Set the Rebel in You Free!

As light as I am dark, both the Yin and the Yang; your devil and your sweetheart equally balanced as one. I am your darkest yet sweetest temptation. You know how it is, that chocolate or some other indulgence that's so irresistible, and you know you shouldn't have it but you do anyway because you enjoy the naughtiness of the moment and the sensory pleasures which send you into sheer blissful euphoria? 

You see, I am you, we are a reflection of each other; the dark and the light, and this is why you are here.

Together we will create tantalising, beautiful, seductive and thought provoking imagery which both teases and shocks the eyes of the viewer. To this end I look for the 'alternative' female, or those who can be transformed into the fantasy figure of a shoot, and all taking ownership of their sexuality and championing it proudly, because this boldness and reclaimed ownership intimidates the stereotypical, existing male patriarchy more than anything else - and is based on the fundamental principle of 'third-wave' feminism.

Empowered you become the angel, the devil, and the modern-day, type Siren of Greek mythology captured in contemporary imagery - sometimes using photoshop and similar, other times just the raw shoot -  always to strengthen and further reinforce the fact there's more to female sexuality than just child birthing as a conditioned given, of life purpose.

Sometimes graphic, sometimes teasingly erotic; and always encompassing interests such as cosplay, religion, the macabre, dark arts, fetish, pain and torture enactment, BDSM, fantasy, gothic, emo, and other genres that may purposely take the viewer on a rollercoaster of emotions that twist and turn around perceived comfort zones in a visually and emotionally challenging way.

Welcome to WomanArchy!

Illustrative images.

So, we conspire, collude, and collaborate - as one united soul. The yin and the yang combined, entwined creatively, and harmoniously to amaze, shock, intimidate, excite and revile with beauty of some description in the eyes of every beholder, and every seeker without exception.

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Become the 'Anarchy' in WomanArchy, and create with me.

Be this woman.