Who Needs To Be A Broke Student Trying To Make Ends Meet?

I mentioned when I blogged on this subject previously that there were people who thought I was talking out of my ass.

The fact still remains however, that until such time as the Country invests in its students by providing free or greatly reduced tertiary education fees those attending University are being driven into a working lifetime of debt before they even begin their chosen careers - if there are any careers to be had, of course. And if a graduate is then fortunate enough to secure employment, in reality they end up working for the loan company for up to the next thirty years of their lives.

Any chance of getting on the property ladder as well? The chances are not in all probability. For those who do however, congratulations and welcome to a further twenty five or thirty years of debt on top of the twenty five to thirty years you’ve already landed yourself with, paying back your student loan.

Don’t even think about starting a family. According the a report in the Guardian earlier this year \( http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/jan/23/cost-raising-child-surges\) you’ll need approaching a quarter of a million pounds to pay for one child alone!

So much for a rosy future huh?

Well. You have two realistic choices.

Number one. You carry on as you are accumulating student debt and look forwards to the next maybe thirty years of having this financial millstone around your neck and struggling to pay your way through life until you’re approaching retirement, and with probably very little to show for it.

The second choice is to kill the debt and free yourself to stand at least some chance of getting on the property ladder, have a better quality of life and more available cash flow to spend and enjoy. A friend and colleague in this business has done exactly that for herself.

At 26 years of age she owns her own house, has several thousand pounds sitting in her bank account and ‘chooses’ to earn whatever she feels she needs from several hundreds to WELL OVER ONE THOUSAND pounds per week!

In fact she plans her schedule so that she works hard for a week and then takes the next week off. So basically she makes a lot of money by pretty much working for only 26 weeks a year at her own choosing.

Unlike the vast majority of others her life isn’t dictated by the revolving financial door of no-choice circumstances.

Some people are just too busy earning a living to make any real money and enjoy a meaningful quality of life nowadays.

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