, you survive. It's every person for themself, and you have to think for yourself and make as much money as you can - while you can. It's no good looking back and wishing you had while the opportunity was there to grab, and rinse for as much as possible..

Broke street holds no future. So now is the time to wake up and DO IT.

If you really do want a better quality of life you have to go where the money is, not isn't!

So. Which would you rather do, struggle along as you are, or make at least £250 a day with the support of GirlPowerUK?

Within just four days of joining us Mollee from working two jobs which paid national minimum wage, Mollee (in the above image) had so many booking inquiries coming in she couldn't keep up with them. In just over three weeks she had earned in excess of £3.000, and is now booked up with work for months ahead.

You can change your life as well with GirlPowerUK. To get started click HERE to jump to pre-registration information. 

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Mollee's Journey with GirlPowerUK

Mollee - from zero to model hero in SIX WEEKS.New home. A BMW, money in the bank, AND financial freedom. Oh, and the trips abroad as well! Be a Mollee, with GirlPowerUK

"Since girlpower came into my life there was many things I never thought I'd achieve. Many things that have now became well within my reach. I now have body confidence, my own flat designed to my taste, and a brand new car which I never would of been able to afford this quickly on a 9-5. Gives me a sense of pride and has made me massively independent. Makes me believe I can do this alone. As well as this I've learned that other people's opinion doesn't and shouldn't affect how I live my life. I do this for me not for what people expect or think of me." Mollee.

If you are single, or in an uncomplicated relationship and free to travel contact GirlPowerUK right now to get started, and be another Mollee! Her STUNNING images are HERE

Want to be a Mollee and target yourself for her success? Then come co-work with us here at GirlPowerUK. Registration is free and there are no fees or charges whatsoever.

Say hello to the amazing 'The Alternative'. 18 and STUNNING!

Ka Dia

Beautiful, amazing, and 'very' GirlPowerUK.

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SKYN IMAGES - Rock up for your FREE photos.

LYes, that's right! If you've been handed a card or flyer by one of our scouts all you have to do is make an appointment to come see us in Old Market, and then rock up for an awesome fun time with FREE images!

Easy-peasey, or what!

When you are scouted off the street.

Yes. This is the kind of results you can expect if we see you on the street and you come in for images. Completely free of charge.

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With SO much going on AGAINST females GirlPowerUK empowers females to not be self-conscious, forget the media bullshit you're fed, and have a blast!

The image which say's it all really, in terms of GirlPowerUK empowering females.

Are you a 21st century slave without realising it?

In July 1833, a Bill to abolish slavery throughout the British Empire passed in the House of Commons, followed by the House of Lords on 1st August.  Yet, here we are 185 years later and most females still feel they have to seek the permission of a man to engage with GirlPowerUK.  No wonder so many females struggle with underlying confidence issues. #approvalnotneeded #keepingfemalesunderthethumb

PLEASE BE AWARE. It is a legal requirement that you MUST be of minimum age 18 to apply on this site if you are considering modelling work opportunities.

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