So you want to be a fashion model?

If I had a pound for every girl who wants to be a fashion model I’d be a millionaire living on this beautiful island.

It seems ideal to be paid to model clothes with the potential of traveling to exciting places, doesn’t it? But if it’s this good and this exciting then why do so many girls who label themselves as ‘fashion’ models apply to GirlPowerUK for work?

The answer is simpler than simple itself, from over 25 years of hard-won experience in this industry let me tell you that the fashion side of the industry has become overpopulated with females in it and those wanting to get further into it from an amateur level who will do shoots just for photos and bragging rights on social media. You might be lucky enough to get shoots here and there with an amateur or semi-pro photographer seeking to either better their skills or add to their portfolios, and you may even be lucky enough to pick up £20-£30 for it, but it seriously will NOT pay the bills, and what happens if there are no shoots (ie Covid lockdown) or you break a leg, or are hospitalised, then where does your income come from?

Believe me, there are plenty of agencies (some so-called) out there who will tell a girl how wonderful she is just to get her on the books.

The lucky one’s will just sit around and wait until a booking comes in, if ever, while the unlucky one’s will find themselves scammed into

paying sometimes hundreds of pounds for upfront agency fees (which are illegal, by the way) and a portfolio from which the model will never recover her money from and no bookings will emerge either.

Putting it bluntly it’s an absolute bloody nightmare which we will not involve ourselves in and why I have been in the industry now for over 25 years while all others in this industry die like weeds, and never return.

If you want to vanity model for your own ego and collect pretty pictures of yourself to post on social media just so you can feel (falsely) validated that is your choice, but not the way forward if you want to make a sustainable income 24/7 x 365 days a year, which you are able to with GirlPowerUK. Again putting it bluntly, if you’re not modeling to make money then you might just as well go and get a job for National Minimum Wage and be happy working your ass off while others make the profit from your efforts and enjoy a much higher quality lifestyle than you ever will. If, on the other hand, you seriously DO want better than this for yourself then co-working with GirlPowerUK will enable and empower you to achieve your own financial goals in a sustainable way from which you can grow. Hit this LINK to get started.

Where the 2020 and beyond cash is to be made!

at GirlPowerUK we LOVE lockdown!

will too if you’re looking to never be unemployed (virtually) and
NEVER be short of cash!

no doubt about it, the effects of COVID have caused devastation and
tragedy to millions of people around the world. Severe illness,
death, mental health issues, financial ruin, mass- unemployment , the
list goes on in fact and our hearts should quite rightly go to those
who have been so badly affected.

conversely, every cloud has a silver lining, and it’s THIS silver
lining which can make YOU money! It’s this silver lining which we’ve
been jumping up and down looking forwards to, and long may it
continue for many weeks to come as every minute of every

is worth £POUNDS to you, because NOWHERE else and NO employer will
pay you up to £4 PER MINUTE for work (how much you choose to make
is entirely up to you), let

having fun at work while ultimately working from home during

you’ll have to agree is 1000% better than this, taken from today’s
Guardian newspaper -

22 September 2020.






September 6,000 redundancies at Whitbread

September 150 redundancies at Royal Academy

September 200 redundancies at Bangor University…. and so it

GUARANTEED INCOME (unless you are already on benefits).

now it’s literally ‘EVERY PERSON FOR THEMSELF’. No if’s, but’s or
maybe’s. Just hard fact there is NO getting away from.

TIME HAS HIT, AND HIT HARD. Do you sink or do you swim? Do you go
where the money IS, and live well, or hit the food banks and worry
about how you’re going to pay the bills and keep a roof over your

may think you are too proud to earn a higher income than any of your
friends or associates, but as the saying goes ‘why cut off your nose
to spite your face? “Cutting off the nose to spite the face”
is an expression to describe a needlessly self-destructive

over-reaction to a situation, such as you may feel you are too good
to earn anything up to £400 a day, or MORE because the job is
somehow beneath you.

what? This viewpoint doesn’t pay the bills! Being penny wise and
pound foolish (very careful about unimportant matters and careless
about important ones – like keeping a roof over your head, eating
well and being able to afford the things that

to lockdown others cannot) won’t solve anything which LOCKDOWN puts
in your way as obstacles.

circumstances dictate that right now you have to look after number
one, be selfish about it, and be in this for YOU!

ownership because you are the ONLY one who will put food on your
table, pay your rent/mortgage, keep your mobile phone and internet
running, pay your car tax/insurance and keep you on the road, buy
your clothes, put money away for you,

provide for any of your other day to day needs. They may have been
able to help in the past, but now pretty much everyone is in exactly
the same boat.

choice is to overcrowd the boat with them and sink or be the
survivor. Be honest, which would you prefer?

Matrix time. Will it be the red pill or the blue pill? Do you choose
to sink or swim?

you choose to swim with the tide and be successful it’s easier and
logical to swim with it rather than against it and fail.

any other circumstances you possibly would not have even considered
building your own career co-working with GirlPowerUK, but time and
current circumstances have changed this and it’s now to your best
possible advantage to swim with the tide of success which we enjoy in
the global marketplace. With OVER 3 MILLION fans, followers

supporters we are opening the vault door of our own hard work and
success, and inviting you to enter and help yourself to the contents.
That is it, the bottom line. It cannot be any easier or clearer than

and by the way. The contents of the vault in this case really is the
potential of 3 MILLION clients paying YOU directly. You won’t get ALL
3 MILLION of course, and if you do then I’ll pay every single bill
you have until the day one of us dies. But as you simply

have the time for all 3 MILLION I think I’m confidently safe with
that offer.

just a mere 50 could pay you more in ONE MONTH than ANY employer

and achieving, 50 isn’t that unreachable.

Sunak warns Covid jobs plan will not stem UK’s rising unemployment.”
Fri 25 Sep 2020 07.08 BST.

hit the website at NOW and make a change for
the better!

An intro to GirlPowerUK

Out of the many
applications we receive yearly, there are few who offered the
opportunity to start and progress in what could be the most exciting,
fun and money-making career ever, because there is no fear of
redundancy, hours cut to the bone, or loss of income. We quite
purposefully choose no more than six applicants to co-work with us
due to the time and resources we invest in every model we select –
which equates to around four to six weeks of 1-2-1 mentoring for each
new model as we walk her through from start-up here in Bristol to
giving her the wings to fly solo, but at the same time staying in the
background to give support and assistance.

In truth, anyone can
model, even a chimpanzee could do the job in no time at all. But here
at GirlPowerUK, and having had over 25 years of industry experience
and an unequaled track record we have learned what it REALLY takes to
be successful as a model, and again this is where we stand head and
shoulders above everyone else, and why our advertising and promotion
has inspired you to learn more.

GirlPowerUK was created
on the basis of ‘female empowerment’. You want to know why? Well
here’s a fundamental and undeniable fact that you won’t hear or read
every day.


Of course, no one will
ever tell you this because it’s a conditioned belief that somehow men
hold the majority of the power, and it’s so historically conditioned
into women that’s it’s as familiar as looking both right and left
before you cross the road. It’s subconscious and you just don’t
really give it any deeper thought. Why would you until such time as
it’s pointed out?

Let the following basic
and simple fact sink in for a few seconds before moving on -

‘Women hold the power
because they have the anatomical part of their bodies which enable
childbirth and the continued regeneration of the human race’.

Of course, men play an
undeniable and intrinsic part of the process as well, but it’s the
female who actually goes through the birth process and makes new life
possible. In this respect, men are the unconscious submissives of the
reproductive process, on the basis that without females their sperm
would be utterly useless.

Now as fascinating as
you may find this diversion away from modeling, you are probably
wondering how I’ve managed to jump from the main body of text into
subtext which appears completely unrelated on first sight. But wait
just a little while longer and all will be revealed in a way which is
so blatantly obvious you’ll be almost scratching your head as to why
no one has ever explained this to you before.

We are born onto this
planet for one reason, and one reason only. To have sex and
repopulate Mother Earth! Having a good job (if you can find one
nowadays, aside from modeling, that is), driving a nice car, wearing
nice clothes, going on holiday, having a computer or mobile phone is
basically all add on’s which stop us from getting bored and killing
one another out of sheer frustration. Our true basic human needs with
all the add-on’s taken away are sex, shelter, water, and food – on
these we can all survive because it’s programmed into our genes to do
so, and those who deny the indisputable fact that we are basically
here to have sex with one another are in fact denying their own
existence. There’s absolutely no argument against it.

Sex sells and always
has done as much as it will continue to do so infinitely. As a female
you know for a fact that if you walk into a bar wearing an old pair
of jeans and a baggy jumper you won’t get half as much attention
towards you compared to walking into the same bar with a low cut top
showing nice cleavage while wearing a short skirt which displays a
great pair of legs. Why? Because it appeals to basic primal instincts
and that specific part of the brain which genetically links to the
reproductive seed within the male more specifically, and it’s this
gem of knowledge which translates in modeling terms as putting cash
directly into your bank account because as a female it is you who
hold the power over the submissive male (although nearly all would
not admit to this because it threatens their masculinity) in this

If you don’t believe me
then think back to when you last wore that revealing top and showed
off your amazing legs and how many men were keen to approach you and
offer to buy your drinks. Let’s be honest, if you worked it right
you’d go home smiling having had a night out which barely cost you a
penny except for the taxi ride home. But it isn’t until now that you
suddenly realise exactly how much power you have as a woman – and
it’s this absolutely ‘vital’ fact that GirlPowerUK enables and
empowers you to use to your advantage and become as wealthy as you
choose to be to suit your own personal circumstances and lifestyle.

From the above
paragraph in particular you now begin to realise and accept that you
already have the personal resources within you, but you haven’t yet
fully learned exactly how to implement these resources to your own
best advantage. These are skills that will get you into and out of
pretty much any situation in life: in terms of work, relationships,
friendships, and all forms of other transactions between you and
other human beings.

Remember what I said
way back at the beginning about even a chimpanzee can learn to model?
Well, here at GirlPowerUK we mentor and enlighten you as to how to
use modeling as a valuable resource from a psychological perspective
aside from standing in front of a camera. These skills absolutely no
one and no company besides us will enable and empower you to
integrate into your life.

You will tap into your
thinking and knowledge so far and reframe it in such a way that will
set you up for the rest of your life, and in whatever you choose to
do, or ambitions you wish to reach and exceed.

It really is like
having the door of a vault opened for you to walk in and take what’s
there, and best of all it doesn’t cost you any money whatsoever to do
so. After four to six weeks of mentoring the vault is yours. The
vault which contains the resources to get out there, and having a
blast making the kind of money in a day that most people who still
have a job would earn in a week.

But clearly, the vault
isn’t so full that we accept anyone and everyone who applies. This is
why in terms of dedicated 1-2-1 time alone we simply cannot engage
more than a maximum of six new models during one engagement period,
and it’s up to you to prove beyond all reasonable doubt that you are
someone we MUST engage and co-work with.

This is a career for
those who choose it to be, while for others it may be a temporary
financial bailout – everyone has a different reason for choosing
this particular job.

But in reality, it is
actually far more than any of this. In truth it’s more of a journey
at this stage of your life – a transition that is fascinating and
educational, where you learn so much more about yourself and your
role in life as a powerful and empowered woman who gets to understand
what it actually feels like to be a woman and the freedoms which are
there to benefit from, the modeling is just a way of finding and
expressing this. The fact that you can earn amazing money at the same
time is the icing on the cake.

you again for your interest. Go ahead and apply now at
http://www.girlpoweruk, and
good luck.


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Girls asked, we listened. NO MORE exposure!

It’s been c-r-a-z-y here with girls applying to join us thanks to
COVID and lockdown!  Everyone simply wants to make MONEY, and why not!
As a female, you are in a UNIQUE position right now, and MORE than
ever before to cash in simply by being a female - AND get paid for it!


Out of the many applications we receive yearly, there are few who
offered the opportunity to start and progress in what could be the
most exciting, fun, and money-making career ever, because there is no
fear of redundancy, hours cut to the bone or loss of income. We quite
purposefully choose no more than six applicants to co-work with us due
to the time and resources, we invest in every model we select – which
equates to around four to six weeks of 1-2-1 mentoring for each new
model as we walk her through from start-up here in Bristol to giving
her the wings to fly solo, but at the same time staying in the
background to give support and assistance.

In truth, anyone can model, even a chimpanzee could do the job in no
time at all. But here at GirlPowerUK, and having had over 25 years of
industry experience and an unequaled track record we have learned what
it REALLY takes to be successful as a model, and again this is where
we stand head and shoulders above everyone else, and why our
advertising and promotion has inspired you to learn more.

GirlPowerUK was created on the basis of ‘female empowerment’. You want
to know why? Well here’s a fundamental and undeniable fact that you
won’t hear or read every day.


Of course, no one will ever tell you this because it’s a conditioned
belief that somehow men hold the majority of the power, and it’s so
historically conditioned into women that’s it’s as familiar as looking
both right and left before you cross the road. It’s subconscious and
you just don’t really give it any deeper thought. Why would you until
such time as it’s pointed out?

Let the following basic and simple fact sink in for a few seconds
before moving on -

‘Women hold the power because they have the anatomical part of their
bodies which enable childbirth and the continued regeneration of the
human race’.

Of course, men play an undeniable and intrinsic part of the process as
well, but it’s the female who actually goes through the birth process
and makes new life possible. In this respect, men are the unconscious
submissives of the reproductive process, on the basis that without
females their sperm would be utterly useless.

Now as fascinating as you may find this diversion away from modeling,
you are probably wondering how I’ve managed to jump from the main body
of text into subtext which appears completely unrelated on first
sight. But wait just a little while longer and all will be revealed in
a way which is so blatantly obvious you’ll be almost scratching your
head as to why no one has ever explained this to you before.

We are born onto this planet for one reason, and one reason only. To
have sex and repopulate Mother Earth! Having a good job (if you can
find one nowadays, aside from modeling, that is), driving a nice car,
wearing nice clothes, going on holiday, having a computer or mobile
phone is basically all add on’s which stop us from getting bored and
killing one another out of sheer frustration. Our true basic human
needs with all the add-on’s taken away are sex, shelter, water, and
food – on these we can all survive because it’s programmed into our
genes to do so, and those who deny the indisputable fact that we are
basically here to have sex with one another are in fact denying their
own existence. There’s absolutely no argument against it.

Sex sells and always has done as much as it will continue to do so
infinitely. As a female you know for a fact that if you walk into a
bar wearing an old pair of jeans and a baggy jumper you won’t get half
as much attention towards you compared to walking into the same bar
with a low cut top showing nice cleavage while wearing a short skirt
which displays a great pair of legs. Why? Because it appeals to basic
primal instincts and that specific part of the brain which genetically
links to the reproductive seed within the male more specifically, and
it’s this gem of knowledge which translates in modeling terms as
putting cash directly into your bank account because as a female it is
you who hold the power over the submissive male (although nearly all
would not admit to this because it threatens their masculinity) in
this respect.

If you don’t believe me then think back to when you last wore that
revealing top and showed off your amazing legs and how many men were
keen to approach you and offer to buy your drinks. Let’s be honest, if
you worked it right you’d go home smiling having had a night out which
barely cost you a penny except for the taxi ride home. But it isn’t
until now that you suddenly realise exactly how much power you have as
a woman – and it’s this absolutely ‘vital’ fact that GirlPowerUK
enables and empowers you to use to your advantage and become as
wealthy as you choose to be to suit your own personal circumstances
and lifestyle.

From the above paragraph in particular you now begin to realise and
accept that you already have the personal resources within you, but
you haven’t yet fully learned exactly how to implement these resources
to your own best advantage. These are skills that will get you into
and out of pretty much any situation in life: in terms of work,
relationships, friendships, and all forms of other transactions
between you and other human beings.

Remember what I said way back at the beginning about even a chimpanzee
can learn to model? Well, here at GirlPowerUK we mentor and enlighten
you as to how to use modeling as a valuable resource from a
psychological perspective aside from standing in front of a camera.
These skills absolutely no one and no company besides us will enable
and empower you to integrate into your life.

You will tap into your thinking and knowledge so far and reframe it in
such a way that will set you up for the rest of your life, and in
whatever you choose to do, or ambitions you wish to reach and exceed.

It really is like having the door of a vault opened for you to walk in
and take what’s there, and best of all it doesn’t cost you any money
whatsoever to do so. After four to six weeks of mentoring the vault is
yours. The vault which contains the resources to get out there, and
having a blast making the kind of money in a day that most people who
still have a job would earn in a week.

But clearly, the vault isn’t so full that we accept anyone and
everyone who applies. This is why in terms of dedicated 1-2-1 time
alone we simply cannot engage more than a maximum of six new models
during one engagement period, and it’s up to you to prove beyond all
reasonable doubt that you are someone we MUST engage and co-work with.

This is a career for those who choose it to be, while for others it
may be a temporary financial bailout – everyone has a different reason
for choosing this particular job.

But in reality, it is actually far more than any of this. In truth
it’s more of a journey at this stage of your life – a transition that
is fascinating and educational, where you learn so much more about
yourself and your role in life as a powerful and empowered woman who
gets to understand what it actually feels like to be a woman and the
freedoms which are there to benefit from, the modeling is just a way
of finding and expressing this. The fact that you can earn amazing
money at the same time is the icing on the cake.



The Evolution of Economy on Demand

According to the Wall Street Journal. “Ever since the 1970’s…Manufacturing jobs have been automated out of existence or outsourced aboroad, while big companies have abandoned lifetime employment. Some 53m American workers already work as freelance.

But now the sharing economy is evolving into something new. Freelance work forces and low transaction costs are giving rise to on-demand services and workers. If you look at most call centres nowadays you will find that sevices have been outsourced to India, for instance, because British companies are finding it harder to compete on costs.

I am constantly bombarded with emails from people in India offering me low cost computer and design services at rates which British people could never match by comparison. It doesn’t necesssarily follow that cheaper is always better, but it has resulted in some areas where traditional trades here in Britain which were once very well paid are now vastly reduced in terms of hourly rates to workers, and people are finding themselves putting in more hours for the same or even less money in order to keep their financial heads above water.

I remember very clearly that not so long back I had clients and contacts where it was the norm to pay models up to £1000 per day. Now I have one client who offers that as a ceiling on payment. So even models have to work longer and harder to achieve anywhere near what could be earned not that far back in time.

The other great force is changing social habits. Karl Marx said that the world would be divided into people who owned the means of production – the idle rich – and people who worked for them. In fact it is increasingly being divided between people who have money but no time and people who have time but no money. The on-demand economy provides a way for these two groups to trade with each other.

The on-demand economy is unlikely to be a happy experience for people who value stability more than flexibility: middle-aged professionals with children to educate and mortgages to pay. On the other hand it is likely to benefit people who value flexibility more than security: students who want to supplement their incomes; bohemians who can afford to dip in and out of the labour market; young mothers who want to combine bringing up children with part-time jobs; the semi-retired, whether voluntarily so or not.”

I have actually previously written one or two blog pieces where I have identified over many years in this business, and I think three recessions if my memory serves me correctly, that the model economy itself is divided into two camps. The amateur model who works for affordable rates from amateur and semi-pro photographers who are investing what they can comfortably afford from their full-time income to enhance their skills and aren’t looking to make a profit from what they do.

But realistically the amateur model trying to make a living from this will have to put in a lot of long hours in order to make it finacially viable at lesser rates per hour. Or the professional model (and when I say professional I mean a model whose profession, or sole occupation is modelling, without any other source of income) who achieves for far higher rates because the person or company engaging her has a higher budget because her or she may be commissioned, or making a direct profit for their work and the model investment has been costed in.

I personally have had models who achieved exceptionally high earnings and will continue to do so because after many years in this industry we’ve got it right and our goal is to work with those who are high achievers and very focused on accepting every single opportunity offered in order to reach their own personal targets for achievement.

The evolution of on-demand economy where I’m concerned is actually very good because the pro work is most definitely out there for anyone who is self-motivated to make it work and not allow any slippage to get in the way. Because once you have built it up it you really have to be on the case all of the time to keep driving it forwards. Especially in this line of work you need your fans and supporters far more than they will ever need you, and it’s a relentless task staying focused in order to keep the circle of shoots and fans/supporters engaged with you.

Take your hands off the wheel and you’ll slide off course only to begin the whole process again. But anything is achievable if you are prepared to keep your focus, see what you do as being a business which needs to make profits and keep those hands on the wheel. You get nothing for nothing in this life and you can only take out what you put in. Just look at the image below to see how a Ukranian rose from poverty to become a multi-millionaire and you’ll appreciate what hard work and persistance can do if you are one-hundred percent focused.

The Reasons Some Girls Will ‘Never’ Make It In Modelling.

THE TOP REASON SOME GIRLS WILLNEVERMAKE IT IN MODELING.I have referred to this topic in previous blogs as to why girls are unsuccessful at reaching any level of ‘real’ success in modeling, and the overarching and critical factor beyond probably all others is that they fail due to not having 100% focus on the job.

Imagine setting out to race in the London Marathon. Experienced runners have their eyes set on the finishing line in their heads from the moment they are given the signal to begin their 26 mile journey.While at the same time they know that the distance becomes easier by focusing on just one mile at a time. They pace themselves steadily to reach the various landmarks along the way and by achieving those small wins it motivates them to run on to the next landmark, and the one after that, until at last they see their journeys end in the distance.But all the way along their route they remain focused on one objective alone, and that is by visualising themselves crossing that line, and nothing, absolutely nothing distracts their focus from the objective to finish and achieve.

In principal at least, the same focus should apply to models. But alas it by and large doesn’t because they allow themselves to become distracted far too easily. In the main they want the boyfriend(s) and the good life far more than they actually want the career. It’s the equivalent of entering the London Marathon and then seeing a supermarket somewhere along the route and remembering they haven’t yet got the food in for the evening meal and then breaking off from the run to do some shopping, and then stopping further along to stop admire one or two of the London landmarks along the way.

A book titled ‘Daily Rituals: How Artists Work, examines the work habits of over 150 of the greatest writers, artists and scientists.

What did they all have in common? A relentless pace of work.

Franz Kafka, frustrated with his living quarters and day job, wrote in a letter to Felice Bauer in 1912, “time is short, my strength is limited, the office is a horror, the apartment is noisy, and if a pleasant, Straightforward life is not possible then one must try to wriggle through by subtle maneuvers.”Kafka is one of 161 inspired—and inspiring—minds, among them, novelists, poets, playwrights, painters, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians, who describe how they subtly maneuver the many (self-inflicted) obstacles and (self-imposed) daily rituals to get done the work they love to do, whether by waking early or staying up late; whether by self-medicating with doughnuts or bathing, drinking vast quantities of coffee, or taking long daily walks. Thomas Wolfe wrote standing up in the kitchen, the top of the refrigerator as his desk, dreamily fondling his “male configurations”… Jean-Paul Sartre chewed on Corydrane tablets (a mix of amphetamine and aspirin), ingesting ten times the recommended dose each day … Descartes liked to linger in bed, his mind wandering in sleep through woods, gardens, and enchanted palaces where he experienced “every pleasure imaginable.”

Here are: Anthony Trollope, who demanded of himself that each morning he write three thousand words (250 words every fifteen minutes for three hours) before going off to his job at the postal service, which he kept for thirty-three years during the writing of more than two dozen books … Karl Marx … Woody Allen … Agatha Christie … George Balanchine, who did most of his work while ironing … Leo Tolstoy … Charles Dickens … Pablo Picasso … George Gershwin, who, said his brother Ira, worked for twelve hours a day from late morning to midnight, composing at the piano in pajamas, bathrobe, and slippers …

Here also are the daily rituals of Charles Darwin, Andy Warhol, John Updike, Twyla Tharp, Benjamin Franklin, William Faulkner, Jane Austen, Anne Rice, and Igor Stravinsky (he was never able to compose unless he was sure no one could hear him and, when blocked, stood on his head to “clear the brain”).

In - Managing With Power: Politics and Influence in Organizations, it is stated that. In a study of general managers in industry, John Kotter reported that many of them worked up to 10 hours per day. The ability and willingness to work grueling hours has characterised many powerful figures… Energy and strength provide many advantages to those seeking to build power.

Indeed. Billionaire American business magnate, investor, and philanthropist Warren Buffet once said: “The difference between successful people and very successful people is that the very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” And that’s what gives them the time to accomplish so much.

In his book titled ‘Creativity’, Csikszentmihalyi makes note of the number of high achievers who declined his request to be in the book.

Why did they say no?

They were too busy with their own projects to help him with his.

Achievement requires focus. And focus means saying “no” to a lot of distractions.

Remember what I said about marathon runners back at the beginning of this piece? They have the finishing line visualised in their minds when they set off on their 26 mile run. But their focus all the way is on that one mile ahead of them. Well that is called ‘process’ and finishing the marathon is the ‘outcome’.

Too may people spend 100% of their time solely focused on achieving their desired outcome. Which in reality rarely happens and creates a sense of disappointment, failure, and demotivates. Which in turn makes the outcome destination seem even further away, and generally speaking unreachable to the point where most people will actually just give up.

So the process is an activity or series of activities which enable an outcome to be reached. Thus, the right goals, pursued in the right way, lead to positive outcomes.

Setting an outcome goal

Outcome goals are big. They’re the “I want to get better at X” or “I want to lose weight” type of goal. An outcome goal is the end result of what you want.

It’s the big picture goal. While it’s critical to more adequately define the exact outcome you desire, you can achieve an outcome goal by firstly setting a “process goal.”

How a process goal is different

Process goals are the daily mini-achievements that help you move toward your outcome goal. They are the goals that you absolutely CAN control, that you can guarantee reaching. These smaller goals are the building blocks of your outcome goals and they DO need specifics. The more specific, the better. You may have to hit several process goals to achieve your outcome goal. Here’s how these two goals work:

Let’s take for example ‘Getting out of debt’.

Outcome goal: pay off my credit card and one student loan this year

Process goals:

*make extra money to apply to my debt

*budget double payments for these two debts

*use other savings strategies to find even more money to pay towards debt.

Or. Becoming successful as a model.

Outcome goal: Getting to the point where you are making a substantial living and enjoying a really good quality of life and financial freedom.

Process goals:

* Not limiting yourself to certain types of work only. Open yourself up to take on whatever is available that achieves high earnings potential.

* update your levels of work constantly, get new work experiences and push yourself beyond those imprisoning comfort levels you have, and designing your portfolio in several different ways for different employers will also move you forwards.

* prepare for relevant casting and interview questions.

* success is contagious. So surround yourself with achievers and kick out the people who are holding you back through their own fears, insecurities and value judgments. It’s your life. Live it and screw what other think. If they have a problem with it, it isn’t yours to take ownership of. Putting it bluntly.It isn’t for you to worry about other people’s shit. Let them work out their own. That’s their role in their own lives.

If you don’t develop your process goals, hitting your outcome goal becomes a matter of fate or fortune. The reason those process goals are important is that you - never want to assume that you’ll always be in the same motivated state of mind, that you’ll always be on a goal high, that you’ll always remember why that outcome goal is important.

As someone who engages a lot of new models, the reason that most drop out after a few weeks is because they want the outcome, but aren’t prepared to go through the processes to get there. These are the girls who would start off running the marathon and then become distracted somewhere along the way. Or they just don’t realise the amount of sheer bloody hard work they have to go through to get to reach their outcome. This business looks very different from the outside to what the reality of it really is. Once they start.

When I engage a new model there is a relentless amount of work ahead totally many hundreds of hours over a 4-6 week period for me. As I always say, it isn’t the 10% of work in front of the camera which makes a model successful. It’s the 90% behind the camera which does.

Without having the right back office support function of admin and marketing in place to drive a new model forwards, she ain’t going to be doing anything except sitting and waiting for something to happen; and getting bored and broke in the process.

The processes are clear, and involve 16-20 hour days on the case. Getting the promotional material together - in terms of stills and video content. Constant social networking to drive traffic towards her and build a paying fan base to achieve 1000+ supporters/fans in 2 weeks, and to then keep them fed with information. It’s then about building the work foundations for other photographers and video producers to engage her and keeping them fed with information in order to achieve bookings, There is so much that goes on within this start-up period that it becomes a continual cycle of repeat processes to put her ahead of the hundreds of other girls. and a system of fast tracking, all the way.

When I talk about being focused without distraction, everything else in my life takes a back seat. I don’t deal with friends or family, I ignore emails and messages for the most, and there is nothing whatsoever that will avert attention from my target. That is how focused, determined and passionate I am. When I set out to achieve something, nothing, absolutely nothing will get in the way of it until I reached my outcome. And then I will repeat the processes towards reaching my next outcome.

What I am not going to do is put in this amount of effort into someone who is just going to sit back and let me get on with it while they have the easy life, and expect the results of my hard work to be handed to them on a plate while they party-on and want to be out with their friends all the time or have their attention diverted by some guy in their life. Worst still, someone who realises after three or four weeks the level of work involved in starting-up and decides that this business - worked properly, is going to impinge too much on their social life or relationship, and give up. Which sadly and all too often is the case.

You have to be driven to succeed.

This is not a heart business. It’s a head business. The heart will stop you from earning money. The head will enable you to earn as much money as you could possibly achieve. The girls who enter this business with a heart attitude more often than not end up collecting pretty pictures of themselves to appease their own vanity and make a few pounds for themselves along the way, if they are lucky. Most maybe have full time jobs and model on the side for a little bit of extra cash.

This isn’t something I personally agree with because in my view they are basically stealing the wages of the full time models who are out there every day working their backsides off to pay their bills, because they have the guts to not have a cushioned life and a nice little salary to fall back on, and they have a need and a hunger for their work. Someone who has a nice full time salaried job does ‘not’ need to model. They lack the all empowering necessity and hunger for the life of a full time model. The type of model I would look to engage and develop is a ‘head’ model who absolutely 100% needs this work, and eats, sleeps and breathes it 24/7. Because it is their life and their passion and they do not do it half-heartedly or part time.

I am a good manager and mentor. But I am also a tough one with high expectations who doesn’t suffer fools or time wasters. The reason being because from the moment I engage new talent it takes weeks and weeks of working hard and long hours to build, develop and properly: with am emphasis on the word “properly” promote a new model. It is nothing for me to work up to eighteen hours a day, every day - including Sundays and public holidays, to get it right, and I am obsessive compulsive about it. That to me is the series of processes which will deliver the desired outcome, and I have had models who have earned up to £1000 per week for 2-3 days work.

In return I expect exactly the same level of commitment from the model. As far as I’m concerned it’s an equal partnership on a two way street, and from which we both benefit in the longer-term. And in that respect I want her absolutely focused with no distractions whatsoever. As far as I’m concerned when I have empowered and enabled the model to be earning a substantial amount of money and is continually successful in what she is doing, and has all the necessary skills and competencies to be able to sustain that, then fine. At this point she can afford to chill, take time out to enjoy her successes and have some fun. But until she reaches that point: which may take from a few weeks to a few months depending on how focused and on track she remains, it has to be a life of all work and no play, and listening and applying.

The model opportunity is one that worked right can set her up financially for many years to come. Boyfriends are two a penny. They come, they go. This career is a one-shot deal. It’s the difference between being a one-hit wonder and being a consistent and sustainable chart/album successful artist. Because once you lose your grip of success in this career it’s all but over. They’ll be someone right behind you to readily jump in to your place and take it. There is absolutely no half-way measure. No give, and no compromise. To be really successful it’s all or nothing.

I’ve referred to Jenna Jameson in a previous blog. This is a woman who came from nothing to building a multi-million dollar business in five years, and who then went on to sell it for what is believed to be an ‘eight’ figure sum. Impressive would be an understatement, and it was achieved through focused hard work and having a set of processes and a series of outcomes on a robust and progressive scale of successful building blocks.

Jenna Jameson ran the marathon of this business with no distractions from where she wanted to be at the end of her journey. Without question she faced many challenges along the way. But kept on running, mile after mile until she reached that finishing line.

Process goals let you sneak up on and ambush your outcome goals. Set them right, work on them every day with purpose, and you’ll hit that outcome goal.

The Danger In Answering Model Ads and Notifications


If you ever see ads for, or are approached by someone who says they are a photographer who would like to photograph you great, it happens and good luck to you, as there are some awesome talented photographers out there.

However. As you will see from the attached press cutting not all is good out there. So. If you really want to be safe and enjoy modeling then at least go to established model/photographer websites where there are genuine photographers who should have an established track record of their past and current work.

If someone says they are a photographer or video person who works professionally then you should also be able to reference them and their work on Google, or other search engines. The golden rule is if they are NOT on Google then they are not in the business - except perhaps in their own heads!

Be health and safety conscious at ALL times and be safe.

The Reality Of Reality TV


Bailey’s ‘Skyscraper’ is the Christmas number one, while the more widely known and longer established Pharrel has to console himself playing second fiddle at number two with ‘Happy’. Strip away all the razzmatazz television hype surrounding Bailey and her song is an impulse purchase driven until now by ITV and the Cowell marketing machinery: which by the way has kept him at number one for the past few years as the modern day television impresario. Good or bad makes little difference in the marketing world as far as ‘Skyscraper’ is concerned, because the main driver of sales in this year’s race for the Christmas number one relies on the spirit of Christmas being a time for children and sympathy for those who suffer illness, with proceeds from the single going to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity and Together For Short Lives - a charity which helps children with life-threatening conditions. Both excellent and worthwhile causes I wouldn’t begrudge a single penny to.

But. Put Christmas, sick children, and a successfully promoted singing talent together and you have the magic ingredients which send the marketing and PR partnerships who have worked on the Bailey campaign into orgasmic orbit, and execs from ITV will celebrate by chomping on a few congratulatory Cuban cigars over the festive period, while bottles of Krystal overflow into glasses at poolside resorts overlooking aquamarine seas the rest of us can only drool over in travel brochures while having to live with a very wet Christmas at home back here in the UK.

While all of this is going on let’s not forget that success is only a temporary stop along the way and not a permanent position. Success drives success forwards and you have to continue to be successful time after time, after time. Put another way success is like the continuing breath. You cannot breathe the once only and expect your life to carry on. Stop breathing and you die. Stop with the successes in the entertainments industry and you quickly fade into oblivion. That’s the harsh reality in the world of reality television.

Audiences are fickle. They will support until the next Bailey comes along; albeit under another name and appearance. Meanwhile the various entertainment industry execs in both television and music will feed their golden goose for as long as she keeps laying those golden eggs. So best get another single out there quickly and while she is still hot. Because after that, and without the charity causes to propel it the graveyard for television talent show has-been’s awaits. Right now Bailey is front page headline fodder. By this time next year she’ll be exceptionally lucky if she gains so much as two sentences anywhere else.

Did You Hear The One ABout The Girl Who Applied To Be A Model But Didn’t Want To Appear in Pictures or Movies? Oh, and Big Brother As Well!

Did you hear the one about the female who applied for model work, but didn’t want to appear on film or in pictures?

On reading that you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a joke.

But no. I promise you it’s absolutely true, and something which came about within the past month through having a serious discussion with a female who asked me to put her on to some work opportunities. Which then caused me to wonder if there has ever been an occasion when someone has applied to become a chef on the condition that they don’t have to touch food.

I am in absolutely no way at all misogynistic. On the contrary. I love the fairer sex and have spent the past forty years or so co-working with females of all ages, shapes and sizes in photos and films.

However. With tongue firmly in cheek they don’t come with instructions, and if anyone would care to draw and then share with me a diagram of female logic, my aversion to kissing anus would change instantly.

Of equal perplexity is another more recent conversation where a female contacted me asking for work opportunities in filming. For the sake of anonymity I will call her Jenny. So. The first message I received via Twitter asked the question of whether I “had any work.” That was it.

There was no introduction. No information about herself. I could find no reference to her on Google either, and the images on her Twitter account were of various females who’s photos were cropped in such a way as to make their facial features unidentifiable.

Not a good start for someone asking for work.

Anyway. As in all cases where I am asked about potential film opportunities the requirement is that the person has to phone me for an informal chat, which allows for either of us to make the decision to not take things any further, and proves invaluable as a huge time-resource saver.

The next stage from having that phone call would be a visit to me in Bristol where we would spend an entire day going through the set-up process of any necessary training and induction requirements, images and video clips shooting, and then all the online marketing and promotional activities to get her out there and in the market place ready to earn.

For Jenny, none of this would have been possible due to child management issues during her time away from home and would have resulted in taking a day to travel to me, a further day for set-up, and then the final day driving back to the north of England.

All well and good, except for the underlying issue that somehow I would take on a new model who I have never met or worked with, and just hand out work opportunities and hard-won contacts randomly. But this seems to happen all too often nowadays and comes as an expectation: albeit an unrealistic one in a growing trend, and I find myself asking which planet these girls are on!

I wouldn’t mind so much if I was charging an up-front fee to cover the time I have to allocate to each girl who applies. But the fact remains that I don’t because for me it goes against the grain and I personally find it unethical to charge up-front fees: even though I could fully justify doing it. So I accept that it’s my loss. My strong belief has always been that if a girl is willing to invest her time in getting herself set-up and established properly by coming to me, then I am more that willing to invest what amounts to an entire week of my time doing the same in order to make it happen for her, and in return for that time I have content which I am them able to use to further promote my brand as well as her on well over 1000 websites around the world - and all completely free of charge!. So it’s a quid pro quo deal that doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out just how good an offer it is.

But as much as I am loathed to say it, I just don’t think that a lot of girls nowadays have the savvy to actually visualise and then drive themselves towards being anywhere close to the next Jenna Jameson, for instance. The majority of girls I speak with nowadays are generally and sadly unambitious, apathetic, and money seems to have no value whatsoever other than getting them through the next day or week.

It was back in January that I answered the phone one day to a guy who said he was from the Big Brother team, and asked if I would be able to put forward some models for the 2014 summer series. After making sure this wasn’t a crank call I was satisfied enough to put out a notification for wannabe house mates to apply to me, with the expectation that I would need to build an ark to cope with the ensuing flood of hopefuls.

Well my expected flood turned out to be nothing more than a torrential downpour, but there were still enough applicants to make the scouting exercise worthwhile, and so I went through the process of sifting in order to find the most likely candidates for a meet and greet with the contestant casting team members.

In summary of that process I went on to choose three hopefuls and one standby. Out of the three hopefuls I had one very strong candidate who just stood out so much that she blew everyone else out of the way and I put her forwards.

The quality of the applicants overall was dire, I have to say. Apart from the girl I put forwards and one other, there was absolutely no one who really got me fired up and motivated in a way that would make them watchable and entertaining to a mass audience, and I was beginning to believe that perhaps ‘bland’ was somehow the new cool as far as girls were concerned.

Don’t misunderstand me. They all came across as perfectly nice, decent girls who were all brought up properly. But there was nothing risky, risque, or in any way challenging about them. There was clearly an indication of some ambition to have applied in the first place. Beyond that though, absolutely nothing unique whatsoever.

Quite frankly I was left aghast. Most couldn’t even organise themselves to keep up any level of communication having asked to be considered.

My most enlightening hopeful: who at least made it through to the big audition day at Elstree, was a 25 year old vegan, druid/pagan, ex stripper now model, who knits and bakes cakes, apart from being something of an animal rights campaigner, and who’s party trick when stripping was running a drinking straw through her clitoral piercing and into the liquid refreshment of the recipient, for him or her to then drink from the other end.

So quite clearly she put every other would-be hopeful into the shadows. By virtue of the fact that she was an interesting and quirky personality who had the potential to be highly watchable and hold the attention of a viewing audience.

In comparison: and apart from one other girl from Wiltshire who would have been awesome as well, everyone else had no previous life at all.

They were just so ordinary and B-L-A-N-D!

This is exactly what I am finding with the vast majority of girls nowadays though. It’s as if they are processed in a factory to come off the production line as pretty much all the same, and the dumbing down of the female gender has taken place with the conditioning of conformity embedded into the gene pool.

As I stated at the very beginning. Women don’t come with instructions, and if anyone would care to draw and then share with me a diagram of female logic, my aversion to kissing anus would change instantly.

Who Needs To Be A Broke Student Trying To Make Ends Meet?

I mentioned when I blogged on this subject previously that there were people who thought I was talking out of my ass.

The fact still remains however, that until such time as the Country invests in its students by providing free or greatly reduced tertiary education fees those attending University are being driven into a working lifetime of debt before they even begin their chosen careers - if there are any careers to be had, of course. And if a graduate is then fortunate enough to secure employment, in reality they end up working for the loan company for up to the next thirty years of their lives.

Any chance of getting on the property ladder as well? The chances are not in all probability. For those who do however, congratulations and welcome to a further twenty five or thirty years of debt on top of the twenty five to thirty years you’ve already landed yourself with, paying back your student loan.

Don’t even think about starting a family. According the a report in the Guardian earlier this year ( you’ll need approaching a quarter of a million pounds to pay for one child alone!

So much for a rosy future huh?

Well. You have two realistic choices.

Number one. You carry on as you are accumulating student debt and look forwards to the next maybe thirty years of having this financial millstone around your neck and struggling to pay your way through life until you’re approaching retirement, and with probably very little to show for it.

The second choice is to kill the debt and free yourself to stand at least some chance of getting on the property ladder, have a better quality of life and more available cash flow to spend and enjoy. A friend and colleague in this business has done exactly that for herself.

At 26 years of age she owns her own house, has several thousand pounds sitting in her bank account and ‘chooses’ to earn whatever she feels she needs from several hundreds to WELL OVER ONE THOUSAND pounds per week!

In fact she plans her schedule so that she works hard for a week and then takes the next week off. So basically she makes a lot of money by pretty much working for only 26 weeks a year at her own choosing.

Unlike the vast majority of others her life isn’t dictated by the revolving financial door of no-choice circumstances.

Some people are just too busy earning a living to make any real money and enjoy a meaningful quality of life nowadays.

So. If you’re female and really ‘want’ to break free, register right now for some fantastic and fun work opportunities in the multi-billion dollar adult entertainments industry which we are a part of.

Haters Are Really Just Your Biggest Fans In Denial.

You have to love being hated. It’s a compliment. Really!

You know the one about not being able to please all of the people all of the time? Well don’t even bother trying. Trust me, it’s those you simply cannot please who can be your greatest assets, used wisely.

Now I wouldn’t say that I deliberately go out of my way to piss people off. It just happens because I’m not afraid to tell it like it is, and it’s purely by default that in doing so I inevitably step on the toes of those who are the childishly unforgiving cretins of this industry here in the UK, and of which there are many.

I enjoy my reputation of being a modern day black sheep. Being the reputed ‘bad boy’ who refuses to involve myself in cosying up to and ass licking the UK adult entertainment industry self-promoted nouveau clique. I was ahead of the game while pretty much everyone else either hadn’t been conceived or were running around in nappies. So I fall foul of their bullshit and unappreciated for being such a renegade and not the pack animal I am supposed to be for them.

In short, I’ve managed perfectly as an independent for all these years without them, so as sure as hell my survival and clearly documented success will continue to flourish as it has always done. Referencing ‘Johnny Rockard’ on Bing, Yahoo or Google search will show in excess of a million entries. In truth I leave so-called competitors behind on the starting blocks, and they simply don’t like it because I do things my way.

Make no mistake. I am not in this industry to please those so-called competitors, and it gives me a great deal of pleasure when I discover that my presence in the market place irritates them. So it should, as it reflects my successes as much as their failures.

I’ve set out my stall and proudly carved a creditable name for myself in doing everything my way. By pushing boundaries and demolishing barriers which would otherwise block my progress, I have shown no fear in doing so. Some would regard this as ruthless determination to succeed. To me it is seeing the opportunities in the challenges at that time and hitting the ground running with them towards reaching achievable completion, and being mindful of but caring little for anything in the way.

It is this ‘unique selling point’ which empowers and enables me to reach a huge amount of success in promoting models to a world wide audience via the thousands of sites I have product on.

To highlight this the example I will give is that of Steph. She began working with me around six weeks ago and already her listings on popular search engines are in excess of 10.000 and she is now engaging with a growing audience of fans with whom she is hugely, hugely popular, and her forward work schedule is pretty much full to capacity for several weeks ahead.

In my experience people automatically assume that where this business is concerned I’m all about the money. Which is as far from the truth as one can get. My sole driver is about achieving maximum audience engagement for the models I co-work with and promote.

This is exemplified by the fact that on a bus ride the other day I logged into Google search to check on Steph’s rankings to find page after page after page of sites she is now listed on, and the growing number of followers who are hugely supportive of and well into her activities. As I scrolled down each page my level of sexual stimulation was such that within five minutes I could have easily jumped the bones of any available female within a two metre proximity. Such is the power of building robust audience engagement for me.

After around four weeks of relentless and consistent internet promotion amounting to twelve to sixteen hours a day without taking one day off from my focused goal, the rewards of my hard work were coming to fruition and working in such a way that it is now possible to begin monetising this so that Steph will begin to build a longer-term residual income stream.

Steph is both astute and forward thinking. Which is why she is a dream to work with. Steph rightly sees her shoots as a one-off deal where she gets paid a fee which producers can then continue making money from forever and a day. Whereas by building a library of content which people pay her to view, Steph takes more control over her own income in the longer-term and in doing so eventually cuts those middlemen producers out of the larger part of her overall income creating landscape. My process in this is to co-work with her to enable this to happen, and this is what my so-called competitors run scared of. Because essentially it poses a threat. So for them it is far easier to slate my operational methods because it enables them to ‘try’ and keep control of the market and protect their incomes.

Needless to say, the more I irritate them by challenging and deconstructing their perceived control the more I enjoy this industry and carry on regardless.

Conversely. In relation to Steph’s positive mental attitude and dynamic approach to this business I had a conversation with a very nice and attractive eighteen year old model the other day, who had the right look and an awesome figure. Somehow she had been persuaded into signing a legally unenforceable three year contract with a ‘so called’ agency who unremarkably haven’t got a clue what they are doing, and several months later is still waiting for her first model job.

I explained in detail the work I engage in and the fact that had she been with me, she would have been working from the very beginning and may well be a few thousands of pounds better off by now with a flying career ahead of her. The deal breaker was that she only wanted to go as far as modeling underwear. Which, as I pointed out, was a market over flooded with girls and not enough professional work to keep then all in robust and sustainable incomes. Because the market is so flooded the reality is that I can get a girl to model underwear for the price of two packs of cigarettes and be wrapped up in an hour for that money.

By limiting herself in such a way she was bearing out the saying that, if you continue to do what you’ve always done you will always end up with the same result. In her case no jobs and no money. There are thousands of girls just like her in exactly the same position because they have never had the business properly explained to them, or the people taking them on have no idea about the business, or the girls themselves simply do not get it. Which is something I have spelled out in previous blogs time after time.

Yet again in saying this I become the subject of controversy and so-called competitors verbal projectiles, because I stand up against the bullshit. The Steph’s of this world I am happy to co-work with, empower and enable all day long because my dedication, efforts and valuable time resource investment isn’t wasted and I get results. I live for, eat and breathe success for the models I co-work with in my business. And the only place you’ll find success coming before work is in the dictionary.

So if you have what are referred to as ‘haters’ bless them and be thankful for them. As surprising as it may seem they can in fact do you more good than harm if you use them positively and without malice, to your advantage. To me the haters are probably my best asset as they drive interest towards me and act as voluntary publicity agents. Haters are in fact - Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success (which they are not). They fear they will never get to where you are: which puts YOU in control. Haters will make you famous, because in reality they are your biggest fans.

But above all. If someone hates you for no valid reason at all, then give the motherfucker a reason and enjoy the ride at their expense of resources and time!

Do Other People Do your Thinking For you, and you just tag along?

A dumbed down society. Are we really thinking for ourselves any more?

Well. Here I go again. Greetings to my loyal readers. Hopefully more than two nowadays. Or, ‘Gleetings’ - if you are reading this from the far East.

For those of you who do cast aside the Sun crossword and come here for a little light relief, you will no doubt have caught on to the fact that the only time I actually get my written ass into gear is when I feel so passionate about something that I am bursting at the seams to get it out in textual form, rather than suffer the consequences of a constipated mind which, just having read back, in hindsight might be construed as a bout of mental diaorrohea exploding out over the internet. But I’ll take my chances as I really cannot be bothered to hit the back button and start again.

It won’t be the first time something I’ve published has caused the shit to hit the proverbial fan, so why now spoil the habit of a lifetime.

I admit to not being the most intelligent person in the world and do my very best to string a number of paragraphs together which, with any amount of luck will make sense to somebody somewhere, or perhaps even no one anywhere. I am in essence a simple human being who understands simplistic things which broken down make plain and simple common sense. Which, by the way, I’m told I have, and a case for serious defamation of my character is currently going through the proper legal channels and I am therefore unable to comment any further until it has been proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that my ramblings are the result a neurological fusing, and I am not legally responsible for anything I write.

Until then if you do happen to read anything anywhere other than here or my website which suggests that I am in some way intelligent, please regard this as a nasty rumour and slur upon my otherwise good character and move on.

So it’s with total confidence that I am able to share with you my latest insight derived from a bus journey home today combined with a conversation I had with a girl who applied to me for model work this week.

Due to the lack of appropriate brain cells I am not someone who is influenced by commercial advertising, and therefore everything I see in this respect completely washes over me. I never feel any need at all to go off and purchase something through the influence of an advert. Except. Being a simple bloke whose hormones jangle like church bells on a Sunday morning, when my gaze is focused on any billboard or published page where my eyes are on stalks at the sight of a female bursting out of a bra. Yet I still lack the compulsion to run into the nearest available lingerie shop and treat myself to to a 36C with secret airbags. Just in case I make a tit of myself falling ass over tit in the high street while trying out matching heels on my way into Starbucks.

So with cross dressing being way off my radar, or come to think of it, bucket list, I am an exception to the rule and an advertising agents worst nightmare, being impenetrable as I am.

The reality is though, that the vast majority of you are absolutely bombarded with every type of advertisement from the moment you get up in the morning and switch on your television set, to the Metro or other daily newspaper you may read; the billboards and bus advertisements you will see throughout your day; commercials which burst out of your car radio; ads you will see on your phone, tablet, iPad, or computer; and the same again when you return home from work or shopping later in the day until its time for bed.

Given that the human eye is believed to blink at the same rater as an SLR camera shutter speed - 1/125th second, the amount of mental photographs you take throughout the day must run into millions of subliminal messages which in one way or another influence your decision making process subconsciously.

Therefore. If you see enough of the same advert the influence towards buying into it becomes so much stronger: and advertisers are canny in ensuring that you are persuaded sufficiently to develop a need for it. Hence you won’t find any adverts for ice creams when there’s six feet of snow on the ground and an outside chill factor that will cut through you like an Arctic blizzard.

So with that understanding if we then replace the word “advertising” with that of ‘influence’ we begin to understand how on-mass we are carefully herded into following patterns others lead us into without necessarily giving too much thought to the process behind it.

Social media works in exactly the same way because we are largely driven by influence which can be a positive or negative experience that will either fulfill our emotional selves at that time, or serve to create a wholly negative pack animal response, of which trolling is a classic example.

I am by no means against social media. I use it myself to great effect. My concern is to do with the overall effect of influence and how it can and probably is used as a tool against us as a means of control.

This isn’t overtly about conspiracy theories, by the way. I’m not going to get into that contentious debate. But I do feel there’s a strong argument that we are unconsciously being moulded to conform

Our existence is becoming more and more choked by rules, regulations, dictats and laws which tell us what we can and can not do, and how and how not we can run our lives. I saw an advertising van parked in Bristol two weeks ago which promoted the address of a website giving information on where apparently smokers can enjoy a cigarette in these modern times. Yet ironically it was only today when I copied on to my Facebook page part of an article written by a Daily Mirror columnist in which he fully explained that it is now diesel fumes which kill far more people in England than passive smoking.

Yet we don’t see millions of pounds of public money being poured into anti-diesel campaigns by the Department of Health in the same way as the stopping smoking campaigns. At least not while the Chancellor is raking in billions from fuel taxes. Yet it’s the smokers who are expected to conform in public places because the public have been brainwashed. I’m sorry, I mean ‘influenced’.

Referring back to another blog piece of mine I mentioned how people are susceptible to taking as the absolute truth what they read in newspapers and the influence of the media in affecting our decision making process, and how our opinions are formed based on the personal and emotional view of whichever journalist whose words we are reading at that time, and how sensationalist the article may be towards creating something newsworthy which then locks us into a certain belief or way of thinking which strikes an emotional chord, perhaps not considered before.

With the barrage of so much information coming at us from all angles each day and influencing our decision making process my feeling is that as a society we have become dumbed down, to the point where the lazy aspects of our individual personalities can in some ways give in towards others taking over part of the thinking for us, and we accept what we see and what we hear until we see or hear different. By which time the deed has been done and it’s too late to undo whatever damage has been preceded it. Examples of this has been where innocent people have been targeted for something which it later transpires was committed by someone else. Or where Mosques have been targeted through an incident which they have nothing whatsoever to do with.

A dumbed down society creates unnecessary and baseless fears.Which for those with the real power in this world of ours is a positive. Because fear creates instability and conflict which creates wars, and wars are what props up the multi-trillion dollar defense industries which create employment for millions of people involved in it at one level or another. Take defense industry’s out of the world economic equation and the knock-on effects would be devastating for all of human kind.

So here we all are. Bombarded by an endless amount of messages everyday of our lives which instill within us every emotional fear of one form or another. From believing that if we don’t buy into a certain product the consequences of such a loss would negatively impact on our physical or emotional well being and quality of life, to the fear of a terrorist explosive being detonated where we happen to be shopping at that time. Who would have expected the murder of drummer Lee Rigby in such a public and horrific way for example? So nowadays people are far more aware of living in fear, and arguably, sub-consciously driven by it.

Fear falls into two camps. Rational and irrational.

A rational fear would be the consequence of death from jumping off the roof of a skyscraper, because it is a ‘real’ fear. Whereas an irrational fear is based on the uncertainty of a thought or action which in actuality is harmless and where the danger is misjudged or magnified through misperception of the situation or considered outcome.

In my experience of dealing with prospective models in particular the sheer volume of irrational fears I get presented with is evidence of a fear based world. Especially for women.

Fear of how they may or may not look and appear to others is a major irrationality that ownership of has been projected on to women by three other worldwide multi-billion dollar industries - beauty, fashion and their respective media. Which are all co-dependent on one another to continue their propaganda, create sales, profits and preserve jobs, and arguably to a large extent create and instill the irrational fears within the female consumer market which further drives women to not feel confident about themselves in terms of how they look.

This is more often than not further compounded by the fears and insecurities of friends, social media acquaintances and family who themselves sub-consciously project their irrationality, and so it spreads like a virus. The result is that we live in a society where for the most part, people live in fear of being judged and outcast by others because they don’t fit into what are perceived to be the acceptable stereotypical pigeon holes of the pack.

But such are the millions of conflicting messages and other external influences which input to the female mind on a daily basis, it’s hardly any wonder when it comes to the industry I’m involved in the process of female decision making wavers considerably for potential newcomers.

As in the case of the female who came in for a trial session this week, the follow-up feedback to me was one of, “what if my mother sees it?”..

To which my stock reply is inevitably, “Okay. So how many adult sites does your mother visit then?”.

The other one I hear often is the same but replacing the word ‘mother’ with father, brother,grandparent, or friends.

Such are people’s insecurities nowadays that we live in a world of irrational ‘what ifs’. When in fact it should be the more self-empowering ‘so whats!’.

I’m called heartless, selfish, unsympathetic, uncaring, thoughtless, cold, insensitive and other complimentary adjectives due to my outspoken views. Neither am I beyond suggesting to a prospective new model that she ditch the current boyfriend/partner if he presents his own issues and insecurities as a barrier to her coming into this industry. As hard as it may appear the answer to this is one of ‘put up or shut up’. I couldn’t begin to count the number of times I have been proven right when several months later that same girl has come back to me telling me that I was right at that time and she should have listened to me.

I find it therefore somewhat ironic that the Marilyn Monroe quote which seems to appear on almost every other female Facebook profile page reads. “I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best,” means nothing more than just a copy and paste job which looks impressive but means bugger all, and once again shows how even the most positive and empowering of affirmations can be diminished by the contrasting irrational and projected fears of much closer interpersonal relationships.

People coming into this industry need to understand the basic principles of how it works, and that what it may seem like from the outside looking in is in fact totally the opposite of the way it works in reality.

Any damn fool can have a set of pictures taken and then believe they are a model because some naive amateur or semi-pro photographer tells them so, and the world of the amateur model is flooded with girls who never really work because when it comes to stepping up to the plate and getting on with the reality of the business fail miserably.

You can call yourself a model, performer, producer, director or whatever you like. These are nothing more than labels. The fundamental fact that people just don’t get is that this is a selling business first and foremost, and no matter whether you’re selling a product or service, if you are unable to get your head around the fact that it is actually sales and promotion brings you in money, rather than just standing in front of a camera lens, you might just as well stick at being a vanity model and collect pretty pictures of yourself to look back on in your old age.

You may well have aspirations of becoming a glamour or underwear model in the same way as I have aspirations of playing the Fender Stratocaster with Pink Floyd live at Carnegie Hall. But the reality is that it just ain’t gonna happen. In my case because I don’t know one end of a guitar from the other, and in your case because the market is flooded with wannabe models who all want to do exactly the same, and this being an island there just ain’t the capacity or work for every girl.

So first lesson is forget your ideals or disappoint yourself because this is a market driven business. You’re not in it to do what you want to do. You’re in it to make money and provide solutions to market demands. So putting it bluntly, if the market requires you to do a handstand with your legs open and fire ping pong balls from your ass and you’re being offered a lot of money- get on with it.

Okay. I accept that scenario is highly unlikely to happen. But the point I am trying to make and underline is that regardless of what friends and/or family think you are in business for yourself as a small business owner and it is, or should be, your sole focus to exploit every available safe and legal market opportunity which is being offered in order to dominate it. Because if you don’t then someone else will because they have the hunger and ambition which you have yet to fully understand and implement. Or are just plain lazy to.

People bitch about the dominance of the the Tesco supermarket chain here in the UK. But they’ve grown to the size they are by providing solutions to market needs and quite rightly exploiting every viable retail opportunity they have been able to offer the customer up until recently, when they began to lose out to the growing trend for budget products offered by smaller operators.

The comparison with this industry is that within what we do there is a market for everything and it is ready and waiting to exploit.

If you have cellulite there is a market for you. If you are obesely overweight there is a market for you. If you are a dwarf there is a market out there for you. If you have one leg or no legs at all there is a market out there for you. If you’re a wrinkled and ageing grandmother there will be an audience out there who will love you for it.

Yes. Of course the larger share of the market is geared towards and driven by gorgeous girl next door types. But as well as this there’s the much smaller niche markets which also produce very healthy incomes and profits. But if you find yourself being entirely influenced by the volume of bullshit incoming messages and irrational fears of others it is understandable that you would feel reticent about yourself and fear what others may think of you by staking your place in this industry.

But conversely it’s of equal importance to grasp and understand that in doing so you are reinforcing the existing negative bullshit and embedding yourself further as part of the continuing cycle of the problem and disabling yourself and others, rather than becoming a solution to the problem and empowering yourself and others.

I don’t particularly care about whatever other people think of me. Why should I? If someone else disagrees with what I do or dislikes me for it, should I care, really? No. Because that’s their problem not mine. There is no way in the world that I can take ownership of how someone else ‘chooses’ to feel, or for their lack of acceptance or understanding. It isn’t my place to do that.

The problem is that we are so influenced and sub-consciously controlled by outside influences nowadays that as a society we are driven like sheep and have completely lost touch with the fact that real love and friendship works best when unconditional, and people should be allowed to live as they choose within the framework of legislative law and get on with it.

Basically, and putting it bluntly again, the less you actually give a shit about anything the less stressed your life will be - and the healthier! We live in such a stressed world, and it is any wonder given the amount of conflicting messages which affect out lives in one form or another. No wonder health care costs are so high with stress related illnesses on the up.

It’s a fact that the less we feel in control the more control we want, and generally speaking over the things which we have least control over because decisions are made over our heads by others who either create laws or micro-manage our lives from a distance. European, national and local government being one culprit culprit because they all interlink, and the pressure employers place upon us being the other.

So it’s no wonder that unconditional love has been left behind and for the most part more commonly been replaced by love that is conditional in two ways. Manipulation by fear, and manipulation by guilt. Which apart from sex and money are the other main contributors towards relationship breakdowns.

If you really want to be able to get your head around conflicting messages which cause disharmony and unrest then look no further than current wars in the middle east as a prime example of this. Or take a hard look at how Eastern faith believes that our Western world is poisoned and needs to be cleansed and that Allah is the only answer via extremist terrorism. Where’s the unconditional love between humankind there then?

I’m far from a religious person by any means. But if Christ, Allah or any other major religious icon; who by their very nature are reported as being peace loving, wise and gentle beings were physically in this world right now, I’m sure they would be horrified at just how out of control things really are. But religion is like a bad photocopy. The further you are away from the original the harder it is to read and interpret coherently, and inevitably over time people will invent what can not be clearly read and understood. I find it an irony of the Christian faith that over two thousand years later Christ is till being crucified for his efforts.

Anyway. I didn’t start out to write a dissertation. So I feel inclined to close on this matter now that I’ve emptied my overcrowded head of thoughts.

As I said at the very beginning, I am by no means someone of any great intelligence. I just have to write my thoughts out in what I believe to be a common sense way so that I can get my head around what I am thinking in order to clarify and have a greater understanding of given issues and concerns which affect my life and growth in one way or another, and hopefully for the better. And I really am unable to comment any further on any allegation that I may be an intelligent being until it has been proven beyond all shadow of a doubt that my ramblings really are the result a neurological fusing, and I that I truly am not legally or sanely responsible for anything I write.

You’re A Money Making Machine - So Use It, Or Lose It

You’re a money machine model. So make it work for you.Okay. Lets make this clear and understood for the benefit of girls who should have received the pep talk ‘before’ starting out in this industry, as well as those who are considering it. I’ll cut to the chase because I am straight talking and will tell it like it is.

You are a self-employed person and as such are running your own business and the sole purpose of running a business is to make money. So if you are not in this to make money, what the hell are you doing it for? Go get yourself a nice little job for national minimum wage and be happy.

The reason you have for getting out of bed in the morning is to live, eat, breathe and sleep this business as an independent money making machine, and you have to have the fire in your belly to be 100% focused because the only place work comes before success is in the dictionary.

Most importantly of all is the fact that this is a service industry and market driven. You may come into this with your own ideas about doling what you want to do. Forget it! This business doesn’t revolve around you or what you want. Because it’s market driven you do what brings in the most money and you maximise your income. So if the market is for girls to stand on their heads and fire ping pong balls from their asses, guess what?

Okay. I accept that was a whimsical example. But it drives home the point well enough. So the deal is that when you start out you take everything and anything that’s offered. Then, and only when you’re well and truly established can you begin to dictate your own terms as to what you want to do, and even diversify into a niche market for yourself.

Most girls fail starting out because they either completely limit themselves and then simply don’t receive the interest they expect, or they allow other peoples opinions to get in the way of making progress for themselves.

Even worse they allow themselves to be distracted by partners and generally having a good time doing everything else except focusing on being a money making machine and thinking about what they’ll be missing if they take their eyes off the ball. They don’t visualise failing and what will happen as a consequence - and why? This is about letting go of the artificial things which hold them back. Emotions and ethics make us lose sight of what you are aspiring to achieve, and you can become so wrapped up in the rights and wrongs of something that all you achieve is ‘stuck thinking’ which becomes a barrier in the way of your success.

It’s too easy to become mentally imprisoned by the rights, wrongs, doubts and moral compasses of your own and other people’s negativity, and allow yourself to be further imprisoned. Doubt knows all things except its own stupid ignorance.

Although thankfully it is by no means true for all, but in general I find British women dumbed down to the point of being bland, and in some cases just plain lazy with little or no drive or ambition whatsoever. We have opportunities to earn hundreds of pounds a day and this is treated as though we’re offering pennies.

In Britain the pervading attitude is one of jealousy, bitterness and angst towards the success of others. If, for instance, I had a nice expensive sports car parked outside of where I live, you could pretty much guarantee that at some point an idiot would come along and key the side of the vehicle. Just for the sake of it. Basically the British attitude is to despise someone who is doing better than you. Just take a look at some of the crap girls receive on Facebook if you need a further example.Yet if this was America - the land of free enterprise, success is encouraged and applauded no matter what you do in life. Hence there are more millionaires and billionaires in the USA than anywhere else in the world, and pretty much every other successful female porn star has a PhD, or similar.

Which now reminds me of Jenna Jameson who recently sold her empire to the Playboy organisation for an undisclosed amount running into mega-millions of dollars.

So it’s totally understandable that I become frustrated to my wits end by the increasing number of models who come into this business, or even worse are already in it, who sincerely don’t have a handle on how to drive this industry and make ‘real’ money, and are way too far up themselves to the point where butter wouldn’t even melt in their mouths. As they would lead you to believe with their self-righteous and precocious attitudes.

Having been in this industry for as long as I have, the one’s who hold the high and mighty attitudes about “cheapening” or “lowering” themselves are the ones who underneath the surface have by far the biggest insecurities, lack of self confidence and deeply rooted psychological issues, which they mask by reflecting their own baggage on to others while getting little in the way of meaningful and consistent work themselves.

As I said at the beginning. The sole purpose of being in this business is to make money, and money comes from having the right attitude and getting on with whatever makes that possible.

A Positive Mental Attitude Makes A Good Model

A positive mental and focused attitude makes a successful model

  1. Positive Thinking

Successful people realise that their mentality can affect all aspects of their life, including success. Researchers have found that positive thinking opens people up to developing new skills, which can have a compounding effect among happy people who repeat this process. For example, if you start a habit of running for enjoyment and then do well in a marathon, you’ll take that happiness to fuel learning how to rock climb (and then take that success to move on to something else, and so on). Positive thinking can also have numerous health benefits: People who practice positive thinking have been shown to have increased life spans, lower rates of depression, greater resistance to colds and disease and better coping skills during stressful periods.

  1. Having Clear End Goals

Start with an end goal in mind, and then works backward. Successful people take ownership in their own future by picturing what their intended outcome is first, and then working toward that.

  1. Taking Calculated Risks

People like Steve Jobs didn’t become wildly successful by playing it safe. Successful people know that taking risks—within certain boundaries—is absolutely necessary. They know failure is a viable option, and that they can learn and grow from their mistakes. And finally, they know that if you always reach for the easy, low-hanging fruit, you’ll never succeed in climbing to get the larger prize on top.

  1. Learning from Other Successful People

Most successful people surround themselves with mentors and positive influencers who help keep them focused. They recognise that they can benefit from the wisdom and overall “aura” of other successful people who forged their own way through the trenches of life. If you work on building and maintaining connections with professionals you admire, it will increase the likelihood that they will invest in you in return.

  1. Building Real Relationships

You can’t be completely successful without working well with others. Successful people show respect to others by listening and responding to ideas and criticism, and finding solutions that work for (almost) everyone. They don’t get too caught up in life or work drama that can bog them down, and they don’t take things too personally. Through contributing to the success of the team, they realise they’re contributing to their own success.

  1. Managing Time Efficiently

Everyone knows the saying ‘time is money.’ Highly successful people realise that their time is worth something, and that prioritisation is important. That may mean they value their time enough to pay someone to do something for them, so that they can devote their time to something else.

  1. Never Stop Learning

You’ll notice that highly successful people love to read, and crave learning more. They are always absorbing more information they can apply to their lives and careers. This knowledge helps them constantly adapt and evolve.

Love Your Haters

Love the haters - Pt 2.Going back a blog piece or two I mentioned about having to love your haters ( These are the people of course who are generally your biggest fans, but live in denial.

There are basically three reasons why you would attract these rather sad people into your life: albeit from a distance.

1) Their deeper insecurities recognise you as being a threat to them.

  1. You mirror something in them which they haven’t come to terms with in themselves. So it’s far easier to dump blame on you and live in denial than accept their own shortcomings.

  2. They secretly want to be you in one way or another.

Actor Will Smith summed it up rather perfectly when he said, “Haters are the people who will broadcast your failures and whisper your success”.

How true.

Now it may seem rather odd on the surface of it. However I am absolutely proud of the fact that I appear to piss-off so many ‘industry’ types. It’s taken a while plus time and effort to get under peoples skin in the way that I apparently have, and will continue to do so.

It’s a constant source of both amusement and further motivation to me when I receive feedback, as I did earlier today on one of my social media accounts, when someone posted: “ so you don’t live in a shit tip uploading videos in a coffee shop because your in the bones of your arse then?”

The longer I continue in this business the funnier the stories and feedback I hear, because others will always make it seem like they know more about me than I even do. But it makes interesting, and most times hysterical reading.

It reminds me of a military story I heard many years ago about front line soldiers in the first world war, if I remember correctly. Back then there wasn’t the sophisticated means of electronic communication which modern soldiers have at their disposal, and so a series of human runners were used to convey messages between the front line and those in command in the fastest time possible.

The story goes that a soldier runner was told the following message to convey to the next runner, who would then pass it on to the next, and the next to the one after, and so forth until the message was finally given to those running the battle at the other end .

The message being, “Send reinforcements, we’re going to advance”.

When the final runner reached his destination, all he could mutter in between breaths to the bemused and confused commanding officers was, “Send three and four pence, we’re going to a dance”.

Which just goes to prove how even the smallest piece of information can be distorted out of context as it passes from one person to another along the chain until it becomes more and more ridiculous, and about as far from the original (which may be quite harmless) as possible.

So. In the case of me supposedly “living in a shit tip and uploading videos in a coffee shop because” I’m in “the bones of my arse”, which, of course, really does bear out the above quite succinctly.

Where I live is a two level flat/maisonette in a block. The floor space downstairs, although large, is kept minimal for shooting purposes. In fairness the only real let down is the kitchen. But this is only due to the fact that it has been stripped back to be slowly refurbished. So yes, there are bare walls. Though having only recently having had the time to replace the work surface and do some reconfiguration of cupboard space, there is still the process of tiling and repainting to go.

The fact that I go to a coffee shop is yet again a very creative extension of the truth.

I spend a lot of time here shooting, filming and editing. So much time in fact that if I didn’t make the effort to get out I never would. Away from the filming I am not a socially interactive person and enjoy something of a reclusive life with my lodger and two cats. Therefore I make a purpose of going out in the morning to take advantage of some ‘me’ time before my day begins after lunch. Yes. I take the laptop with me and respond to emails and such. And yes, in the past I have been known to be a cheapskate and take advantage of free WiFi to upload material before broadband was connected to the flat, rather than use my much slower and more expensive to run dongle. But hey, that’s what free WiFi is for.

By going out in the morning and travelling into the city, the process of doing that actually freshens my mind and gives me a sense of purpose to begin my day. Because the one danger of actually working from home is that I am always finding other things to distract me;like odd jobs for instance, My concentration span is actually quite short. So for me it’s actually very important to focus my mind, and if I am away from home for the morning then it’s actually quite nice to be able to relax in a coffee shop, enjoy some me time and keep an eye on emails before I come home and make a real start. Which then invariably keeps me well and truly occupied into the wee small hours of the following morning.

Therefore when people comment about me they do so in a kind of parallel universe to what is actually reality. No one is ever here to see that my days are more often than not between sixteen and twenty two hours long, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year: because I take no holidays, and rarely take days off.

In effect I am married to what I do. This is my passion and what I wake up for in the mornings. To me there is absolutely nothing else to compare with it. I am not that much into relationships, and my friends I keep to an absolute minimum. In essence I am very much a self-contained individual, obsessive compulsive and a bugger for attention to detail. I don’t suffer fools and I like things to be done in a certain way, and yet I am also one of the easiest people to get along with. A quiet, reserved, harmless, peaceful, laid back kind of guy, with a killer dry sense of humour for the the absurd. In fact suffering from OCD nearly drove me to kill myself. Fortunately, I could never write a suicide note I was entirely happy with.

I have absolutely no interest at all in kiss-assing the industry and being a component of that clique. I am the maverick I am. Voluntarily indifferent to conventional reality. Yet while I thoroughly enjoy sticking two fingers up at it: using both hands, and in suitably anarchistic fashion, each to their own and live and let live is my fundamental belief.

So it makes absolutely no difference to me what the back biters say. Their issues are for them to accept and work through. But while they insist on talking away about me I am flattered that they choose to invest their time in making me their point of discussion, as it’s a sure sign of my importance and the fact that they clearly have far too much time on their hands and little else to fill it with.

I deliberately distance myself from the hub of the industry because I really can not be bothered whatsoever in colluding with the type of childish mentality, whereby you give people a sentence and before you know it they’ve created a work of melodrama based on creative supposition and misguided beliefs on a foundation of extraneous rumour and gossip, which they seem to feed and thrive on.

They’re not really my cup of tea as I am quite self-contained and happy to be so, but I have nothing against groups per se. They provide a useful means of social interaction between people of like mind and interest in the sense of creating community. The problems arise when those with underlying destructive intentions ingratiate themselves to a particular group with pernicious agendas which infringe upon the legal rights of those outwith the group to go about their business.

Sadly groups will always attract those, who with malicious intent manipulate circumstances by creating melodrama to take on a certain importance within that group, which compensates for their otherwise independent lower level of self-esteem and assertiveness, and will judicially seek to join or create bandwagons to jump on in order to feel a greater sense of self-importance and power.

They are sad and deeply lonely people who, in reality live in denial of their condition, and the only persons to be able to do something about it is themselves. And I have no wish to be the bearer of someone else’s baggage I stay well clear. I have learned that stoicism is key. Stoicism originally emerged at quite a volatile period in Greek history, when Athenian city-states were being conquered by foreign empires. It developed as a way of staying sane amid all that chaos. An important part of the therapy of Stoicism was to remind yourself at all times of what you can control and what you can’t. We can’t control geopolitics, we can’t control the weather, we can’t control the economy, we can’t control other people, we can’t even control our own bodies, not entirely anyway. The world is beyond our control. It’s a rough and unpredictable environment that is constantly changing. The only thing we can really control are our own thoughts and beliefs. If we remind ourselves of that, and focus our energy and attention on our own beliefs and opinions, then we can learn to cope wisely with whatever the world throws at us and regardless, love the world for it.

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Trust me. You really do ‘have’ to love your haters, because they are by far the biggest asset you can ever possibly have. So love them for it. Because I know that while they continue to talk about me it keeps my name alive and gives me greater oxygen. It’s when they stop taking about me that I’ll be forgotten.

From Dreaming To Doing - Model Success

From dreaming to actually doing! Take the steps.How To Go From Dreaming To Doing: 4 Steps To MotivationYou have stuff you know you should be doing. But it doesn’t get done. You need to go from dreaming to doing — but it’s hard.

You want to accomplish more at work, hit the gym, get a new job or study harder … but it’s not happening.

What gets you going when you’re not motivated to reach those longer term goals?

There’s a solution that can help you not only make change easier, but boost motivation. What’s the secret?


Yes, WOOP. It’s an acronym for 4 steps to achieving any goal based on research by Gabriele Oettingen:
WishOutcomeObstaclePlanCan a method with the silliest name in social science really work? Yeah.

How does it work?

The first step is wishing. We’re all pretty good at that — but it’s only part of the solution. In fact, if you do it wrong it can actually make things worse.

Here’s how to do it right.

1) Wish (But Don’t Stop There)

Everything starts with a wish. But if that’s all you do, you’re in real trouble.

Having a positive attitude is pretty much essential because a negative attitude makes us more likely to give up — or to never start in the first place.

But when that positive outlook become fantasising, things go south really fast. Yes, dreaming about success is bad.

Via Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation:
Again and again, much to my surprise at first, the results turned out to be the same. Positive fantasies, wishes, and dreams detached from an assessment of past experience didn’t translate into motivation to act toward a more energized, engaged life. It translated into the opposite.

Why? Derek Sivers has a great TED talk that explains it here.

Your emotional brain just can’t tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

When you fantasise, those older parts of your brain think you’ve actually achieved your goal. So rather than ramping up, motivation dials back:

Results indicate that one reason positive fantasies predict poor achievement is because they do not generate energy to pursue the desired future.

Dreaming turns positive thinking into mere wishful thinking.

So if it doesn’t work, why in the world do we do it? Plain and simple: it feels good.

Just like stuffing your face or checking your email for the 216th time this hour, it feel great — but is counterproductive to long term achievement.

Via Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation:
Dreaming about a positive future seemed to protect against sadness in the short term but promote it over the long term. It coincided with a short-term hit of pleasure that ultimately wore off and predicted increased depression.

Want to lose weight? Those who merely wished “lost 24 lbs less than those who pictured themselves more negatively.”

Want to meet that special someone? “The more students…indulged in positive fantasies.”…the less likely they reported initiating the relationship.

Trying to get a new job? “The more frequently students had experienced positive fantasies, the less success they had.”

Okay, so wishing by itself can be very bad. What did the research say the missing pieces were?

2) See a specific outcome

This part isn’t hard. Oettingen‘s work says you need to take your wish and crystalize it. Be specific.
So if “more money” is your wish, the desired outcome might be “to get a pay rise.”
Wishing for better work-life balance? Your outcome could be “No work on weekends. Ever.”

So your wish is now clear. But this is when things get trickier. It’s time to go negative.

3) Envision your obstaclesOettingen calls this “mental contrasting.” You need to deliberately think about the obstacles that might prevent you from achieving the outcome.
Now here’s what’s really fascinating: some people do this and get more motivated. But others end up less motivated afterward.

Does that mean this technique is less powerful? No, it means it’s truly awesome. Why?

The people who did not get a boost were the ones who realised their current goal was unrealistic.

Mental contrasting didn’t only motivate people — it also helped them realize which goals were actually worth pursuing.

When people looked at obstacles and realised they had a good chance of overcoming them (“I want to get a raise”), motivation increased.

Those who reviewed obstacles and realised their goals were unrealistic (“I want to be Prime Minister of Australia by Thursday”) reported less motivation.

The latter were dissuaded and didn’t waste their time. So outcomes for both groups that used mental contrasting were positive.

And this isn’t just egghead science — it lines up with ancient wisdom. TheStoics were saying it thousands of years ago.
(You never heard about it? Those guys are dead and don’t have a big social media presence. That’s why you have me.)

Ryan Holiday, author of the excellent book The Obstacle Is the Way explains the Stoic perspective:
…we look to envision what could go wrong, what will go wrong, in advance, before we start. Far too many ambitious undertakings fail for preventable reasons. Far too many people don’t have a backup plan because they refuse to consider something might not go exactly as they wish.

Today this technique not only helps executives close deals, it saves lives.

Dan Coyle, the expert on expertise, says it’s an essential part of how US Special Forces prepare for every dangerous mission:
…they spend the entire morning going over every possible mistake or disaster that could happen during the mission. Every possible screwup is mercilessly examined, and linked to an appropriate response: if the helicopter crash-lands, we’ll do X. If we are dropped off at the wrong spot, we’ll do Y. If we are outnumbered, we’ll do Z.

So you’ve stared your obstacles in the face. There’s just one more step to getting what you want…

4) Make A Plan

Mental contrasting is so powerful because it juxtaposes wishes with reality. It stress-tests your desired outcome.

Questioning your wishes leads to insights about how to proceed in the real world.

Dan Pink explains the power of questioning colorfully in his great book “To Sell Is Human.”
In a sentence: Ignore Napoleon Hill and listen to Bob the Builder.Yeah, this guy:
Napoleon Hill said “think positive.” Tell yourself you can do it. Like saying, “I will make a million dollars.”

But Bob The Builder doesn’t make a statement. He asks kids a question: “Can we build this?”

Seems like a tiny difference but questions are powerful. It makes you realistically consider the problem.

Those who approach a task with Bob-the-Builder style questioning self-talk outperformed those who employed the more conventional fire-myself-up declarative self-talk.

Questioning builds plans. And plans help you be MORE productive, beat stress and even increase happiness.

What does the research say is the best way to make sure your plan addresses your obstacles?

The study of “implementation intentions” shows you should create little “If-Then” responses to known stumbling blocks.

For instance:

“If I’m on my diet and I’m offered dessert, then I will just order a cup of coffee.”

Research has shown this method even helps recovering drug addicts get back on their feet and into the workforce.

Via Rethinking Positive Thinking: Inside the New Science of Motivation:
…eight of the ten addicts who had formed implementation intentions had written their resumes. Of the ten addicts who hadn’t framed a prior plan, none had done so.

So you understand the four parts of WOOP. Now how do we round all this up and actually get it working in our lives?

Sum UpTry it now. I mean right now. Reading is not doing.

Watching football doesn’t make you a striker, 60 years of sitcoms hasn’t made people funnier and watching Bruce Lee won’t teach you to kick ass.

You want to go from dreamer to do-er? Try it now:

Wish: What do you dream of achieving in the future?Outcome: Be specific. What form will that result take?Obstacles: What’s in the way?Plan: When that obstacle comes what will you do about it? “If happens, then I will _.”Can you see how this takes simple dreaming and puts you on a path to getting what you want?

There are three categories of people: the person who goes into the office, puts his feet up on his desk, and dreams for 12 hours; the person who arrives at 5 A.M. and works 16 hours, never once stopping to dream; and the person who puts his feet up, dreams for one hour, then does something about those dreams.

Blog posts don’t change your life. You do. Now go WOOP.

Iconoclasts rule, okay?

Iconoclast. By definition “a person who attacks cherished beliefs, traditional institutions, etc”.

Just before sitting down to write today’s blog piece in my now well documented coffee shop, the word ‘iconoclast’ sprang to mind. It’s probably one of my favourite words and creates mental images of people such as Sir James Dyson (manufacturing), Sir Richard Branson (air travel), Quentin Tarantino (movies), Heston Blumenthal (food), Steve Jobs (Apple), Tim Berners-Lee (the www. part of the internet - he was preceeded by Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn), Isambard Brunel (engineering), and others.

These are the creatives who, by and large when told what they couldn’t do, challenged this, then went ahead and did it anyway. They attacked existing and outdated beliefs to cut a pathway forwards from where those beliefs had been up to then. Rigidly standing, and arguably stagnating.

So when these pre-existing and outdated business models are challenged to the point where it becomes a serious threat to what has been seen and regarded as the ‘norm’, smear campaigns and other dirty tricks ensue to kill off the new competition.

On a much, much larger corporate scale you should Google, Virgin Airways difficulties with British Airways for evidence of this

Branson sued British Airways for libel, using the services of George Carman QC. BA settled out of court when its lawyers discovered the lengths to which the company had gone in trying to kill off Virgin.

Source: Wikipedia.

Only a month ago I found myself in a similar position when I had to publish an on-line ‘Cease and Desist’ notice because someone had posted on social media sites reckless and defamatory claims about me and models who I co-work with.

This industry does rather attract obsequious sycophants like a magnet, and they will use whoever to climb the greasy pole upwards and leech on to one person, and the next, to take them one step further all the time.

I am by no means in the same league as Branson, Dyson or Berners-Lee. But I do believe in the spirit in which they work. There’s a tremendous amount to be learned from the iconoclasts. Their determination to go it alone into the darkness and isolation of creativity and invention. To bravely face the challenges of all that is thrown at them and carry on.

They’ve ignored the efforts of the many back stabbers and turncoats encountered along the way: and other gutless, spineless people who have chosen to cosy-up to and ass lick the more established contemporary operators in order to ingratiate themselves.

If choosing to look for new ways of doing business separates and distances me from the established, then I too am an iconoclast, and unashamedly so.

The days of producers controlling the market are numbered, as more females find their feet and become independent of them.

The same could be said for agents as well. As models travel around and work with photographers and producers along the way they gradually build their contact list and the agent becomes less important as time goes on. Because next time the client will contact the model direct and the agent can kiss goodbye to their commission. So in that respect the agents role nowadays is slowly on the wane.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t the X-Factor or Britain’s Got Talent, and there are no million pound deals on offer for winners to be signed up to. So with the best will in the world contracts with agents are a complete and utter waste of time where models are concerned, and are more than likely to be thrown out of court in the model’s favour if it comes to litigation.

In essence, producers and agents alike are finding themselves in a more vulnerable business position than ever before. This is what they fear. You only have to look at nature to understand that, when ants for example, sense threat they will congregate to defend themselves.

The same goes for industry people who will also join forces to protect what they see as their protected territory and livelihoods. When in fact what they should be doing is facing up to the fact that they need to embrace the times, move with them and change their business models to survive.

From my own business perspective everything that we are doing now to encourage new blood into the industry is to offer model talent a free service to get them up and running from the point of entry. So basically free induction and training. Free images and film, and free marketing and publicity.

It’s basically an entire package which we shoulder the risk on, and if someone pulls out after deciding it’s not really for them, then so be it. At least they tried and it’s cost them absolutely nothing and whatever they make financially up to that point is theirs to keep with our blessing.

If on the other hand a new model really goes for it and does well it’s a feather in our cap, as we’ve done something positive to help and enable that new talent to establish herself independently, and if she needs our further help at any point after that first month we can renegotiate the most appropriate terms for both of us as we head into the future together.

So whichever they choose is in fact a win-win situation for the model and ourselves, as we are still able to use whatever we’ve shot in terms of images and movies for our own future promotion and marketing purposes, which is to us far more valuable than charging a fee to the model for the month or so of time and work resources we invest in her.

The bottom line is that photographers and producers are in the business of promoting their own work to make money from, not to promote the model. She is just a component of the process which enables them to make money.

Whereas we are entirely about the model and promoting her to make money. Which is why we have created the M.A.P - (Marketing Action Plan) to empower and enable models to grasp the process which will make them the money independently, and then hit the ground running with it.

This is the way forwards which is creating such opposition to us, The fact that we can literally take a girl off the street, who may not have a penny to her name, and offer her independence in her own business with the possibility of a better quality of life financially; and at no cost to her if she is prepared to work at it, is a positive life changer in terms of getting out of the rut she may be in, and thrive.

When a lot of people are just about managing on national minimum wage and disadvantageous contracted hours, the opportunity to earn even thirty or even sixty pounds an hour is one not to be easily dismissed. Let alone maybe £250 plus per day! But like anything in life, if someone isn’t prepared to put 100% effort in they can hardly expect to get 100% back. For our part we can show them how to do it. But what we are unable to do, is do it for them.

Ours is an innovative and entrepreneurial, modern day approach to an existing business, in a world where iconoclasts rule. Okay?