From day one we are with you all the way, every step on your fun, money-making journey as a model with GirlPowerUK.

While you are busy out there on shoots we stay firmly behind the scenes to support you. 

We monitor your incoming emails and advise which incoming opportunities you should go for as well as which one's to say a polite no to, and you are always given the best possible guidance regarding any work before committing to it.

We only engage with models who have government issued proof-of-age and are over 18 (You’ll need to take your ID to each shoot), plus your current STD certificate where shoots are interactive - as in this soft (non-penetrative) boy/girl image example above).

Your income guide should be from around £200 per half day and £400 per full day (possibly more depending on the client and the shoot plan). Although sometimes it could be less as much as it could be more - this depends entirely on you and the levels you choose to shoot to. The more interactive you are able to be, the greater your earnings potential.


Yes. Everything we do involves nudity - even with lingerie shoots!. We look for females with open hearts and minds who are natural (not surgically enhanced), and have an outgoing, fun, bubbly personality. Body shape, type, and look isn't a priority at all. For us it's more about finding someone who can do the job and just be her natural, beautiful self.

We inspire and empower confidence in the females we co-work with to feel confident about themselves and be proud of it.

The word 'porn' is misused as a lazy-thinking, catch-all term nowadays, and as a result means different things to different people. 

Some believe the naked body itself being shown is porn - which of course it isn't and is totally ridiculous.

Where GirlPowerUK is very different now to where we were in the old days is that we have grown away from old habits as an even more positive step towards female empowerment.

What we are strict about in the models best interest.

We are very choosy about the work our models engage in.

Contracts aren't worth the paper they are written on and are more often than not found to be legally restrictive and  unenforceable. We make this clear to models from the start.

We strongly advise models NOT to engage in work where they will be 'slut shamed' called "sluts" "bitches" or otherwise treated disrespectfully during the shoot or named as such on anything which is thereafter published. 

It is entirely unacceptable as well as continuing a standard which should be equally unacceptable to viewers.

The clients models choose to work with are those who have the intellectual creativity and skills to produce crafted quality work which portrays the model as a beautiful person in her own right who is also totally  comfortable, sexual (as we all are) alluring, and totally natural in her own skin -whether on her own or interacting with others.

GirlPowerUK models are strongly encouraged to put quality of work way above quantity, and in doing so build a portfolio of work they will be proud of.

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