Model FAQ's

1. Do I have to pay a fee to join GirlPower UK

Absolutely NOT. There are no upfront or other fees to pay at all. What you receive in payments from the clients is 100% yours. This is a free service from us, and what we get in exchange is the exclusive copyright on any images or promotional movies we shoot of you.

2. How do you recruit new models?

We find that the most effective way of recruiting new talent is by far via getting out on the streets, and social media sites such as Facebook/Twitter etc. We are happy to offer appropriate opportunities to all females of adult age providing they have both the physical and mental capacity, and are generally in a good state of health for the activities they register with us as available for.

3. Do you hire men?

No. We don't. It isn't our market. For every girl who applies for this work there are fifty guys also applying to us. Besides which the female models we engage are marketed with branding exclusive to GirlPowerUK. The clue's in the name guys. So. we are unable to provide work for men it is therefore unfair to raise expectations by advertising for men. 

4. If I already have a “Professional Portfolio Book” and I am a working model in another market, can you use those images to represent me?

No. We prefer to use our own branded images to market you as a new model. In any case some of the work you undertake with us may be very different to what you have in your book already. So we will need to reshoot you according to the levels of work you are being marketed for by us. Our responsibility is to promote you with the best possible portfolio to maximize your success with potential clients who we may or may not refer you to. But you need to be clear that you do not own copyright of any of the material (still images and/or video) which is taken of you and used to promote you, and once it's out there it's out there forever: even if you decide at any point in the future to discontinue it will still remain on the internet.

5. Do I have to use your photographer(s)?

Yes. Because we have our own brand and style which we fiercely guard and spend a lot of resources on promoting to our global market. We invest a great deal of time and energy in our models, and we expect them to invest in themselves as well. No model has reached the top without investments in time along the way. This is a fiercely competitive industry, and we need the most-talented, best-trained models with the most strategically developed portfolios to compete. All modeling careers are engineered and developed for success – they just don’t happen over-night.

6. Do I need any training to get started?

As a GirlPowerUK model, you are expected; and it is assumed by the clients, that you are the best model or we would not recruit you. Therefore, everyone is treated differently and uniquely depending on what we see is their potential. 

We place a great deal of emphasis on both induction and further training and development. We would 'not' under any circumstances recommend a new and inexperienced model to 'live" jobs without first providing a training day (or sometimes two days) of induction: which includes shooting marketing images and show reel DVD which will contain sexual content, and to which the model has to provide her signed agreement to participate in. We want the best, and to ensure that standard we evaluate every model’s potential to meet our expectations, while at the same time, we are trying to uphold our own excellent standards of world wide promotion and representation of our brand.

Why induction takes 2-3 days. Lana explains in this video

You will not get paid for the time you are here because we are investing 3-4 weeks of our time in shooting and editing your images/videos and then promoting you. On top of which there is training and induction, and as you will have seen on the above video, even 2-3 days can feel very crammed indeed.

Clearly if you are based in or very close to Bristol there isn't the necessity to stay over, because if something needs reshooting, for instance, then you are an easy bus ride or drive away. But if you happen to live a greater distance from us that option isn't possible. So to ensure that we have everything we need it is essential that you are able to invest 2-3 days of your time with us.

All we are asking in return is that you invest 2-3 days with us to make it possible for us to help you.

Accommodation will be provided. So there is no need to spend any money on hotels. But we don't consider it to be unfair to ask you to make a small contribution towards your food while you are here.

The brand has been built through hard work and persistence. Quite simply we want to maintain this by having the 'best' models..

For our team to work effectively, there must be cooperation between us and our shared goals. As important as a model’s look and measurements are, it is equally important to possess the motivation to succeed and ability to work with us at GirlPowerUK to reach your maximum potential. If you have the talent and the desire, we look forward to co-working with you.

9. Can we guarantee you work?

We do NOT guarantee you work, and we do NOT determine or guarantee which days of the week or month you will work. Or the frequency. That part of it is 'entirely your choice' as a self-employed individual who runs her own part or full time modelling business.

Because how often you work is determined by your availability; your personality; the levels of work you are available for; your popularity with clients; your attitude; your particular and individual look, and more importantly market trends at that particular time. So for example, if a photographer or video producer is casting for girls who are bisexual; heavily tattooed; dress size 14; Goth looking and into being tied up ; and you happen to be straight, blonde, blue eyed and with flawless skin, then clearly it rules you out of some potential work. So in that respect rejection can happen a lot. It has nothing to with you as a person, it's just about looks and appearance. Equally, if you are what is considered to be a more 'normal' look, such as the girl next door type, then you will find your bookings more regular than a Goth type girl, as that particular look is considered more specialised and there are fewer girls available in that genre.

All that said, it is not unusual for a new model to receive up to £1000 worth of booking inquiries within the first few weeks of starting in this business because the industry is global: and there are opportunities to travel abroad for anyone who has a passport and is free to go. Provided always that the model has the self-motivation to achieve her targeted earnings by engaging with potential employers of her services.

So if you are interested in that aspect you could literally go on a working holiday and get paid for it. Providing you carry out the work you are engaged for first, of course. Then you have the choice of lazing around in the sun perhaps, or go sightseeing for a few days with maybe several hundred pounds in your purse before flying back to England. You could even take a friend to travel with you.

You do not get a choice on who you get to work with. Unless of course you start earning hundreds of thousands of pounds a year and you are in demand by absolutely everyone in the industry. Only then do you get to pick and choose your work and who you work with. Until then it's not your choice. You get booked to do a job and that's it. This is a career not a dating service. It's not about working with people you personally find attractive. You get to work with people because they are good at their job, as well as both physically and mentally well enough and able to deliver: and that's all that matters. So you are therefore expected to show a professional attitude at all times. Regardless of someone's race, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

We have a zero policy on negative discrimination in the work place in this respect. You enter this business to earn money. Not to fit in with your own vanity and/or intolerances.

Ref - The Equality Act 2010 is the law which bans unfair treatment and helps achieve equal opportunities in the workplace and in wider society.

10. Health and safety.

On registering yourself as available for the activities you choose to undertake by completing the Registration Form, you are doing so by representing yourself as both physically and mentally able and competent to undertake in full capacity the work opportunities you are registering for.

It is your responsibility to inform us of any health related issues or concerns you may have in relation to potential or historical health risks concerning both your physical or mental ability/capacity. This will include and not be limited to any form of medical treatment, therapy or counseling you may have received or currently be receiving, or be due to receive at some point in the future.

So. How do you get started with us? Click to find out.

Or. If you have issues and concerns about yourself/your appearance, hopefully here's some reassurance that it is 'really is' possible to make it.

From having only £19 to her name to over £800 the same week.

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