First of all welcome. We'd shake your hand and probably pop a cork to celebrate if you were here right now. But sadly you're not. So a good thought for another day perhaps, like celebrating your first job opportunity with us!

What do we do? Well basically we match make. It's as simple as that. Take for example the casting opportunity we posted for Big Brother back in 2013. We got a call asking us to put forwards some hot females.  So the word went out and the interest came flooding in: mostly from models, but other girls also expressed their interest.

As inquiries came in so a specially devised questionnaire was sent back to ascertain the most likely candidates to get through to the auditions from those who we felt just wouldn't get any further than the initial interview. The reason for this being that when our name is on the line we want to make absolutely sure we're choosing those who won't let us down. Well we finalised it down to three possibilities, one was accepted and was invited to the audition rounds, firstly in central London and then and BB HQ in Elstree. Sadly she never made it beyond the final three stages of audition. But in this business that's the way the cookie crumbles. Some you win, some you lose. There's always the next opportunity.

In between television and other filming opportunities we're to be found talent scouting for photo shoots and lower budget movie parts. But being as choosy as we are in making absolutely sure we get the right talent for any particular role, we see and fail a lot of prospective talent as being not quite what is being looked for at that time. There's not anything particularly wrong with those we fail, it is just very simply a matter of them not meeting required specifics. This is why our questionnaire is so specific, as we need to match the right talent exactly with the right casting opportunity.

We've had opportunities for a Channel 4 dating game show, and as you may already be aware there are opportunities for Game of Thrones every year. So basically the opportunities you register with us for can be both as varied as they are exciting. We have a twerking music video shoot coming soon, and a goth fetish type music video happening in Manchester. No two opportunities are the same and no two days running.

Okay. So what happens once your 'free' registration has been accepted by us? Easy peasey. 

If we like the look of you and your application is motivated and inspirational enough to grab attention then you'll surely be invited for a very relaxed audition to impress the hell out of us even more. It can take a couple of hours to find out some more about you and we'll shoot some pictures so we have you as an up to date profile that we can use to let potential clients know you are available and some buzzy information about you to grab their interest. We'll probably even get you to say a few lines to camera to see how you look and appear as well. This enables us to measure just how much support you might need in the way of confidence building and what skills you need so that we can put you forwards. It's nothing at all to worry about and you wouldn't be the first or last person to feel nervous. We've all been there, understand the process and able to guide you through with no trouble at all: and if nerves do somehow, but are unlikely to get the better of you, then you are only human and free to leave at any point. We won't hold it against you at all. 

However. Those who do come in usually enjoy every minute and leave with a big grin on their faces because it's fun, exciting and positively challenging, and best of all is then looking forwards to the paid opportunities ahead. Which can run into several hundreds of pounds per day! So. If you're thinking summer holidays, new clothes, paying off those bills, or anything else you could find a use for the money, this  presents the kind of paid fun we don't think any normal work opportunities could ever offer - EVEN AT national minimum wage.

Understandably we now need to know more about who you are, your personality and interests etc. As I also mentioned earlier back it  offers you the creativity to get us fired up to invite you in and get you up and running as quickly as possible. Because if you are unable to impress the hell out of us then you're going to impress the hell out of any 'live' professional job you may be put forwards to audition for. Yes? Yes!

So fire yourself up and let's go with some details about you HERE

Thanks. Looking forwards to meeting you and getting you moving as soon as you can make it in.

Independent Casting Producer/Director.

Ps. We're busy people, so please only apply if you are serious.

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