We constantly evolve.

Firstly. If you're already an experienced female model, then this probably isn't for you. Equally. If you have lived the 'perfect' cushioned and comfortable middle-class life of what's seen as normality, and you've followed that sort of conditioned mindset where everything has been provided for you and you've never steeped outside of your comfort zone to yet take any real risks in life, this probably isn't for you either.

Here at GirlPower we recognise that nothing grows without change, and GirlPower is no exception. It doesn't matter whether females are here for a day, a week, a month, or even a year, every one brings about or inspires change in smaller and bigger ways as part of their life journey, as well as ours: and it's very much a two way street in this respect. We teach, we learn, and both grow from the experience. This September 2016 has brought about a major turning point for us due to the input of a co-worker, to whom I am hugely grateful. Up to this point I had always seen GirlPower as being a semi-agency initiative in terms of enabling and empowering females to enter into the model industry, and the tools we used to do this were through images and promotional marketing videos, and I was wrong. Simply because I've been following the same well tried and tested methodology as everyone else in the industry for more years than I care to remember exactly, and without ever really taking the time to question it.  

Setting-up a new female from my perspective, and to do this thoroughly and properly through diligent and methodical process, takes a lot of work in terms of time investment and resources, and at the end of it, I look towards making 'real' work opportunities available for those who want them, and provide the clients to make this possible. There's no such thing as an overnight success, and generally speaking, when overnight successes do happen they are very short lived before people swiftly move on to the next overnight success waiting for their 5 minutes of fame, and it's pretty much a continual revolving door process.

Regardless if the desired outcome through this valuable confidence training experience is a career, or not, the one thing I've always believed in is baby steps for any female who wants to come on in and try it out, and as I pointed out to a recent co-worker when explaining why the baby step process is so important, you cannot expect someone who has never driven a car to get into the driving seat and become a rally driver straight away. Or for that matter, someone who's never ridden a horse to become an immediate show jumper. Confidence building is the first step of the journey.

So when it comes to enabling and empowering females to become more sex and body positive, we have to challenge the conditioned and historical stereotyping and show them that life isn't actually about feeling they have to obey the word of the media in terms of how to look, or what to wear, or how they are made to feel there's something wrong with them because they become outcast if they don't have a partner (or worst still that their world will somehow fall apart at the seams without having a significant other in their lives), or they absolutely must have a baby to feel fulfilled, or the right kind of career, or that they don't have any right to enjoy multiple partners if they so choose. Because the majority of women are sub-consciously led by the nose through the course of their lives without actually realising and challenging what is simply accepted, and it forces them to fit in for the benefit of pleasing others. It's sheer and utter madness, and also very sad the way females' lives are basically controlled in this very negative and disempowering way.

When so many nowadays are held back by being conditioned into feeling beholden to the permission of  significant others making decisions for them, GirlPower enables and empowers females to feel sex and body positive by mentoring them to be themselves and discovering and enjoying their true inner potential, and shedding the weight of historical conditioning to see a whole new confident and stronger self emerging from the fun they actually have in doing so. 

We're all about empowering females to be both body and sex positive about themselves in a very patriarchal led society. So it really frustrates and bothers me that a vast majority of intelligent females we speak with at GirlPower UK, are so used to the historical conditioning of expectation which is put on them in terms of doing the dutiful thing of having the right career, then finding the right partner, getting married, having babies and becoming the dutiful wife and mother, and meanwhile having to put up with all the media pressures and social expectations of fitting in, that their blissful ignorance with respect to actually lettting the sisterhood down in terms of strength and empowerment fails women so very badly.

And whereas the driver for GirlPower before now was very much about adult modelling and potential careers. However,  those we  co-work with very much drive our direction forwards and this has enabled GirlPower to evolve into more of a personal training and development structure as a first step to empowerment. Then if a female chooses to progress towards other areas of activity - such as marketing, promotion and potential adult work opportunities, it is entirely her individual choice to do so, or not as the case may be, and we will still support her all the way. Whatever that decision may be at that time.

As a result of many inspiring suggestions with regards to openness and transparency, GirlPowerUK delivers a whole new ethos of previously unrecognised ways of working and build on our existing foundation and widening the opportunities we offer.

This now leads on to three separate opportunities for you to consider and decide which is the best way forward for you right now. We DO NOT charge any up-front or registration fees, by the way. All the plans detailed below are provided at no cost to you, with the exception of  (d) -

a) The Personal Plan.

This is an introductory 1-2-1 coaching discussion and feedback session here in Bristol which enables you to talk through your personal challenges in terms of how you feel about yourself, your look, your relationships, or in fact anything at all about you which you feel holds you back and hasn't yet given you the opportunity to discover your inner being. The time invested in this is confidential, non-judgmental and enables you to be able to make decisive decisions about yourself, your future, and your overall life in general to take away and put into practise. Or you may choose to move on to the Image Plan, below.

b) The Image Plan.

This is very much about how you see yourself and how you feel others see you in the physical sense. The two being vastly different to one another. Being a female you will know all too well how your insecurities about yourself, your body shape, appearance to others and similar issues can have a deeply rooted sub-conscious effect on you, and how you live your day to day life. Such negative feelings can also impact on the relationships you have with others, lead to depression, and affect your overall wellbeing and quality of life in many ways. 

The image plan enables you to build a personal story of development through stages of photography which enable you to see the changes in yourself as your confidence evolves. You will see changes in your face as well as in your eyes by being able to view yourself in new and exciting ways. As you begin to transform so will your thoughts and feelings about yourself and your images will improve with each step up in confidence.

The images will be yours to keep and personal to you to keep, or share with others. This is your choice. As with plan (a) this is a confidential service and all images taken are presented to you on a CD.

c) The Professional Plan.

This is for females who really do want to make a career for themselves in adult modelling and have already made that decision for themselves as a result of plans (a) and (b), or because we are already a familiar name to them and they would like us to launch their careers. In which case we will train (where required), coach, motivate, shoot starter images as well as a short promotional marketing video, and action all steps of the way required towards launching a new model. It will then be up to the individual model to be self-motivated enough to make her own decisions as to the best way forwards for her and enact them to secure her own bookings and future income.

d). The Professional Plan Plus.

This is all of plan (c) PLUS we will recommend and promote her to clients for well paid booking opportunities, and essentially do all the legwork for her as a ready-made package. Because fab opportunities possibly await if you're good for it, serious minded, and focused. On top of which you will have to invest in a domain name, website and professional email service (we can help with this by setting you up with inexpensive service providers which you will have to invest in yourself, and suggest you reserve a budget of at least £100 for this). This is not a service we make any money from at all. Because quite reasonably, if you own and pay for the services yourself you are free to take them with you should you move on from us at any point in the future. Whereas, if we register your name etc, then we own that and you will then have to go through the hassle of rebranding yourself at a later date. Your initial investment should always be kept on the low side so that the money you outlay can be recovered in fees through your first couple of bookings.

So step up today and get started right away by completing registration if Plan (c) or (d) are you .

  • You have a broad minded with an outgoing personality?
  • You would you enjoy working with a variety of fun and like minded people of all ages?
  • Are you preferably single, or have no commitments that would get in the way of you achieving a three figure amount per day, because you are money motivated and therefore hungry for a better lifestyle?
  • Are free to travel around England, and perhaps abroad as well?
  • Would you like to earn cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even while you are sleeping or shopping, and NOT working?
  • Are you open to new and exciting challenges which empower you?
  • Could you enjoy being the centre of attention, and have on-line fans and admirers from all over the world who will pay you - when you have product on-line?
  • Are you dress size 6 or over with a winning personality, and a body which you are confident with - no matter what size you may be?
  • Do you have a professional attitude towards work offers which motivates you to grab EVERY opportunity which comes in, and get on with it.
  • Can you step outside of your normal self in a creative way to role play in a fantasy world of fun and games?

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