"With an unprecedented 25 year + track record in this industry, the truth is that a chimpanzee can be trained to pose for the camera. Rocket science it isn't. This is NOW about so much more than just the modelling work opportunities. It has broadened out  into a site of both work and personal lifelong tools of learning which enhance and empower women in mind, body and spirit, because knowledge IS ultimately the power 'all' women need to assert and reclaim their true place in society."

Many females apply, few get through. We know on sight who has the potential to make money for themselves.

This isn't just any food: this is M&S food.

I'm sure you are more than familiar with this memorable strapline from Marks and Spencer advertising campaigns which work so well to implant within our subconscious the fact that the food from this retailer raises the bar in terms of quality above and beyond all other stores; and I have first-hand knowledge of this because coincidentally this just happens to be where I buy my own food from.

Other than this I have nothing to do do with M&S in a commercial sense, or they with me  (just to clarify from a legal perspective in case their lawyers happen to stumble upon this site). However, in a similar context I feel that over the years and with continuing evolvement we have now reached a level where 

'This isn't just about models: this is GirlPowerUK 'female empowerment', full stop.

If you have a CLOSED mind at this point and you're likely to stick your fingers in your years while going 'la-la-la', this isn't for you. The mind is like a parachute: it doesn't work 'til it's open. So whatever your reason for being here, or perspective, this site has quite rightly evolved to something even more powerful for women! 

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From working 3 jobs a day on national minimum wage and not having a life, to this within her first month.

We get positive feedback from a model who started with me and has since gone on to become an actress on Netflix while continuing her fantastic model career.

◆    ◆    ◆

High praise Indeed from a model! Thinking of joining us? Then you MUST read this.

Hey everyone.

I'm Hollie, a wild Arizona girl taking some big time out in between school studies back home in Scottsdale USA to bum around the world. Oh yeah, school is any place of education back home. So, I'd best say I'm 19 now, and not some young kid. But I am fast learning the language differences between the UK and the United States of America and saving myself a lot of grief in translation.

At the risk of being a total bore by repeating myself over again with my use of the term "back home" I apologize now, but back home is where it's at in terms of my real life.

Guys, I first became aware of Johnny when he made the news on a radio station I was tuned into on a California visit. I kinda heard it, but didn't, if you know what I mean. it wasn't until it came up on internet news as well that I took notice and I was like, who the hell is this guy? Little did I know that he has quite a name and following back in the States. Well, at least I didn't until I was speaking with friends from school back in Arizona, and like it seems everyone knew and was following his work, except dumbass me. "He's a hot guy" they were saying, "where's Hollie been, in a coma?" Being blonde I'm used to the teasing by now, and even I was beginning to question where my head was at not knowing this information.

I checked Johnny out myself, and yea, friends were right; his stuff was the deal. To the vast majority of Americans we're like "and?" because backhome we're totally open to adult material in the main, and providing it's not like dark web or totally illegal no one with an open mind cares a damn.We have Playboy and Hustler as well as other publications and channels far more than in the UK, and of course a Constitution, as well as a Bill of Rights which is incorporated within the Constitution as Amendments one through ten.

What I quickly came to realize soon after I gotten myself here to England, was that when it came to anything of adult interest you guys are so far at the back of the class you might as well not be in school lol. It's like the dark ages here by comparison! Just so closed minded. Not a complaint but an observation. At home we have PhD qualified adult models who have worked their way through to graduation while doing adult style work, simply because we encourage and applaud all success like you guys don't. I say this because on my way here I stopped in Europe and hung around for a month, and even there the attitude towards adult work and nudity is so much more progressive and understanding than the UK, and except for the weather in some ways itwas just like home.

Okay. So, back on track. Little did I think three months ago in Scottsdale that I'd find myself hooking up with the guy I'd heard about on the news at home, while I was visiting England. With all the body shaming crap which goes around I'm probably like yourself in thinking not good enough and finding every flaw possible just to reinforce the fact that I wasn't. However, when a girlfriend knew I was flying over she was like, "Hey babe, you're gonna be there. So at least say hi to the guy if his work turns it on for you. What's to lose? You might crack a deal which pays your way!" This kinda stopped me dead on the spot because it's one thing being into what he does, but to consider myself as like meeting and cracking a deal with him and for me to get in front of his camera was as crazy and freaked as things can get. Yet, the more I thought about her suggestion the more I turned on to getting naked for him, and it sent constant tingles down my spine, and a few other places to the point where I gotten myself wet in a mind storm of continuing fantasies like I'd never known before!

Having worked myself up it would crush me to mail him and be turned down flat, or ignored, I thought. But what the hell, I just went for it and then regretted what I'd sent the next day as I'd been out hitting the tequila prior to mailing Johnny and, well let's just say the stuff I said wouldn't have happened with more thought and a sober mind. "Hey Johnny. I'm Hollie, and heading your way from Arizona. Loving your work. So do me while you can. Here's a picture. Like what you see? Then Mail back with a yes. Or lose me forever. This is a one shot deal"

Holy shit! I couldn't believe I'd sent that. WTF was I thinking, and where was my head on sending that? I could have seriously crawled into a rodent hole and died. I could see worse to come when I checked my inbox and there was a reply. My hands were trembling so bad the mouse looked like it was having a seizure as it attempted a dozen times or more to land on Johnny's email and click to open it in response to what he must of thought as some kinda crazy woman on crystal meth wanting dick.

But you know what? He wrote back the most polite, humored, sweetest and most thoughtful message which calmed me completely. Yeah, it was measured in content. But at the same time kinda concerned for me. So no surprise there then at all. Jesus, even I was concerned for me! I felt the least I can do as he was so kind was write backand apologize, while explaining about liking his work and I was nervous and a little drunk at the time and not usually like that at all. From then it was dead air from him, and a lesson learned in how not to approach someone ever again.

Having put what to me was an ordeal by making a complete ass of myself out of my mind and moving on, I was then blown away to see another inbox to me from Johnny, saying how much he appreciated me considering him as someone to shoot with, that he liked my look and if I could promise to stay off the tequila I should hook up with him if I was gonna be anywhere near Bristol on my trip to the UK.

To cut it all short I arrived in England after hitting Europe for a couple weeks, and on a three day detour from London to Bristol I hooked up with Johnny, and what a cool, sweet guy he is! Intimidatingly off the wall in terms of having more of a mainframe than a mind that's like non-stop in intellect, knowledge and wisdom which totally blew me away. Humble, yet confident, funny, and as we say in the States, bat shit crazy. But in a good and creative way, because he constantly challenged me to up my game in a way which inspired confidence in myself, my abilities, and my previous body images of myself turned from negative to full-on positive. Suddenly I was beautiful as a woman and sexual being like never before and like no boy ever before at home had made me feel.

I wasn't just guided through, I was glided through every single empowering step of the way in talking, shooting, fooling around, and it was like a release of energy which cameout from me like, I don't know how to express fully, a roller coaster maybe? Yeah. Reading it back it was like a roller coaster, except turbo powered. A roller coaster of fear, nervousness, ecstasy, fun, laughter, anticipation, excitement, pleasure, trust, questioning and then happily justifying myself and my insecurities. Johnny is someone who knows what he wants, how to get the best out of me in a fun and positive way, and got it. Right on point.

Back home I was just a girl with a mom and dad and brothers and sisters with pretty much my life planned out for me. Go to school, meet a boy to hang out with, fall in love, get a job, buy a car, get married, have babies, and be the model of my own parents, and my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, my friends, my neighbours, and Scottsdale Arizona.

I'm nineteen, for god sake! Getting the hell away from home and looking back in as an outsider has opened my eyes as to how much as a female I'm sleepwalked into doing what everyone else has done before me because doing all of those things is somehow expected of me as a woman to comply with. Again, I don't know how to properly say it other than for me as a woman I can only think of it as hamsters going round on a wheel, because that's what they do. Except women like myself have the capacity to question why we should conform to the expectations of the society we live in. Being here for three days has allowed me to realise for myself that I don't want to be put in a box by society, or on a wheel either. I shouldn't have to conform to please others. Because if I do I lose my own sense of individuality and my right to be the person, the human I choose to be. 

The choices are clear. I might like to have a man at some point in my life, but do I really need one? Not right now, no. Maybe never - though unlikely. Do I need a baby? No, not right now? Maybe never, and there is no have to have about it. If I do it will be of my own choosing when I've done everything I feel I need to do with my life first, and not because I've been sleepwalked into conforming. Mind you, the boy I've left behind at home is pretty pissed about the new me I've been busting his ears with. But that's only due to his own need to conform like he's meant to.

To say I've had a blast in Bristol with Johnny would be a massive understatement, and I've gotten some amazing images and clips to take with me. I've made a bundle of awesome money to pay my way anywhere I wanna go now, and Johnny has hooked me up with contacts in other places for shoot work on my travels. Yeah. For sure I've had the most amazing time ever and I feel physically, mentally and I'd also say spiritually alive to a tingle when I think of the stuff we've done together, Which is why I've asked that out of everything we did and shared together, only some of it will be published by him for now. It's just that certain memories I wanna selfishly keep to myself and enjoy for the time being at least. Check out the images here.

As I travel on I'm gonna build a portfolio which I can take back to Scottsdale with me and run like hell at a career I once never dreamed of having, and use it to hit Playboy like no gal has ever hit them before! LA watch out, Hollie's comin' atcha. Not as a girl, but a woman!

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From scouting her on the street, Keela took a leap of faith and grew as a female within 24 hours.

◆    ◆    ◆

Maria contacted me via social media and travelled down from London for the most empowering 24 hours of her life.

◆    ◆    ◆

Welcome to the new age of ultimate female empowerment.

'The Awakening'. This book is now available on Amazon/Kinder Publishing.

Work Opportunities as a Model, co-working with GirlPowerUK.

'The Awakening' goes far beyond the original concept of enabling and empowering females to challenge the image stereotypes of how a female is *supposed* to look, feel and think about herself according to media and peer pressure, and opens the mind to new ways of empowered thinking and feeling.

'The Awakening' has been written for any woman who wants to explore the depths of her sexuality, who wants to tap into her very source, into her creative nature and enjoy living in the flow with nature and her body.

I am currently doing some dynamics work with Ria, a second year Uni student in Bristol who found her way to me on the internet and was keen to discover, explore and own aspects of her womanhood which were deficit in enabling her to feel whole and complete. She can now orgasm in ways she never knew were possible or even existed. Like a lot of females she quite clearly knew that she was female in every respect, but the part of her which would have enabled her to feel whole, complete and ACTUALLY like a woman ''should" in her words, was that subconscious doubt, that niggling missing-link with which to address it.

Today is January 21st 2021, and I received this message from her - 

"am so happy to have had my mind opened by you. Right now I’m reading about gender development. Found it interesting that girls are more people oriented from a young age. Definitely goes with the emotional maturity you were talking about the other day."

I've asked Ria to write a pretty much daily blog of her development which she is more than happy to share with subscribers to 'The Awakening' in a way which inspires and empowers other females to explore and enjoy the teachings and experiences she benefits from -

"What happened resulted in probably one of the best orgasms I have had. How was it that one of the best orgasms I have had was even possible? Well, it is safe to say John isn’t just about sex but about the psychology of everything. He understands how minds work and speaks with such careful consideration that he can give an orgasm without even being there, so I couldn’t wait for this to happen in person!"

YOU CAN FEEL EMPOWERED TOO by subscribing and participating.

Subscribe here.

Buy the book here - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Awakening-modern-day-historical-conditioning-expectation-ebook/dp/B08VTSCHPH/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=The+Awakening+John+Langley&qid=1615657319&s=digital-text&sr=1-1

You'll hear this often from me that a Chimpanzee can be taught to pose for the camera: rocket science it is NOT!

The difference between GirlPowerUK models and others within the industry is that we encourage modelling as an empowerment tool with which to make money from (money also being a great empowerer).

When we say this is no ordinary modelling; just like the Marks and Spencer ad strapline says about its food, we enable and empower females to reclaim and take ownership of their beauty and sexuality with the confidence and freedom to use it as a powerful weapon against the historical narrative which oppresses women in what remains to be a patriarchal driven society where control is exerted by means of instilling guilt, fear, or both towards any female who makes the decision for herself to not conform to the stereotypical expectation of being the subservient partner or baby producing machine, and stand strong in her independence to not feel pressured by the 'norm' which society conditions women into believing about themselves.

Access GirlPowerUK Models here.

Part One - The  Awakening' is now Available on Amazon/Kindle, and Gumroad.