You’re A Money Making Machine - So Use It, Or Lose It

You’re a money machine model. So make it work for you.Okay. Lets make this clear and understood for the benefit of girls who should have received the pep talk ‘before’ starting out in this industry, as well as those who are considering it. I’ll cut to the chase because I am straight talking and will tell it like it is.

You are a self-employed person and as such are running your own business and the sole purpose of running a business is to make money. So if you are not in this to make money, what the hell are you doing it for? Go get yourself a nice little job for national minimum wage and be happy.

The reason you have for getting out of bed in the morning is to live, eat, breathe and sleep this business as an independent money making machine, and you have to have the fire in your belly to be 100% focused because the only place work comes before success is in the dictionary.

Most importantly of all is the fact that this is a service industry and market driven. You may come into this with your own ideas about doling what you want to do. Forget it! This business doesn’t revolve around you or what you want. Because it’s market driven you do what brings in the most money and you maximise your income. So if the market is for girls to stand on their heads and fire ping pong balls from their asses, guess what?

Okay. I accept that was a whimsical example. But it drives home the point well enough. So the deal is that when you start out you take everything and anything that’s offered. Then, and only when you’re well and truly established can you begin to dictate your own terms as to what you want to do, and even diversify into a niche market for yourself.

Most girls fail starting out because they either completely limit themselves and then simply don’t receive the interest they expect, or they allow other peoples opinions to get in the way of making progress for themselves.

Even worse they allow themselves to be distracted by partners and generally having a good time doing everything else except focusing on being a money making machine and thinking about what they’ll be missing if they take their eyes off the ball. They don’t visualise failing and what will happen as a consequence - and why? This is about letting go of the artificial things which hold them back. Emotions and ethics make us lose sight of what you are aspiring to achieve, and you can become so wrapped up in the rights and wrongs of something that all you achieve is ‘stuck thinking’ which becomes a barrier in the way of your success.

It’s too easy to become mentally imprisoned by the rights, wrongs, doubts and moral compasses of your own and other people’s negativity, and allow yourself to be further imprisoned. Doubt knows all things except its own stupid ignorance.

Although thankfully it is by no means true for all, but in general I find British women dumbed down to the point of being bland, and in some cases just plain lazy with little or no drive or ambition whatsoever. We have opportunities to earn hundreds of pounds a day and this is treated as though we’re offering pennies.

In Britain the pervading attitude is one of jealousy, bitterness and angst towards the success of others. If, for instance, I had a nice expensive sports car parked outside of where I live, you could pretty much guarantee that at some point an idiot would come along and key the side of the vehicle. Just for the sake of it. Basically the British attitude is to despise someone who is doing better than you. Just take a look at some of the crap girls receive on Facebook if you need a further example.Yet if this was America - the land of free enterprise, success is encouraged and applauded no matter what you do in life. Hence there are more millionaires and billionaires in the USA than anywhere else in the world, and pretty much every other successful female porn star has a PhD, or similar.

Which now reminds me of Jenna Jameson who recently sold her empire to the Playboy organisation for an undisclosed amount running into mega-millions of dollars.

So it’s totally understandable that I become frustrated to my wits end by the increasing number of models who come into this business, or even worse are already in it, who sincerely don’t have a handle on how to drive this industry and make ‘real’ money, and are way too far up themselves to the point where butter wouldn’t even melt in their mouths. As they would lead you to believe with their self-righteous and precocious attitudes.

Having been in this industry for as long as I have, the one’s who hold the high and mighty attitudes about “cheapening” or “lowering” themselves are the ones who underneath the surface have by far the biggest insecurities, lack of self confidence and deeply rooted psychological issues, which they mask by reflecting their own baggage on to others while getting little in the way of meaningful and consistent work themselves.

As I said at the beginning. The sole purpose of being in this business is to make money, and money comes from having the right attitude and getting on with whatever makes that possible.

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