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£50 an hour + easily achievable

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- The model puts aside 2-3 days and commits herself to investing that time spent with us in order to get her properly set-up (Check the video here).

- If the model has to travel a distance to reach us in Bristol the model will be provided with accommodation and all we ask is for a contribution towards food during her stay. That’s it. 

No other money is required, other than her own for personal expenses. Travel to Bristol (and home again) is at the model’s own expense, and coach travel can be booked cheaply in advance via National Express or Megabus.

- The model will be met at point of arrival and brought to Johnny Rockard HQ.

The M.A.P 


For all new models.

Induction and all necessary training will be provided, with images and introductory movie will be shot inside (and outside weather permitting) over two intensely busy days with a lot to pack in.

- All essential site registrations, profile and image uploading will be done, and it absolutely CRUCIAL that the model brings with her the legally acceptable form(s) of photo ID, such as current passport/driving license as verification to be able to register AND earn money.

- All essential social networking site identities (for work) will be set up and the model will be shown how to access, unlock and then use all the insider tools we use to reach and maximise the money making audience towards further increasing essential income.

- How to ‘circular market’, which is the golden key to how everything links in together in a circular repetitive motion. The bigger the circle the more people reached and the more income can be maximised.

- How the 24/7 income booster can rack up the earnings potential even more when implemented correctly, and how to use it effectively.

- How to engage with her audience on a 1-2-1 basis and have them reaching for their credit cards to interact with her so that she can earn an additional £50-£100 (for example) per hour, and if the model is prepared to put the hours in to make this happen.

- Having done all of this successfully and the model has achieved our expectations of her we will then recommend and put forward the model for a ‘live’ job where she could earn between £250 and £500 for a day’s filming or photo work, and realistically she could be hitting the ground running ..

Everything we do is geared towards the model making money, and LOTS OF IT! So basically she has everything to gain and nothing to lose by co-working with us on her M.A.P (Marketing Action Plan).

Even after these two immensely valuable and intense days the back-up and support DOES NOT stop there. We don’t just leave the model to get on with it alone in a world she is still unfamiliar with. No.

We co-run the on-line profiles and assist with building her reach for up to a month afterwards. By which time we will expect her to have sufficient knowledge to be able to take what we have given her and run it on her own. But with the security of having us in the background and accessible by phone and email thereafter, should she need further assistance or advice.