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Johnny Rockard

A contradiction in terms is probably the best way to describe the controversial producer/director and performer - oh, and part time political gob and activist as well. 

Johnny has built himself a global name for starring in and producing, ahem...... kind of educational videos for adults (putting it politely), and has a following of a few million people on thousands of adult sites from the USA to China.

Johnny likes nothing more than to shock. Whether it's in his writing, his dark humour, his approach to life and humanity, or his movies.

Nowadays he is very much into exploring and creatively expressing the deeper and darker side of female sensuality in his 'Herotica' series of movies and photography.


Now. Using their combined experience of both music and video making and production the Langley collaboration has a real understanding of what makes great music and how to interpret the artiste's music in a video production which we aspire to produce as being something outside of the box. So. If you're like us and thinking dark, edgy, thrilling, sexy, macabre, and slightly shocking in a good and compelling way, or hot and damn sexy to raise pulses and temperatures get in touch and let's begin the conversation. Right here. Right now.

Oh, and here's some inspiration https://vimeo.com/18521738   https://vimeo.com/211066681

Scarlett O'Harlott

Johnny has recently had the pleasure of working with BDSM model Scarlett, and producing her images/movie 'Harlott Heaven'.

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