If you want to make £250-£400 + a day for public, or private work. Here's how to, and how NOT to apply.

How NOT to apply!



1. DON'T send us anonymous messages such as - "I'm looking for work". Or, "I got your number on-line, what work have you got?" Yes, this is work, but you wouldn't apply for any other employment opportunity like this, so show some intelligence and real interest if you want your application and yourself to be taken seriously.

Here's an example of impressiveness from a successful applicant -

"I noticed your casting appear in 'similar casting calls' and thought I'd take a look. Having recently started on a modelling career the photographers I have already had the pleasure of working with have all pointed out that I have more confidence in front of a camera when working towards adult levels. Being in the xxxxxxxx area, I am unable to drive but have been happy so far to travel to Milton Keynes and Sleaford, as well as Tamworth and Solihull so distance for me has been no worry when messaging and communicating with the people I am fortunate enough to work with. 

Despite not being the typical figure found on Page 3 of the Sun, for example, and not having the bust like some of these models you see nowadays, I think I make up for it with the cheeky and outgoing personality, and not requiring any real direction when it comes to finding the poses that make some rather delightful images that I, myself, am proud of. 

I do not know if I am the kind of person you are looking for, to work with, but I feel there is no harm in popping in and introducing myself, so that if you ever are in need for someone like me, you know where to find me.  I do not have work commitments, I can be available most of the time. The way I see it; there's no harm in trying anything once. At least I can say afterwards I've tried it, I enjoyed it and want to do more, or I didn't like it and I won't be doing it again. 

I really hope to hear from you, even if it is with a polite no thank-you." 




2. IF YOU ARE ASKED TO CALL AT A CERTAIN TIME FOR AN INFORMAL CHAT. THEN DO SO. This industry is based upon reliability that models will be booked to arrive at a certain place at a certain time for a shoot. If you are unable to demonstrate your reliability when asking us to consider engaging you, then you're NOT helping yourself in any way at all, and we will lose interest in you from the start.

3. SUBMIT A FULL AND CORRECT REGISTRATION FORM WHERE IMAGES ARE REQUIRED. Images are asked for together with your social media profile addresses in order to verify you as a genuine female applicant.  Body parts without your head being in shot and images copied and pasted give the impression of fake applications and your registration will be rejected immediately.  So you are advised to read the registration form and what is required of you FIRST, and DO NOT complete or submit the registration form until you have what is asked of you please.

4. RESPECT THE OPPORTUNITY. We DON'T ask you for any up-front money or fees for the time and resources we invest to get you started, and so everything we do on your behalf to enable and empower you to earn potentially hundreds of pounds per day is entirely at our own expense. So if you don't cooperate and work with us to help you we will move on very quickly and you will be left behind with only yourself to blame.



◆    ◆    ◆

This is Mollee, our success story in 2018. Could our 2019 star model be YOU!

You could be the next Mollee! In just four days of joining us at GirlPowerUK Mollee secured £3,200 in bookings, and within her first month had a new flat , new BMW and was travelling to some awesome places for shoots, as well as investing in her passion for horses.

Mollee Model UK, the face of GirlPowerUK 2018.  Molle was working two part-time jobs a day to pay her bills, and her personal life was minimal. Work, sleep, work sleep was all she knew before she joined us at GirlPowerUK.

◆    ◆    ◆


In order to keep everything legal and above board - we have to ensure that you are over 18 years of age and legal to work in the UK, please complete the registration process AND follow the guidelines please..

With regret we have had to remove the registration form from the website because those registering are not reading the information pack BEFORE completing registration, and it's important that prospective models understand our recruitment criteria FIRST!

If you are happy to proceed having seen the pack then and you're happy to proceed you will be sent the registration link to your email address.

We ask for verification images.

1. The first image must show your face clearly in good light AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, you must be holding a piece of paper under your chin with (a) Your full name (b) The words "Girl Power UK" under that, and (c) the same date that you complete and submit this registration form. Please ensure this is all written in marker pen so that your writing is both clear and legible AND in BLOCK CAPITALS.

2. The next two images must be with both face and body clearly visible. Please DO NOT send body part images on their own or your registration will be declined and you will have to resubmit with the registration properly completed. We DO need to see that it's YOU in the pictures (and NOT images lifted from the internet somewhere, or of someone under age!)

The Body Beautiful

Remember that when you register with us you are registering adult style work for the over 18's audience - check our Girlpower Image gallery out first as this will be you in there. We celebrate, empower and promote females of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities. What makes  GirlPowerUK females stand out is that they are above all else REAL. A GirlPowerUK model is the girl next door, someone you stumble upon across the street, in the library, at a show who takes your breath away.

We don't scout for typical Page 3 or Playboy types. Just very natural girls with no enhancements who want to feel empowered, and above all, have FUN earning what can be a considerable amount of money. We're very much about personality which shines out as beauty in shyness as much as it does in confidence.

Your Journey from Registering.

The quicker we get you started the better it is for you, and the faster you begin making money. It's NOT unusual to start off with up to £1000 in work offers for you, and you could find yourself on locations here in England, or you could be off to Amsterdam or Barcelona. But first we need to get you up and running in terms of your start-up.

Are you ready? Okay then, scroll down further for the next step, and good luck :-)

Here's where we go from now.

First of all we need you to make certain that before joining us you have thought everything through and able to make a fully informed decision.
Joining us isn't a five minute wonder, it's because you are seeking to build a sustainable, money making part or full time career over the next few months, and we will enable and empower you to do this. 

The information you provide; together with your supporting images, enables us to determine your suitability in meeting the strict criteria of clients who ask us to provide them with models. 

Not every girl who applies to co-work with us is accepted, and this can be for any number of reasons. Such as the right look, body shape, marks and scars, tattoos, availability to travel, relationship issues, or reliable child care, etc. The most common reason being that the applicant will simply not meet the work criteria expected and therefore not reach the desired targeted earnings potential. 

Therefore we will generally only consider females in the 18-25 age range who are single with no commitments and will focus on their career with no affecting interruptions. GirlPowerUK is also happy to further consider single mums, but only if they have ultra-reliable child care. So, if you are happy and confident to leave your child(ren) for what could be a week or two with a carer who has parental responsibility (in a worst case scenario) then fine.

We also only engage 'natural' females - which means no enhancements, such as breast augmentation surgery, and where tattoos are concerned our preference is for none at all, or either minimal which can be hidden, or loads (as in Suicide Girls type look). Each case is considered separately depending on the applicant. So, always sound us out first if you're unsure!

Our role as casting agent/producer is to determine whether or not you reach the criteria expected by clients and provide the necessary visual evidence to confirm this before they agree to meet and engage you. You are not charged any fees for this by us and it's in both our best interests to ensure we are not wasting anyone's time and why we do not accept everyone who expresses an interest in working with us. 

It is also important to remember that we do NOT guarantee work because you are a freelance person and you only get out of this industry what you put in. So, if you don't invest the time and apply yourself to the opportunities it's a matter for you. If you're prepared to put in the work and demonstrate this, then we will put in every effort to promote you so that you get the work offers.

Having read the above and you are happy to proceed with registration we would be more than happy to escalate you to the next level of determining your suitability, and ask you to download the 'Model Welcome' guide which you can access via the contact form below.

This will walk you through everything you need to know about getting started. It's comes in a funky little video slide show format which you can pause at any point to read each page in full. 

This short guide slide movie, which you are able to pause on any page and fully read before moving forwards or backwards to previous pages so that you are fully informed and able to make the decision as to whether you want to proceed with us from there.

You will then be asked to confirm that you are satisfied with the information provided, and being fully informed of the process you are confident in your ability to meet all expectations required of you. If you are agreeable to this you will be offered an appointment as quickly as we can get you in. 

When we meet you it will be for the purposes of finally deciding your suitability for particular clients via verbal communications, Your personality, and your ability to follow shoot direction. 

Following this you will be informed on the day as to which standard we feel you meet. We have two benchmark standards which we apply -

Gold standard = meeting the criteria for general, one-off shoot casting opportunities in the semi and professional market which pay up to £250 per half day/£400 per day. 

Platinum standard = meeting the criteria for our (reserved) upmarket 'quality' end clients and adult content, where fees can be in excess of £1000 and lead to ongoing work opportunities with the same clients with the possibility of global travel. This is Playboy type level.

If you want to rinse the money and enjoy a 'Mollee' lifestyle you have to accept that all work opportunities require adult level nudity.

Further information regarding this you will find mentioned within the 'Model Welcome' guide, and if applicable to you will be discussed in further detail when we meet. 

Okay. So that's the process. It may appear lengthy in detail, this however is to ensure you are fully briefed in as much detail as can be provided so that you are able to make an informed decision before jumping in with both feet without knowing what's ahead of you on your journey. 

That just leaves one final reminder to confirm your availability for an appointment with us as quickly as possible, having first fully viewed the 'Model Welcome' video which you can request below.

One final question.

Are you here because you want to collect pretty vanity pictures of yourself, or are you here because you want to make money?

If it's pretty vanity pictures which you can brag to your friends, family and social network contacts about then we're not for you. There are plenty of amateur and semi-pro photographers on model sites who will pay peanuts all day long to shoot you.

Blatantly blunt? Absolutely, and if you don't like straightforward tell-it-like-it-is advice, we're not for you.

Why? Simple. Because believe it, or not, our first priority is to put you off applying. This is to ensure you're committed and it's not some five minute wonder which you'll change your mind about next week or next month. If you're here to make money and build a solid income for yourself over the long-term it means you are focused, determined, self-motivated and nothing will put you off or distract you from achieving your long-term success goals. 

The reason why we are specific in the type of models we engage is because we invest time and energy at our own cost in developing and enabling new talent, which we'd prefer not to waste on those who aren't going to take the opportunity seriously and respect it.

We may receive hundreds of model applications a year. From which we may select up to six new models to co-work with, and from that there will be one who has the X-Factor to get through and be successful.

There are no free passes to success. You have to work hard to get anywhere, and the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

So, if you think you have what it takes and you're the typical girl next door type with that bit of pizzazz and the motivation to make things happen for yourself 


Learn more about GirlPowerUk here