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  1. The Reasons Some Girls Will ‘Never’ Make It In Modelling.

    05 Mar 2015

    THE TOP REASON SOME GIRLS WILL ‘NEVER’ MAKE IT IN MODELING.I have referred to this topic in previous blogs as to why girls are unsuccessful at reaching any level of ‘real’ success in modeling, and the overarching and critical factor beyond probably all others is that they fail due to…

  2. The Reality Of Reality TV

    05 Mar 2015

    THE REALITY OF TV TALENT SHOWS Bailey’s ‘Skyscraper’ is the Christmas number one, while the more widely known and longer established Pharrel has to console himself playing second fiddle at number two with ‘Happy’. Strip away all the razzmatazz television hype surrounding Bailey and her song is an impulse purchase…

  3. Did You Hear The One ABout The Girl Who Applied To Be A Model But Didn’t Want To Appear in Pictures or Movies? Oh, and Big Brother As Well!

    05 Mar 2015

    Did you hear the one about the female who applied for model work, but didn’t want to appear on film or in pictures On reading that you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a joke. But no. I promise you it’s absolutely true, and something which came about within the…

  4. Who Needs To Be A Broke Student Trying To Make Ends Meet?

    05 Mar 2015

    I mentioned when I blogged on this subject previously that there were people who thought I was talking out of my ass The fact still remains however, that until such time as the Country invests in its students by providing free or greatly reduced tertiary education fees those attending University…

  5. Haters Are Really Just Your Biggest Fans In Denial.

    05 Mar 2015

    You have to love being hated. It’s a compliment. Really You know the one about not being able to please all of the people all of the time? Well don’t even bother trying. Trust me, it’s those you simply cannot please who can be your greatest assets, used wisely. Now…

  6. You’re A Money Making Machine - So Use It, Or Lose It

    05 Mar 2015

    You’re a money machine model. So make it work for you.Okay. Lets make this clear and understood for the benefit of girls who should have received the pep talk ‘before’ starting out in this industry, as well as those who are considering it. I’ll cut to the chase because I…

  7. Heres’ Why People Will Tell You To Avoid Me

    05 Mar 2015

    I’m the Johnny Rockard they’ll tell you to avoid! Here’s why.If you’ve just clicked on to this site for the very first time, it’ll be fair to say you don’t know me and that’s why you’re here. To find out more So instead of all the usual nice and welcoming…

  8. Love Your Haters

    05 Mar 2015

    Love the haters - Pt 2.Going back a blog piece or two I mentioned about having to love your haters ( These are the people of course who are generally your biggest fans, but live in denial There are basically three reasons why you would attract these rather sad people…

  9. Iconoclasts rule, okay?

    05 Mar 2015

    Iconoclast. By definition “a person who attacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions, etc” Just before sitting down to write today’s blog piece in my now well documented coffee shop, the word ‘iconoclast’ sprang to mind. It’s probably one of my favourite words and creates mental images of people such as Sir…

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