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"As a Dom, Johnny is a contradiction which seems impossible. To be gently brutal takes a special skill which he masters with impeccable precision and delivers multi-orgasmic experiences when you totally submit to him."

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Before going any further into the site just check out these amazing feedback videos! 

The first featuring both Leia and Keela share their experiences enjoying kink fun. The second video featuring Keela only is where she shares her experience as a kink model.

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A very emotional ad spiritual personal Journey for sub Lahna Fae.

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A VERY personal story from a former novice sub and gorgeous ex-partner.

 Right up until the point when I encountered Johnny Rockard my life couldn't have been any more vanilla and to an extent, dull. I was wild at heart but too tame for my own good, and when the beast within me became too much to handle I took the biggest, riskiest and wildest leap of faith I could have ever imagined. I'd done the occasional photo-shoot here and there but while I had fun there was always something missing. As a submissive girl at heart, there was never enough dominance from the shoots, and I wasn't fulfilling the one real desire I had in my head. The pictures were great, sure, but they were missing a very vital bit of me that I felt I could find if I really looked hard enough. There was a casting call looking for models which did catch my eye, and although I had a look and felt some kind of doubt that I would be ideal for it, I still had the urge to send a message, even if I was expecting a polite no thanks or something along those lines. However when I got a reply and started talking about what I wanted, and what I was searching for, every box I had in my own mind was being ticked; I was a sub looking for dominance and purpose, a model looking for work and a way of making more money, and a girl with a seriously high taste for the BDSM life that to date I had never been so serious about, but had been looking for it and often coming to a dead end. The most fascinating part about my communication with Johnny as well was that there was already some kind of connection there, with my mind already deciding that he was the Master I needed.

Travelling from my vanilla life and home that I shared with two cats, and a small herd of native ponies (kept at a stableyard, silly, not at my home - I don't think the council would allow horses in an upstairs flat!) back in the county of Notts to the city of Bristol I hoped to find myself, to find something I could really enjoy doing, and to finally let the inner self have her freedom she had often dreamed about but never acted upon, until now. I'd never thought myself to be so open and free with unlocking my deepest desires. I had a few little kinks I had tried and tested in the past but it was only when I entered the world of Johnny Rockard when I found that there was so much more to life than just a handful of fetishes. I was about to jump into my very own version of Fifty Shades, and live the dream I often lost myself in when sat at home, bored and feeling like I was going nowhere in life. He was someone who could change his role in a flash, becoming the Master I had been searching for for so long, showing me just how I could be the perfect sub/slave without a great deal of direction because deep down I didn't need it, already feeling my heart knew exactly where it desired to be.

Was I nervous? Not in the slightest. It might have been that my head was up in the clouds and I wasn't sure where it would land me, but I knew that there was going to be only one way to find out and that was by throwing myself in the hands of the one man who knows how to truly test my limits and find out where my boundary line really stops. If anything, I only felt more comfortable and at home as his sub than I did being on a fetish site and 'looking' for a Master. After all, anyone could pretend to be dominant over the internet but it was the reality I looked for, and in Johnny I found everything I wanted was right there before me.

So here it is. Day one of my new BDS life, plunging deeper (in more ways than one) into it than I care to even think of, without regret, remorse or guilt for what I have planned for me. The dark pleasures of the adult world are mine to take, and I am taking each little - or large - step in my stride, with my head held high. the biggest grin on my face and the mischievous sparkle in my eye that shows the world just how ready I am to be a part of this incredible journey!

My vanilla life is so different to the life I have plunged into; the stereotypical good-girl with a great education and being the girl everyone wanted me to be, but for almost 10 years I have found that there was always something missing, something I would never know about fully until I came across the only person who could literally push my body and mind beyond limits and obstacles to turn me into this fine young, kinky bitch I am today. You see, before my career with Johnny Rockard began, I was a virgin to many kinks despite knowing I wanted to be dominated and brutally punished as a sub (although recently I had a very small taster in what it would be like to be tied up and have sensory deprivation via a hood), while also wanting to feel loved and cared for by someone who wanted more than just my heart. I was an anal virgin, I was embarrassed about my small bust and very petite frame, I turned my head away when I thought about any sexual contact in public, and I hated oral! As a model I had experienced one very harsh spanking session that left my ass bruised, but the pain was replaced by a wave of euphoria and had left me craving more. 

For my first day or two I was initiated and the start of my limits was tested. The very first step was having a taster of public sex! Flashing my boobs while walking round a park, giving Johnny a blowjob, and being fingered while casually strolling, occasionally remembering to keep an eye out for people. It was the first time I had ever even thought of it, but being fucked while looking up at large office buildings with people surely catching a glimpse as they look from the window bored with work, was probably one of the most craziest and erotic thrills that I certainly did not want to let go of. It was like I'd tasted the sweetest, juiciest piece of candy ever created and it had left me with an irresistible urge for more. My first BIG 'test' was having my ass washed out and cleaned ready for the primary initiation process - being broken in and losing my anal virginity to the man himself while being filmed, which in itself was one of the many new experiences that would drive me closer to finding the real me. Did I enjoy it? Damn straight; for someone who had been so bored of life and watching each day slowly drag by while questioning what I could really get from my existence, I knew that I simply HAD to have more. Unfortunately while the water being flushed into my system was an incredible feeling, the suffering was afterwards but it wasn't long before I was settling down on the couch ready for inspection...

I finally, FINALLY lost my anal virginity, and enjoyed it that much I really did want so much more after, and I practically threw myself into his hands to give me absolutely every single test he could think of to find out exactly where my limit boundary lay. I'd put off anal for too long, I'm sure of that now, but losing it to Johnny was probably the ONLY reason I had put it off. I didn't know I would meet him, nor did I expect that it would be him to take hold of the shell I had confined myself in and smashed it until it was absolutely nothing at all...but after having him literally taking me like he did, and snatching away the virginity of my ass, there was no uncomfortable feeling or unwanted ache after having my small hole stretched to accommodate his cock, and all I could do afterwards was smile and experience one of the greatest highs that not even sex could awaken! Seriously, if girls have put off anal because of it hurting, or because they are too worried about it, remember - I was like that too! It's so much more than just having a guy thrust his cock deep into your ass. With a small amount of lube and a heap of trust, and letting your body relax, you will find that you CAN enjoy it. I know I did, to the point where I find myself feeling a little like an anal-slut. Because to be fair, that it what I am becoming, because I love it that much.

Wednesday was one of the biggest experiences for me though, becoming a part of a group sex experience , and participating in the party held at the HQ! Being wrapped up in bondage tape as a special surprise for the party, without knowing who I was about to be fucked by with all these crazy little thoughts running through my mind about what it was going to be like, whether it was going to be my kind of thing, and exactly how many  were going to be there. But without vision I had to just sit there on the bed and wait, being able to hear as the first guest arrived, followed by two others, who were all very keen to get stuck in and use me in a way that was actually one of the biggest surprises of my life! My mouth, and face, were covered in cum and both holes were fingered, rubbed and filled, pushing me closer towards euphoria. 

Eventually I had been unwrapped fully, and I was able to see who I was being fucked by, having a few minutes here and there to have a drink. It IS after all thirsty work , and not just by getting a mouthful of cum to do whatever you wanted with; it was of course at the discretion of my own self that I was a good little girl and swallowed, but this is entirely an option I chose of my own free will. I must admit, by the end of the night I was exhausted, but I experienced my first DP, firstly in both holes and then two cocks into my pussy, but it's hard to tell really which one I enjoyed more because to be honest, I enjoyed both and it was yet another first for me to add to the list!

It was a shame really that the week was flying by so quickly; having arrived as someone almost entirely vanilla in more ways than one, I was quickly finding that I could take everything in my stride and knew that I was more at home in THIS lifestyle than I might have been just doing my basic modelling. Admittedly I do enjoy standing in front of a camera, whether it's in film or just a photo-shoot, but I was more comfortable as I removed my clothing and lay with literally everything on show for the camera, as well as my body being used for sexual pleasure - both for me and for either Johnny Rockard or industry others. No matter who it was with, I was taken to levels that left me virtually yearning for more, and I knew then that this truly was the life I wanted for myself! 

Experiencing knife-play, with the very edge of the sharp tip being rubbed against my clit, and worked around and inside my tight hole, was one of the many highlights and firsts that I craved more of; having my hair pulled and the blade against my throat before it was slowly trailed down the length of my body, over my breasts and then between my legs where, while the sharp blade was against my hole and around my clit, I had to literally have an enormous amount of control so that I didn't get cut. Believe me, it was hard because every fiber of my body's instincts wanted me to jerk slightly and quiver (I found my body did this a LOT over the week!) but somehow I managed to keep myself under control.. Then I was thrown a blindfold and putting it on, I could only hear a rustling as something was opened. Being told to keep my legs open and to keep very still, while taking a deep breath I tensed up before I felt an extremely sharp prick between my legs, around my urethra and clit. This happened several times, with each one making me squeal because of how tender my poor pussy was already after the week of initiation and fucking training, but when the blindfold was lifted so that I could see I was staring at a needle that had been poked into my breast prior to my vision being returned to me. Sensory deprivation, no matter how much or how little, does a LOT to a body, and heightens every little sensation tenfold! You feel more while seeing less, which is something I think everyone should experience at least once to really see what the big fuss is about. Because it is absolutely incredible discovering how your brain works like that. 

There was only one point when my body felt like it had literally had enough, and my mind went into overdrive. It might have been just the initial shock of being flogged and caned, and severely (but quite pleasantly) dominated but I was pushed to the point where I was a quivering wreck with tears in my eyes. Someone might have thought I was literally battered at that moment but I still laughed about it and was entirely stunned and baffled that my body would react in such a way. Fear, perhaps, had flooded my senses, but afterwards came hugs and reassurance, with Johnny making sure I really was okay when I said I was fine. That is one of the most important things I have found to be a key point in BDSM; the trust and devotion between myself and my Master, the affection and constant reassurance that everything was okay, and that there were no doubts or regrets, or something that I might have been uncomfortable with.

By Friday when I was getting ready to go home there was a deep longing within me to stay; I had grown fond of what I had experienced, grown fond of the man I was working with, but above all else, I was extremely fond of the girl he had so tenderly yet brutally, lovingly yet dominantly, dragged out of her shell and thrown into a spotlight she would have never seen for herself if she had been left to her own devices. Johnny has brought out the very best in me to the extreme, and being able to go home did not come with a dry eye. I felt like, on my departure, I had left a part of me behind in Bristol, but eventually managed to smile knowing that it would not be long before I was returning there to do what I honestly, hand-on-heart, feel is what I am destined to do! But all I can say right now is roll on Monday. Another week of fun and frolics lay in wait for me back with Johnny, and I am quite literally raring to go and far too keen to get stuck in with whatever that wonderful man has in store for me. Kinky sex and plenty of other little goodies are just within my grasp now, and I will be heading back to Bristol with the biggest bloody smile on my face, because to me, I am going home!

It wasn't just a potential BDSM career that had started for me over the last week however, because there was so much more that had developed. I'd not only fallen in love with the new me, or the new life that I had thrown myself into, but I had also found that my heart no longer belonged to just me. I'd been in relationships in the past and had found some small amount of happiness, but going home hurt more than my body did after being so brutally dominated and fucked, because the biggest portion of me did not want to leave.

As you would have seen  from the smile on my face, I am absolutely enjoying every moment of my experience, but one thing that has made me the happiest yet, is not only meeting Johnny and working with him, but it's also because our relationship is the strongest I have ever encountered. There is never a dull moment with him, whether it's filming together or just sitting and relaxing after a hard day's work. The truth is, he has not only become my Master, or my friend, but he has also become my lover, my Flame, and whenever the week passes by so quickly I almost feel this hidden wave of dread for going home and leaving him. If I could be a 24/7 sub or slave to him and have every waking moment by his side, I would snatch it up in a heartbeat because more than anything, that is what I want to be for him. I want to be with him all the time, being dominated and loved by him because he has brought me to life and smashed my shell, turning me into this vibrant creature who just craves anal, domination, BDSM and affection. I smile when I wake up next to him and share our morning cuddles, making him tea and just snuggling against him while we talk about the day ahead and what surprises he would have planned for me. I'm only ever truly happy when I'm doing something I like, and with him I can be myself, whether it's the giggling, affectionate kitten, or the dirty, kinky little sub that he has revealed so easily from within me. And the smile remains as I'm curling up next to him at night and taking off my collar, (though if I could, I'd leave it on and deal with the uncomfortable task of resting my head on the pillow) and looking forwards to the morning when our work as a team begins all over again.

He praises me for being such a good little girl after a party or a booking, and if I am bad I know I will be punished for it but I have accepted every part of this life, just as much as I have accepted myself, but I couldn't have done it at all without the guidance and encouragement of the man himself; without him I probably would never have considered that I could have so much fun doing exactly what I want to do. I have my vanilla life but it is one I would happily swap any day of the week for my fetish, and my kinky, exciting new career, and I will soon enough. I have more than enough motivation and drive within me now to be everything I can, not just for Johnny, but for myself as well.

After yet another exciting and fun, action-filled week of frolics and domination, cuddles and a heap of TLC it was time once more for me to pack up my things and head back to Notts to my vanilla life. I was crushed after the first time I'd sat on the coach to head home but the second time round I was on the verge of actually crying. Although it has only literally been my second week with my Master, I feel this urge to be with him at all times. You see, when I first returned to Bristol for my second week, I received some extremely awful news about someone I was really, really close to who had tragically passed away aged only 29 years old. Until the coroners report comes back nobody knows what happened to him but I was devastated throughout the whole week, using work as a way of dealing with the real pain I felt. People have their own special way of dealing with the loss of a cherished one, and it was not any different for me. I somehow managed to go through the entire week without breaking down because I had Johnny there as my shoulder to cry on if I needed it, he had so many wonderful words of wisdom and support to say, and he was always just open ears if I needed to vent about my emotions. Thanks to him, I was able to deal with the grief in my own silent way, and being able to smile for the camera was incredibly easy for me because the hand on my shoulder or the arms wrapping around me and holding me tightly were always there if I needed it. But returning home and spending a few more days at my apartment on my own, the depression and sorrow I feel for the loss of my friend is there and although Johnny is only a phone call away, or a message over the phone away, it's the tight embrace and the head on my shoulder, and the word of strength I really need, and when I am here at home away from Bristol, I do not have that.

I mean, I do have support from my family and a few friends, but sometimes this just isn't enough! Johnny is a fantastic and supportive friend, my rock, and a godsend for literally everything he has done for me this last week, fulfilling his role as my Master so perfectly, and it hurts me more being away from him. They say time can heal all wounds but so far I have not had enough time to fully heal, because of responsibilities here in Notts, like the soon-to-be arrival of my beautiful Welsh pony, Rhosyn's first foal and the anxious wait to make sure everything goes smoothly, and my two cats, Gabriel and Daisy, and believe me when I say the decision to disappear does drive me a little crazy but when I get back to Bristol and I am back in front of that camera doing what I do best, it's easy to forget for a little while.... And for me, forgetting or at least pushing the pain to the back of my mind tends to make the aching fade over time, to the point where in the end I am still as strong as I was before the inevitable occurred. 

Everyone has their own way, as I have said, and I currently see myself as a broken mirror, cracking across the surface and threatening to shatter any time soon...and Johnny... Johnny is the frame that wraps himself around me and holds me together, with each of the cracks literally being pushed together and held firmly in place so that I do not break. This is how strong my bond is with Johnny, and I felt the need to share that with you all so that you can see just what has formed from what had once been a taster in the BDSM lifestyle for me. Right now, he is what helps me through the day and so much more that words alone cannot describe.

I was only in Notts for five days before I jumped on the coach to return to my Master in Bristol, the city that felt more like home to me than where I came from. The saying 'Home is where the heart is' couldn't be any more true for me, because Bristol is where my heart remains, firmly held by my Master while I travel back to the vanilla world to see my family, my cats and my horses. And getting off that coach and running along to where Master was waiting for me, the small depression that had loomed over me following the aforementioned bereavement of a close friend was quickly washed away as I devoured a Hot Chocolate Neapolitan that I had missed during my absence and sat so casually next to Master as though I had never actually been away from him. As we have discovered, five days is far too long to be away from one another, with our relationship growing stronger by the day. While I would like to spend the rest of my life as his sub and make the very important big move from Notts to Bristol, it does not mean my career as a professional fetish model will stop. In fact the bookings are rolling in one by one, with some very exciting days of BDSM and bondage shoots in Glasgow already being confirmed around my birthday in May as well as a very 'Glaswegian Gangbang' on the night of my birthday! This birthday will definitely be the most memorable, that's for sure.

Easter was for the most part chilled out regardless of the crowded city, but on days when there's little filming there's the sightseeing and of course a chance for more public sex and frolics with the sun blasting to make it all the more enjoyable. The Harbourside @Bristol was the start of the day's adventure, sitting on the steps with people across the water and boats going up and down the river to witness - if they wanted - me playing with myself, and flashing my tits and ass for the camera. It's risky, especially during the holidays when everyone's about but that's what makes it fun for me; this idea of being caught in the back of my head managing to bring a smile at the very thought. Moving on to Castle Park, I had my tits out again, as well as hoisting my dress and walking casually along just revealing all to the camera, and my very first public peeing just inches away from where people could appear at any time to see with apartments across the road being able to get a good look. The blowjob was fun there as well, standing up to find a guy just staring from a spot a few feet away.

A bus journey then took us to a new part of North Somerset that I'd never seen, and the quaint coastal town of Clevedon was finally put on the map for our exploits. The pier would have been fun to get a few scenes in but it was closed for some unknown reason, so that went out the window. Instead there was a bench with houses just across the street that could get a view of my tits, and after getting a snap of my pussy again it was just up to the fountain and trough where a blowjob was in order, by a building known as the Convent! The name is just ironic, especially with what we were getting up to just a few feet away, as well as the public passing by on the path just the other side of the trough. There were a few cars parked up too, and the occasional jogger to cop a sneak peek. For someone who comes from a totally vanilla life, the dress I wore with the low plunge neckline was surprisingly liberating and even when I wasn't purposely flashing, my tits still wanted to be seen, with the dress slipping just enough to reveal a nipple to some poor cashier in a shop. Not that I was bothered, I just casually wandered out of the shop without looking back, waiting until I was out of earshot before I had a giggle. I'm one hundred percent sure being around my Master, has definitely changed me into some raunchy, filthy little minx who just has to have her body on show for anyone who just happens to be around at the time unintentionally. It should be clear though by now that everything I do is through choice, and I do this because I want to, rather than having to, and I am enjoying every minute of it to the point where I have made no near-future plans to go back to Notts to see the family. The trouble is, I don't want to go back, and when I do go back Master will be with me anyway so I won't have to worry about missing him and the camera so much.

Our final session was along a path that overlooked the Bristol Channel where we were able to see very little due to the mist but the pier looked amazing in the sun, not that the view was anything of too great an interest as I was again back on my knees for another blowjob and bending over a very conveniently-placed low fence, where I would have seen Wales on a clearer day. Master had his cock out and as I was having a play several people wandered past behind us, unknowingly bearing witness to a bit of 'innocent' photography for the adult industry. Clevedon has been christened on the porn map of Johnny at kink.org, as after a quick fuck leaning over the fence a small pool of cum that dripped from my ass was left in our wake as a leaving present for the people of Clevedon just to state that Johnny Rockard and Morwena Kinx had been there at that very spot. It's funny really when you think about it; there we are with my hand or lips wrapped around his cock and being caught could happen at any time, which is probably what excites me more. Of course there was one final point as I was searching for a leaf to wipe the cum from my ass, with my dress up at my waist and everything on show, when a woman walked round the corner and caught a very full look at my ass on show, yet she never batted an eyelid or said anything, just walking on as if she had seen it all before. Either that or at some point in her life she too had a moment like that, and just shrugged it off completely. Regardless, it was still a very exciting moment indeed for me. Every part of this journey in my life was exciting for me, and became even more exciting as I grew to be the amazing woman I am now from it. But as Johnny and me grow stronger so does the influence of my family against my wonderful relationship with Johnny, and my heart grows heavier and heavier with each passing day because of it. Ultimately we cannot always have what we want, and this is where I will leave it.

For now, at least.

At last! A moore sensible approach to activities between consenting adults. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/violent-porn-including-bdsm-no-longer-illegal-uk-long-performers-consenting-155930303.html?soc_src=community&soc_trk=tw

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Here's a brief 2000 year history of kink in two images. 

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Kink Master

Everything I learn is a gift I pass to another.

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What you give is what you receive, and gifts are for sharing.

I consider myself blessed with being able to facilitate the journey of another.

Blessed to be able to give. It is the right thing to do.

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This site is intended as an educational site for an adult audience and may contain pages and content that some people may find challenging. If you are UNDER the LEGAL AGE OF CONSENT for your country or if you are easily bothered by images or descriptions of BDSM activities, please leave this site now.

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