Haters Are Really Just Your Biggest Fans In Denial.

You have to love being hated. It’s a compliment. Really!

You know the one about not being able to please all of the people all of the time? Well don’t even bother trying. Trust me, it’s those you simply cannot please who can be your greatest assets, used wisely.

Now I wouldn’t say that I deliberately go out of my way to piss people off. It just happens because I’m not afraid to tell it like it is, and it’s purely by default that in doing so I inevitably step on the toes of those who are the childishly unforgiving cretins of this industry here in the UK, and of which there are many.

I enjoy my reputation of being a modern day black sheep. Being the reputed ‘bad boy’ who refuses to involve myself in cosying up to and ass licking the UK adult entertainment industry self-promoted nouveau clique. I was ahead of the game while pretty much everyone else either hadn’t been conceived or were running around in nappies. So I fall foul of their bullshit and unappreciated for being such a renegade and not the pack animal I am supposed to be for them.

In short, I’ve managed perfectly as an independent for all these years without them, so as sure as hell my survival and clearly documented success will continue to flourish as it has always done. Referencing ‘Johnny Rockard’ on Bing, Yahoo or Google search will show in excess of a million entries. In truth I leave so-called competitors behind on the starting blocks, and they simply don’t like it because I do things my way.

Make no mistake. I am not in this industry to please those so-called competitors, and it gives me a great deal of pleasure when I discover that my presence in the market place irritates them. So it should, as it reflects my successes as much as their failures.

I’ve set out my stall and proudly carved a creditable name for myself in doing everything my way. By pushing boundaries and demolishing barriers which would otherwise block my progress, I have shown no fear in doing so. Some would regard this as ruthless determination to succeed. To me it is seeing the opportunities in the challenges at that time and hitting the ground running with them towards reaching achievable completion, and being mindful of but caring little for anything in the way.

It is this ‘unique selling point’ which empowers and enables me to reach a huge amount of success in promoting models to a world wide audience via the thousands of sites I have product on.

To highlight this the example I will give is that of Steph. She began working with me around six weeks ago and already her listings on popular search engines are in excess of 10.000 and she is now engaging with a growing audience of fans with whom she is hugely, hugely popular, and her forward work schedule is pretty much full to capacity for several weeks ahead.

In my experience people automatically assume that where this business is concerned I’m all about the money. Which is as far from the truth as one can get. My sole driver is about achieving maximum audience engagement for the models I co-work with and promote.

This is exemplified by the fact that on a bus ride the other day I logged into Google search to check on Steph’s rankings to find page after page after page of sites she is now listed on, and the growing number of followers who are hugely supportive of and well into her activities. As I scrolled down each page my level of sexual stimulation was such that within five minutes I could have easily jumped the bones of any available female within a two metre proximity. Such is the power of building robust audience engagement for me.

After around four weeks of relentless and consistent internet promotion amounting to twelve to sixteen hours a day without taking one day off from my focused goal, the rewards of my hard work were coming to fruition and working in such a way that it is now possible to begin monetising this so that Steph will begin to build a longer-term residual income stream.

Steph is both astute and forward thinking. Which is why she is a dream to work with. Steph rightly sees her shoots as a one-off deal where she gets paid a fee which producers can then continue making money from forever and a day. Whereas by building a library of content which people pay her to view, Steph takes more control over her own income in the longer-term and in doing so eventually cuts those middlemen producers out of the larger part of her overall income creating landscape. My process in this is to co-work with her to enable this to happen, and this is what my so-called competitors run scared of. Because essentially it poses a threat. So for them it is far easier to slate my operational methods because it enables them to ‘try’ and keep control of the market and protect their incomes.

Needless to say, the more I irritate them by challenging and deconstructing their perceived control the more I enjoy this industry and carry on regardless.

Conversely. In relation to Steph’s positive mental attitude and dynamic approach to this business I had a conversation with a very nice and attractive eighteen year old model the other day, who had the right look and an awesome figure. Somehow she had been persuaded into signing a legally unenforceable three year contract with a ‘so called’ agency who unremarkably haven’t got a clue what they are doing, and several months later is still waiting for her first model job.

I explained in detail the work I engage in and the fact that had she been with me, she would have been working from the very beginning and may well be a few thousands of pounds better off by now with a flying career ahead of her. The deal breaker was that she only wanted to go as far as modeling underwear. Which, as I pointed out, was a market over flooded with girls and not enough professional work to keep then all in robust and sustainable incomes. Because the market is so flooded the reality is that I can get a girl to model underwear for the price of two packs of cigarettes and be wrapped up in an hour for that money.

By limiting herself in such a way she was bearing out the saying that, if you continue to do what you’ve always done you will always end up with the same result. In her case no jobs and no money. There are thousands of girls just like her in exactly the same position because they have never had the business properly explained to them, or the people taking them on have no idea about the business, or the girls themselves simply do not get it. Which is something I have spelled out in previous blogs time after time.

Yet again in saying this I become the subject of controversy and so-called competitors verbal projectiles, because I stand up against the bullshit. The Steph’s of this world I am happy to co-work with, empower and enable all day long because my dedication, efforts and valuable time resource investment isn’t wasted and I get results. I live for, eat and breathe success for the models I co-work with in my business. And the only place you’ll find success coming before work is in the dictionary.

So if you have what are referred to as ‘haters’ bless them and be thankful for them. As surprising as it may seem they can in fact do you more good than harm if you use them positively and without malice, to your advantage. To me the haters are probably my best asset as they drive interest towards me and act as voluntary publicity agents. Haters are in fact - Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success (which they are not). They fear they will never get to where you are: which puts YOU in control. Haters will make you famous, because in reality they are your biggest fans.

But above all. If someone hates you for no valid reason at all, then give the motherfucker a reason and enjoy the ride at their expense of resources and time!

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