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Secrets of the adult entertainment industry revealed.

"He is chalk, and he is cheese. He is the yin, and he is the yang. A three-bird roast of riddles wrapped in mysteries wrapped in enigmas." 

Joel Golby - Vice News UK.

All the shit you need. None of the bullshit you don't!  

I was a UK porn performer/producer who had been in the sex industry for all my adult life, and it was time to blow the lid on it all. I took retirement in 2020, partly due to the pandemic, partly because I felt there was no more I could do - having been there and pretty much done it all in over 30 plus years of being active, and more importantly because I wanted to turn my talents to writing instead. I'd already cut my teeth as an author when I published 'The Awakening/The Penis with Half a Brain (non-autobiographical, by the way) on Amazon/Kinder back in 2021, which became the deciding factor in actually writing about my life under the title of the 'Sexual Philanthropist.'

  I gained an audience of over 10 million followers, fans, and supporters worldwide. In leaving it all behind me having worked so tirelessly to build it all up the question I get asked is "why?" Well, nothing lasts forever, even my own life that's now hanging in there due to emphysema, and while it's still possible to do so I want to get this book written and out there.  

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