I can't do this! My ass is too big. My thighs are too chunky. My boobs are too small, etc. Guess what? I've heard it all!

GirlPower UK

If I had £1 for every girl who has ever said any of the following to me, I'd be an exceptionally wealthy person with my own private island somewhere in the Pacific.

  • I don't have the confidence
  • I'm too shy
  • My ass is too big
  • My thighs are too chunky
  • My boobs are too small have stretch marks: and so it goes on...and on...and on!

Well. Let me share something with you which you may not have realised by now.

You're 'not' alone. 

Because there probably isn't one female on the planet who's 100% happy with herself. That's a fact. And if you still don't believe me ask your girl friends if they are totally happy with the way they look. I can promise you that as sure as my two legs are vertical there will be something each and every female friend or relation you have will not be 100% happy about.

Why? You've been programmed to believe things about the way you look. Guys do not have this in common with you unless they are incredibly insecure and vain. I can promise you very few guys: if any, will check their ass in the mirror to see if it's become more fuller. Seriously. When was the last time any man you know of asked, "Does my ass look big in this?"

Girls. You will see a problem with yourself, which to you is something along the lines of a major disaster on a global scale, and your confidence takes a battering like it's done ten rounds in a heavyweight boxing championship, and lost every one of them. And the more problems you see in your look the more your confidence diminishes.The bits you were once proud to show off perhaps, suddenly disappear into a nocturnal existence and appear again in the comfort and security of your bedroom. With the light out and the curtains drawn.Seriously. I have known females who would only get undressed in the dark!

Well here's your alarm call. You see issues that aren't on anyone else's radar. But you're willing to buy into what the media tells you about the way you should look. Because if you don't buy into it, somewhere in the labrynth of your subconscious mind the media crap will kick in and tell you that your heading towards becoming a complete social outcast, and your phone will cease to receive calls or texts from friends because they will disown you. Which basically is the end of your world as you know it.

Armageddon? Not.

Rebel. Kick the media's ass back, and be proud!! Come along for some 'test' pictures. All it will cost you is time. So you have nothing to lose, and lots to gain.

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