Heres’ Why People Will Tell You To Avoid Me

I’m the Johnny Rockard they’ll tell you to avoid! Here’s why.If you’ve just clicked on to this site for the very first time, it’ll be fair to say you don’t know me and that’s why you’re here. To find out more.

So instead of all the usual nice and welcoming fluffy stuff I’m going to turn everything upside down and get straight to the point. You’re now reading the blog of probably the most vilified person in the UK adult entertainments industry.

Yes. I’m the one a lot of people will be only too happy to tell you to avoid at all costs, and here’s why I am unpopular and explained very simply.

(a) I have a big mouth and I tell it like it is.

(b) My successful ‘Head-Start’ marketing plan for new models affects the bigger players incomes. because I take it out of the bigger players pockets and show the model how to make money for herself. More money, in fact.

(c) What hurts other commercial operators even further is that -


That’s 100% CORRECT.

I make NO CHARGE whatsoever for all the training,development, promotion and marketing of any new model. Because by helping her I am also helping myself to help others. You’ll find out how exactly further down this page.

That’s it.

You see, I don’t play the game. I don’t put up with all the bullshit, and I refuse point blank to tow the party line and kiss ass just to fit in with the industry clique, and popularise myself in doing so. I do things my way. I always have and will continue in my own way and regardless of what anyone says, because from many many years industry experience I believe it to be the right way

I don’t care a jot if in being controversial I upset people. If you take the time to actually go through this site and read my various blog entries you will see for yourself that I don’t hold back in being outspoken, and that is exactly what upsets my peers. You see. They will never ever tell you what you will read in here because they daren’t. It isn’t within their commercial interests to do so in some cases, and in others it is nothing more than competitive jealousy because I’ve been in this industry far longer than they have, and as a consequence know it inside out, upside down, sideways in both directions and most other ways humanly possible, and better than pretty much anyone of any credibility.

To you that may well understandably appear to be a very bold statement, and you may even think me big headed or even arrogant, If this is how you choose to interpret it. That is a matter for your own judgment. What I see as being my honesty however is not in any way meant to appear as big headed or arrogant. That is about as far from my intention as could be.

What I find most distasteful of all are the lying, two faced, backstabbing, underhanded shit stirrers: of which there are plenty, and their petty, borderline childish behaviour to discredit me. Which I neither have the time, patience or capacity for, because I don’t suffer fools gladly.

So. Here’s the traditional way things play out is this business, captured in short. Someone engages a model for a shoot, pays them and that’s the end of it for the model because the producer then sells the product, makes himself a healthy profit: which could be hundreds or even thousands of pounds out of it. Which there’s absolutely nothing wrong with at all because that’s the nature of any business, and this particular instance the producer is out to promote and sell his own products, not promote the model.

But all the time this is happening, then the money balance is always tipped in favour of the producer or photographer. The end result being that model invariably leaves the business eventually with little or nothing in the way of money to show for all the work she has put in and the time invested.

The producer/photographer is more often that not is the middle person who is commissioned by another business (usually) to provide images or movie and is paid for that process. The commissioner then goes on to use those images/movies on their more corporate websites, and for which they may charge the user/viewer a fee for the privilege, and these are called ‘pay-to-view’ sites which can command a huge amount of memberships and viewing traffic.

So when someone like myself comes along and poses a business threat to the middle-person by effectively cutting them out and saying to the model that she can take a bigger cut of the profits and build up her own direct paying audience, then it’s easy to understand why other people in this UK industry will do their utmost to discredit and make me out to be this awful person to avoid. And to be quite honest about it I thrive on that notoriety, because it actually works against them in my favour.

Although I can not name the person for legal reasons. If you Google my name you will see that only last week I had to issue a formal public legal notice to someone who defamed me on social network sites, and made spurious claims and allegations which made that person look completely foolish, unreliable and completely untrustworthy in the end.

The fact remains that I have a globally promoted name, with product on thousands of websites around the world which I have worked consistently bloody hard to achieve over a number of years, and I’m certainly not going to let anyone discredit me or all my hard work while they use me in such a despicable way to build up their own name and start-up business. Not only does this stupidity try to harm me, but it also completely ruins the future careers of other models I promote through my self-developed, very successful ‘Head-Start’ marketing action plan.

It really was an incredibly naive and selfish thing to do, which in the end completely backfired on this person and they very quickly withdrew their on-line comments.

FACT 1: It is NOT IMPOSSIBLE for a new model to hit the ground running and make £500 for only ONE day’s work using the ‘Head-Start’ marketing action plan.

FACT 2: The ‘Head-Start’ marketing action plan makes it possible for the model to be promoted on literally THOUSANDS of traffic (audience/fan) building websites around the world and for the model to be making money directly to HERSELF by cutting-out the middle person.

FACT 3: By being directly in touch with her audience/fans the model can FURTHER increase her income by £50 to £100 PER HOUR (for example) AND receive further income even while she is out shopping, on holiday, days off and holiday periods, AND while she is even sleeping, via a self-driven 24/7 automated income generator that will keep paying out, and paying out if it is properly run.

FACT 4: What the ‘Head-Start’ marketing action plan provides is the all important tools and mechanisms to make this happen in a very simple, easy to understand and manageable way, with no specific specialist skills or qualifications needed whatsoever. Any model can do this and do it well if she applies herself to it with focus and motivation.

FACT 5: Start-up money = NOTHING! The only real investment required is time. If a model isn’t prepared to put the time in to make it happen, it ain’t going to happen! NO ONE is going to hand out work on a plate. NO ONE will give a model money for NOT turning up. NO ONE will even know the model exists if she isn’t prepared to put the time in to enable us to provide the marketing material which will promote her, and create income running into what could be HUNDREDS OF POUNDS A DAY!


  • The model puts aside 3 days and commits herself to investing that time spent with us in order to get her properly set-up.

  • If the model has to travel a distance to reach us in Bristol the model will be provided with accommodation and all we ask is for a contribution towards food during her stay. That’s it. No other money is required, other than her own for personal expenses. Travel to Bristol (and home again) is at the model’s own expense, and coach travel can be booked cheaply in advance via National Express or Megabus.

  • The model will be met at point of arrival and brought to Johnny Rockard HQ.

  • Induction and all necessary training will be provided, with images and introductory movie will be shot inside (and outside weather permitting) over two intensely busy days with a lot to pack in.

  • All essential site registrations, profile and image uploading will be done, and it absolutely CRUCIAL that the model brings with her the legally acceptable form(s) of photo ID, such as current passport/driving license as verification to be able to register AND earn money.

  • All essential social networking site identities (for work) will be set up and the model will be shown how to access, unlock and then use all the insider tools we use to reach and maximise the money making audience towards further increasing essential income.

  • How to ‘circular market’, which is the golden key to how everything links in together in a circular repetitive motion. The bigger the circle the more people reached and the more income can be maximised.

  • How the 24/7 income booster can rack up the earnings potential even more when implemented correctly, and how to use it effectively.

  • How to engage with her audience on a 1-2-1 basis and have them reaching for their credit cards to interact with her so that she can earn an additional £50-£100 (for example) per hour, and if the model is prepared to put the hours in to make this happen.

  • Having done all of this successfully and the model has achieved our expectations of her we will then recommend and put forward the model for a ‘live’ job where she could earn between £250 and £500 for a day’s filming or photo work, and realistically she could be hitting the ground running with a major international name.

Everything we do is geared towards the model making money, and LOTS OF IT! So basically she has everything to gain and nothing to lose by co-working with us on the ‘Head-Start’ action marketing plan.

Even after these two immensely valuable and intense days the back-up and support DOES NOT stop there. We don’t just leave the model to get on with it alone in a world she is still unfamiliar with. No.

We co-run the on-line profiles and assist with building her reach for up to a month afterwards. By which time we will expect her to have sufficient knowledge to be able to take what we have given her and run it on her own. But with the security of having us in the background and accessible by phone and email thereafter, should she need further assistance or advice.

So. I come to the end, and no doubt there is still that itchy, unanswered little question in the back of your mind as to what we get out of offering the ‘Head-Start’ action marketing system for FREE.

Well. The answer is very simple. Our priority is in building the number of sites we have presence on around the world. Because the more sites we are on the bigger our total audience reach, and the bigger our audience reach is the more it further enables the success of other new models we also promote using the ‘Head-Start’ action marketing system, while enabling our branding to become more recognisable as a market leading UK business on the global stage of the adult entertainments industry.

In effect, we help the models to help us to help others. Remember what I referred to as ‘circular marketing’ a few paragraphs back? This is in essence exactly how we operate, and are happy to continue doing so while continuing to build on the foundations of a globally branded name by having product out there, and continuing to break and promote hot new female British model talent.

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