A Positive Mental Attitude Makes A good Model

A positive mental and focused attitude makes a successful model

  1. Positive Thinking

Successful people realise that their mentality can affect all aspects of their life, including success. Researchers have found that positive thinking opens people up to developing new skills, which can have a compounding effect among happy people who repeat this process. For example, if you start a habit of running for enjoyment and then do well in a marathon, you’ll take that happiness to fuel learning how to rock climb (and then take that success to move on to something else, and so on). Positive thinking can also have numerous health benefits: People who practice positive thinking have been shown to have increased life spans, lower rates of depression, greater resistance to colds and disease and better coping skills during stressful periods.

  1. Having Clear End Goals

Start with an end goal in mind, and then works backward. Successful people take ownership in their own future by picturing what their intended outcome is first, and then working toward that.

  1. Taking Calculated Risks

People like Steve Jobs didn’t become wildly successful by playing it safe. Successful people know that taking risks—within certain boundaries—is absolutely necessary. They know failure is a viable option, and that they can learn and grow from their mistakes. And finally, they know that if you always reach for the easy, low-hanging fruit, you’ll never succeed in climbing to get the larger prize on top.

  1. Learning from Other Successful People

Most successful people surround themselves with mentors and positive influencers who help keep them focused. They recognise that they can benefit from the wisdom and overall “aura” of other successful people who forged their own way through the trenches of life. If you work on building and maintaining connections with professionals you admire, it will increase the likelihood that they will invest in you in return.

  1. Building Real Relationships

You can’t be completely successful without working well with others. Successful people show respect to others by listening and responding to ideas and criticism, and finding solutions that work for (almost) everyone. They don’t get too caught up in life or work drama that can bog them down, and they don’t take things too personally. Through contributing to the success of the team, they realise they’re contributing to their own success.

  1. Managing Time Efficiently

Everyone knows the saying ‘time is money.’ Highly successful people realise that their time is worth something, and that prioritisation is important. That may mean they value their time enough to pay someone to do something for them, so that they can devote their time to something else.

  1. Never Stop Learning

You’ll notice that highly successful people love to read, and crave learning more. They are always absorbing more information they can apply to their lives and careers. This knowledge helps them constantly adapt and evolve.

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