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The Opportunity.

Aside from £250-£400 (possibly more per day?) Okay then. If you are an attractive, presentable females  who is single with no ties, free to travel and make money, and aged 18-25, read on.

Forget zero hour contracts - they're meaningless. 

Fab opportunities possibly await if you're motivated and focused.

So step up today and get started right away by registering with us if you are broad minded and have an outgoing personality.

Would you enjoy working with a variety of fun and like minded people of all ages?

Are you free to travel around England, and perhaps abroad as well?

Would you you like to earn cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even while you are sleeping, shopping, or enjoying time off?

Are you uninhibited and actually quite a sexy female?

Would you enjoy being the centre of attention and have on-line fans and admirers from all over the world and paying you for it?

Then GirlPowerUK is DEFINITELY for you!

What other work can you get where you could achieve in the region of £250-£400 per day for having fun If you are an attractive, presentable female who is single with no ties, free to travel and make money, and aged 18-25 (ish).

Older if you are in good shape for your age.

Who'd have thought naked bubble blowing could be so much fun?

Well, this is one of the many activities the models at GirlPowerUK enjoy and can earn money from.

Fresh talent is ALWAYS the way forward!

We don't go out of our way to look for professional models because that's not what we're about. Given that most professionals have been pretty much photographed in every possible way imaginable already and will react to the camera very differently to a female who is fresh. 

Our 'ideal' models are off the street, single and with no incompatible commitments which would stand in the way of this opportunity, are as natural as possible, as well as innocent and sensual in face and appearance. 

Above all we look for expressive eyes which exude personality, a sense of fun, a zest for life, and typically the girl next door type whose face and appearance people warm to. Rather than feel intimidated by from being more often than not, unnecessarily and overly made up.

Where make up is applied it should hardly be noticeable and used to enhance the natural beauty of the face, rather than mask it  completely. Which in many instances is unfortunately the case. 

The golden rule being, less is more. Always.

Where we do source potential models who we feel are too well made up where there is absolutely no need for it, we will strip her back to the bare skin and her own beauty. We are looking for natural girls that are beautiful, and without breast enhancements or other additions, as this makes girls look fake.

Our shooting policy now and, wherever possible, is to create a life storyline (themed image to your right as an example) around each model so that we build both a visual and written journey of her life to the point where she joins us and engages in her first shoot with GirlPower.

Before you proceed further take a look at our 'GirlPower Model Video References' page and see what former girls we have worked with have to say about us.

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