Meet the bosses.

Johnny (Global Media Group Owner)

Began his life in this business by being one of the first UK agents to submit potential Sun-'Page 3' girls for shoots with legendary photographer Beverley Goodway, and has spent his entire adult life in the industry as agent, photographer, and casting agent when in 2014 John was approached by the producers of Big Brother to source Bristol based females for the series as well as other reality television programmes. Having a wealth of experience in all aspects of the industry (as well as a history of probably having one of the longest careers) John is very often approached by programme makers for research purposes and as an advisor based on his years of experience and knowledge as an agent, photographer, performer, producer, director, and talent agent. He is also a regular in the press, on radio, and even telly!

Johnny's role with GirlPowerUK is to scout for and cast potential new models, and then do all the background work in terms of start-up, portfolio and other marketing and promotional activities to get new models out there and working. At which point Kierra then handles the career development aspect of a GirlPowerUK model's life and her bookings.

Johnny's global fans and followers base in excess of 4 million enables him to be in the unprecedented position of being able to promote models worldwide from the USA to China, and in doing so enable and empower them to build financially rewarding careers.

Kierra (Associate Director for Model Talent.

Probably like yourself I replied to ad advert Johnny placed almost two years ago now. At the time I was working flat out with two jobs a day in hospitality, and my days were literally work, sleep, get up, work and sleep every day of the week just to pay by bills and keep a roof over my head. 

Within four days of doing my start up with Johnny I received £3.200 of bookings, and within my first month I moved to a flat of my own and had it furnished to my own requirements, I bought a BMW and more importantly, I had a life!  With Johnny's constant support and 100% backing I achieved more than I dreamed would ever be possible.  

Since then I have done nothing but concentrate on a career which has taken me to France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and other places (all expenses paid) for some amazing shoots, and I will guide new models on all the do's and the don'ts of the business as well as the most appropriate shoots and other means of income which will work to each model's best possible advantage.

From my own experience I can say that this business is 'all' about the money and the more a model can accumulate the more financially secure she will be for many years ahead if she grasps the opportunities available, stays focused and runs with them as they are presented to her.

Come on in and join us. You've everything to gain and nothing to lose. You even get a FREE trial session with us here in Bristol!

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